Defiance Nim Final Boss Fight Guide

Defiance Nim Final Boss Fight Guide by NeoDraven

This boss is a pain in all three stages when you fight him especially his decoy ability this is the current end game boss in San Fran so if you haven’t gotten this far I would suggest stop reading….. okay now perk and weapon selection are critical as this is more surviving his barrage of attacks as all his decoys can attack you all 6 of them.

Fortitude 3 (Gives you up to 400-500hp more to be a little meatier for this fight)
Regeneration 3 (This regenerates your health at the same speed your shield would regenerate at this is active in and out of combat)
Execution 3 (Regenerates 30% of your shield when you land a critical hit minor spread weapons such as shotguns and Pulser are good for this)
Cloak (Maxed Out) (Use this as an emergency instant shield regen when your cornered by his Decoys)
Cellular Armor 3 ( For Damage Reduction yes 6-9% may not seem much but its 6-9% of all his overall dmg to you reduced)

Weapon Selection:
VOT Pulser (Assault Rifle) for 20 hits/second regular Assault Rifles VBI/EMC/FRC and normal human ARs hit for slow hard hits when attacking a slow enemy the VOT Pulser hits at a speed where you will do an overall 2.5x dmg to any mob.

VOT Assault Pulser – 40 DMG 20.5 Fire Rate, Clip 60, Reload Speed 2.3 Bloom 0.48

EMC Assault Rifle – 400 DMG 12.1 Fire Rate, Clip 35, Reload Speed 4.5 Bloom 0.14

For every Bullet that EMC AR hits the VOT Pulser will have hit the enemy 200 times with 3.5 reloads doing an average sustained dmg of 700-950 while the EMC will have hit with around 400-550 and with a lesser chance of landing critical weak points on a moving enemy.

The Boss Goes through Three Phases,

(** Added note: when he is blurred he will be invulnerable once he exits blurs spamm attack him from mid range))

1st Phase – No Cover will use Blur Primarily and do minor AoE Slames that will launch beams in 6 diagnal ways all around him put yourself in a way so he does not hit you, the second attack is his sword barrage which personally reminds me of Gilgamesh from Fate/Stays sword barrage on his enemies, his third attack is a charged dash attack at you which will take your shields down and knock you back stunning you, after downing first stage youll get a cutscene and a 2nd stage.

2nd Phase – Raised Platforms as Covers, He will use Decoy and Blur his Decoys are 3 in this form and can dmg you and spamm his special abilities after doing “x” amount of dmg he will poof and 12 decoys will appear on the balconies above you dps these till they poof and take cover as they shoot a sword each doing full shield + 50% hp dmg and a knockback to you, after you dps him down he will enter 3rd stage after another cutscene.

3rd Phase – Raised Platforms as Cover, He will now summon an Additional 3 more Decoys going up to 6 dps these till they dissapear use pillars and pylons as cover and avoid his AoE slams and Barrage attack after awhile he will teleport to the middle Pylon activate the terra-spire and the floor will launch orange spikes which take out 30% of your shields and knock you back, after awhile find an area before he teleport slams them to do a full room explosion this will kill you if you do not get to an area that is somewhat barren of his spires also keep moving incase you hear him revving up his spiral slam on the spires to kill you, (Cloaking does help make him attack a random location but more than likely he will slam your position) . He will continue to repeat this process and summon 6 Decoys to kill you remember all 6 can terra-slam and use the sword barrage hug a pillar in the room to avoid his sword barrage. Continue this until his health bar is empty and enjoy the end cutscene and the highest Fire Rate/Dmg Legendary VOT Pulse Pistol in the game so far -> Detu Ara (it is Nims personally pistol which is given to you as a quest reward).

Another Guide by Thee Apothecary

So basically including how on xbox 360 i beat Nim. He takes a while to get used to his mechanics but its simple. so to trion !!!!DONT NERF HIM!!!!

In my go at fighting him the 1st time I only went down once, my setup is:

Weapons: AR:EMR XAR-22 with 3 burst upgrade making it a 3 burst fully auto
BMG: VBI BM-4 Stingray – you bmg with be your main weapon in this

Shield is important for me as it is short delay (3 secounds or less), (slow/medium recharge) and +25% hp Regen

Frag grenades or Clusters will be good as well

My Power was maxed out Overcharge
Perks (5): Thick Skinned-maxed to take half damage for 3 seconds after shields break
Fortitude-maxed to increase health by 225 hp
Cellular Armor-maxed means i take 6% less damage
Regeneration-maxed to give +3% hp regen
Combat Medic-Not important at all


Nim Phase One– use your BMG at all time and keep zapping the guy.

when he charges his charge attack you will see a blue aura around him just before his strike, roll he will miss and zap him so more.

Also when he throws fireballs at you roll like a mad man because it will help you avoid some. Use you BMG to heal you if your shields get close to breaking.

Repeat till he is beaten

Nim Phase Two: BMG and Grenade’s come in hand in this phase.

when he summons his ground decoys, throw a grenade into the centre of them as they spawn this should clear some use your bmg to chain down decoys this will prevent you from getting overwhelmed fall back to a pillar and use it as cover and run around it zapping them. zap him once you can tell which one he is.

When he summons his 2nd floor decoys head to 1 pillar put your back to its back wall facing side use your high capacity weapon to gun down atleast 3 or 4 on your side and take shelter the pillars block the blade things.

Repeat till he is beaten

Nim Phase Three:
So to his final uber phase.

Continue BMGing him to death whenever there is an opening and stay always at one pillar use it to protect you.

When he goes up into an air to do either the shockwave or the fireballs take cover behind it as soon as he stops or hits the ground pop out and zap him

When he shadowsteps to you roll away and zap and take cover again pop out and use the openings you get.

When he goes and calls up the shards from the ground watch where your standing avoid all marked spots, use your Overcharge here if avaliable and destroy the closest ones to your pillar and then work around clearing a large area around you pillar to prevent shockwave damage.

Please inform me how you fair or what you think of my method of basicly zap and run, i know its kinda stupid way but i did this without aim assist so using a rifle on him is near impossible.

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    Thee Apothecary–your way is far superior and saved me hours of aggravation. BMG was a silver bullet for this jackals. Thanks!

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