Defiance BMG Power Leveling Guide

Defiance BMG Power Leveling Guide by DaddyLovebone

As part of the pursuit “Stout tactics III” and ultimately for those wanting to reach 5000 EGO rating at all cost, you will need to level your BMG’s ( Bio-Magnetic Guns ). In order to do so, you will need to figure out the most efficient way to go about it, which is the main focus of this guide.

This works just as well for any other weapon out there.


The best BMG’s to use are the Tele Spanners. Compared to the rest of the BMG’s, the tele spanners have the “biggest” clip, i.e. the charge last the longest. You will want to put out as much damage, for as long as you possibly can. This guide is focused on power leveling, so stock up ten of these or more if you can. You will find you max them out rather quickly.

To assist you in this task, biosurge grenades work well, as they ensnare your targets, allowing you to keep the BMG beam going without interruptions, especially against the hulkers which will be your primary source of XP.

EGO Powers & Perks

Experience is dependent on the damage output, and as a base.. The BMG pretty much suck. You will want as much damage output as you can muster, meaning you will want/need the overcharge EGO power.

Along with overcharge you want it running for as long as possible, and to do this you should respec and invest in the following perks:

Killing Machine : Increase duration of overcharge with 2 seconds per level.
Quick Charge : Reduce overcharge recharge time with 3 seconds per level
Killing Spree : On a kill extend the duration of your ego power with 2% per level
Energy Leech : Killing an Enemy recharges your ego power with 1% per level
Overload : While overcharge is active you reload 10% faster per level
Risk Taker : When your shield breaks, extend the duration of the active ego power with 5% per level

There are other useful perks to this strategy but the 5 above works well for players with 6 perk slots ( +1000 EGO rating )

Farming/Grinding ways

As it stands currently, there is not much use for BMG’s overall, so it can be painful to level the BMG’s in a fun and fast way. The most efficient ways are not always fun, but here’s a tip with bonuses for leveling BMG’s Fast.

Hulkers : These are really the best way, as they have lots of health, and with long duration of overcharge and tele spanner, you can keep the beam going for quite a while.

Also note that you should avoid ark falls completely as they do not give you weapon experience.

Hulker Locations :

San Quentin Ruins : Guaranteed spawn as part of the static mission there. Mission can be reset by leaving and re-entering.
Field Road Overlook : In the farms area of the location there might be a wandering hulker at times.
Pirate’s Cove : 300m southwest of Pirates cove there’s a minor peninsula. At the beginning of the peninsula as part of the side quest “Protect the aegis part 1” you can spawn a hulker an unlimited ammount of times, by simply entering the area. The bonus is that even if you do not have the mission you can still participate if a person with the mission in the area spawns it. Futhermore this takes place only 300m away from Field Road Overlook, giving an extra chance of hulker spawn for people without the side quest active.

EGO Boosts :

These help, A LOT.

Self Boost : 10% for 80 Bits
Group Boost : 5% for 40 Bits
Clan Boost : 7% for 56 Bits

A total of 22% for clan farmers in a group

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  1. Kollins says:

    Parraba’s Problems between Iron Demon and Happy Pow is much easier to get BMG, or any area damage weapon, up fast. Also good to do EGO pursuits (kill x enemies attacking decoy/while cloak/overcharge/blur) at the same time. I use a BM-4 Stingray, or other BMG with lots of links, or shotgun, infector, or anything that explodes on all the hellbugs. Also good for grenade kills.

  2. DarkOce57 says:

    Here is how dmg and heal charge work

  3. steve says:

    should i put fast reloader or dam charge mag on my gold tele spanner

  4. steve says:

    how does dam charge work? heal charge?

  5. Doctor says:

    Where can I buy a Tele Spanner?

  6. tenketsu says:

    you forgot bloodlust topleft of overcharge, at max it recharges 3% ego everytime you do dmg of any kind(5 sec cd)

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