Defiance Episode 1 and 2 Pursuits Guide

Defiance Episode 1 and 2 Pursuit Data Recorders, Lights, and Pilgrim Locations Guide by Rueghn

Episode 1: Armistice


Senator Gray and the Armistice – On the second floor of the first building to your left at the South Radio Tower in Mt. Tam

Ara Shondu the High Council Aide – Left of Von Bach vendor at Shondu’s Consulate

Final Draft – In the trailers area by the fire pit at The Crater

Senator Gray’s Resignation – Sutro Tower in Francisco, in the center with the Satellite Dishes on the wall.

YouTube Video by MrVuule

Episode 1 :…XTGFNSrPIOHOmQ

Lights of the Fallen

Iron Demon Ranch (4) – 2 at each Entrance.

Top-Notch Toolworks (2) – 2 right before you go up the Ramp

Headlands Transit Depot (4) – 2 at the Entrance Gate, 2 Behind the buildings.

The Crater (3) – 2 at Entrance, 1 near Trailers

The Chicken Ranch (3) – 2 At entrance, 1 in back near the sniper tower.

Last Chance Gas (2) – 1 is near the Last Chance Gas sign by the road, the other is near the building by the “roadblock”

Bug ‘n’ Catch (1) – Near the Lock Box

Kinship Plaza (4) – 2 at road leading into Kinship, 2 scattered about within.

San Francisco

Overpass (20) – 10 at East entrance and 10 at West entrance (Can be farmed for all 10 lightings)

Uninvited Guests Event (3) – Part of the Event is to light 3 of the Lights (Provided at location.)

** It seems they have recently increased the number of Lights available so this just got a lot easier.

Pilgrims – Courtesy of Last Resort

Blood of Heroes – Rescue Pilgrims (Spawns in several regions, counts towards mutants in Mt. Tam)

Blood of Heroes Map

Uninvited Guests – Defend against Dark matter (San Francisco)

Uninvited Guests Map

Armistice Celebration – Join the party/Defend against Raiders (575m NE of The Crater)

Arm Celeb Map

Burn, Baby Burn – Protect Settlers against 99’ers (Hilltop 274m South of Time Trial : Mine Alley)

Burn Baby Burn Map

*** These Episode Events spawn in place of normal events. They Spawn in random places as well. If you are having trouble finding an Episode Event like Burn, Baby Burn, or Armistice Celebration. Try completing any active events in the area. Example Helter Smelter, Kill all Hellbugs, etc. etc. They might be preventing the Episode Events from spawning. (I noticed this when I completed a Blood of Heroes event and like 3 seconds later a Help the E-Rep Soldiers event began at the exact same location.)

YouTube Video by MrVuule

Pilgrim Locations : (Please Note, these locations are different from the ones I have posted with the exception of Uninvited Guests, His shows the same location as mine.)

Episode 2: Most Wanted


Meeting with Senator Gray – Muir Processing Plant, behind the Lock Box

Testing Senator Gray – East Radio Tower, along the right side wall, under the canopy.

A Chatterbox is a Treasure -Bernal Tower in southern San Francisco, Behind center support beam on the ground.

YouTube Video by MrVuule

Episode 2 :…XTGFNSrPIOHOmQ

I hope this information helps.

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