Defiance Data Recorder Locations Guide

Defiance Data Recorder Locations Guide

Pictures by OwenBDead

Episode 1:
– South Radio Tower (Map): Data Recorder
– The Crater: Data Recorder
– Shondu’s Consulate: Data Recorder
– Sutro Tower (Map): Data Recorder

Episode 2:
– East Radio Tower (Map): Data Recorder
– Muir Processing Plant: Data Recorder
– Bernal Tower (Map): Data Recorder

Videos by Lurcheus

For those of you that haven’t done/completed the Data Recorders I have and am working on posting video guides to show people where they are located. Also started to put a map at the beginning of the videos to show people sort of a route to follow if they don’t have any Recorders for the Area yet.

Area Data Recorders 
Mount Tam Area
Madera Area
Marin Area
Sausalito Area
San Francisco Area

Co-Op Mission Data Recorders:
Liberate the Lost
Soleptor Extraction
Explosions 101
Scrapworks Salvage
Island of Lost Soldiers
Cronkhite Bunker
Mine 99

Episode Data Recorders:
Episode 1
Episode 2

Hidden Recorders:
Mount Tam Hidden Recorder (Thank you Booshy!)
San Fran Hidden Recorder

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