Anno Online After 1500 Vassals Guide

Anno Online After 1500 Vassals Guide by Damien

So, you finally got 1500 vassals? Good for you! The game is about to open up, a lot! But first, you need to make some ships.

What do I do before I get here?

Ideally you want to stock up your stone, wood and gold supplies to just about the max right before getting to 1500, as you have a lot of spending to do.
If you can, try to make an extra sheep farm. You will need about 300 wool for your first ship. You also need to clear the shore area by your warehouse and Harbourmaster’s Office, as we will be using it.

What do I do now?

You had a series of buildings and quests open up. The first thing you want to do is build a Naval Engineer. You have a quest to build the shipyard, but you don’t need it quite yet. The Naval Engineer will cost you 74k gold, 60 wood, and 70 stone. Place the Naval Engineer on the shore. Here, build 5 Planks (30 wood, 10k gold each), 5 Sails (30 wool, 10k gold each), and 5 Ropes (30 wool, 10k gold each).

At this point you may want to upgrade one vassal house to a merchant. If not, it is not an issue. The only thing this helps with right now is allowing you to unlock Treasury Level 3, which will be used later.

Total For this Step: 224k gold, 210 wood, 70 stone, 300 wool, 1 hour 30 minutes

Once you have built all the components, it is time to build the Shipyard for 74k gold, 60 wood, and 70 stone. This will complete your quest to build a Shipyard. Here pick the Small Ship, which will use all the components we made plus 75k gold and will take 4 hours. Now you can click through some quests, you should finish

  • Build a Shipyard
  • Builld a Naval Engineer
  • Build Ship Components

Once you have your ship building, you will also want to make a Sailor in the Naval Shipyard for 50 fish, 40 milk, 30 woolen garments and 50k gold. This will take 30 minutes, so building it at least a half hour before your ship is done will allow you to continue when the ship is ready.

Total For this Step: 199k gold, 60 wood, 70 stone, 50 fish, 40 milk, 30 woolen garments, 4 hours 0 minutes

Time to set sail!

When your ship completes, it will be placed in your inventory and complete the quest

  • Make a Ship

At this point you should get a quest you already have completed- to

  • Make a Sailor

Open your inventory and click on the ship. A dialog will ask you to confirm. This will launch the ship. Next, click on your Sailor and click on the ship. This will turn the ship into a Discovery Vessel, allowing it to Discover Islands for 50 fish, 400 gold, and 2 hours. This will complete the quest

  • Own an Expedition Vessel

Now click on the ship and select the button “Explore…” You will have to confirm the cost, and then your ship will take off, to return with the map of an island in 2 hours. This can also be done by selecting “Discover…” from the island menu. During this time, we need to get ready for his return by constructing a Loadsman in the Naval Shipyard for 40 fish, 30 milk, 20 woolen garments and 30k gold

When your ship comes back he will bring a friend and let you complete

  • Discover an Island (Ship Reward)

Use this new ship to put your Loadsman on and then you can choose to colonize your new Island, which will take 5 hours and consume the ship. Don’t worry though, Northburgh likes you so much you are going to get another ship soon. During this 5 hour period you should make a Mate that you will use to move goods between your islands. He will cost you 40 fish, 30 milk, 20 woolen garments and 40k gold.

In 5 hours, when your colonization is complete, you will finish the quest

  • Own Two Islands

At this point, you will need to upgrade your Harbourmaster to level 2 for 125k gold, 175 wood, and 225 stone. This will give you a second cart and build a Pierinto the ocean. On this pier you will then have to build a Dock for 65k gold, 190 wood, and 110 stone. These will both be quests, and will complete, giving you

  • Upgrade Harbourmaster
  • Build a Dock (Ship Reward)

Finally you can place your mate on the ship and take goods to your island. The first thing you will need is Stone to start hemp production. Clock on “Transport” on your mate or click “Trade Routes” (3rd tab) in the Island Overview menu. To set a trade route, you need to select the start and end islands, followed by a ship. Then you can adjust the resources you want to move over. Note: You can only fill the storage once, not twice. If the island you transport to is full of a resource, the ship has to take it back to the other island, so the hold can only be filled a total of one times.

After you choose which resources to transport, you will be given an Overview of the trade route. Here you can see the total time to ship, name the route, and decide if you want it completed once or continuously. Note that trade routes cannot be modified after they are confirmed. To make a new route, you have to cancel the route from the Island Overview window and wait for the ship to complete its current iteration of the route before you set up another. Once the stone is carried over, you will complete.

  • Trade Routes

and will be ready to continue building your island.

Expanding your new Island

Now that you have some stone, its time to start making hemp chains. The first moment you get an Island, you should build a lumberjack or two so you dont have to ship wood as well as stone. If you are lucky enough to have a stone mine, you will want to construct that with your first wood too. The hemp chain is 3 Hemp Plantations (42k gold, 55 wood, 60 stone each) to 1 Weaver’s Hut (45k gold, 50 wood, 70 stone). To begin, you will need 3 chains. You can either build the Weaver’s Huts on your new island and ship Linen Clothes back, or just ship hemp back and turn it into Linens on Newport. Either way, Know that you will need 200 hemp per medium ship you eventually make, so you may have to add hemp to your trade routes eventually.

Islands have sectors, just like Newport. The first sector will cost the same as Newport s4 (150k gold, 350 milk, 200 bread, 24 hours). Later sectors will cost a combination of bread, cider, beer, and meat. To explore, you will need to get these resources to your new island, either by producing them here or shipping them on your trade routes.

Continue working on your new island until you’re vassals have a stable Linen supply. At this point, you should begin your Tools chain. The tools chain requires 1 merchant, so if you didnt make one at the beginning, do so now. At first, you only need 1 iron mine, 1-2 charcoal huts, 1 smelter, and 1 toolmaker. Once you have these set up, focus your stone on upgrading vassals to merchants. The merchant upgrade is 15k gold and 100 stone per house. Just like vassals in the beginning, these will not be very productive houses at first. Once you get 10 merchant houses you can relax for a bit and build up your supplies, waiting for the next population tier.

250 Merchants and Player Trading

Well here you are. You made it up to the trading level. Sadly, you are not quite ready to trade. You will need two things to trade, a Trade Storehouse and aMerchant Ship. The order you do these is up to you. The trade storehouse will allow you to trade a single resource: either buying or selling. The Merchant ship is required to actually buy anything. If you want to buy, work on the Merchant ship before the Trade Storehouse to avoid paying the upkeep on them and launch the ship when you are ready to trade.

The Trade Storehouse costs 85k gold, 170 wood, 160 stone, and 90 tools. However, before you can build this, you need another pier slot like the docks. It is unlikely you are able to upgrade to Harbourmaster Level 3 (2000 merchants), so instead, you will have to build it on a Pier (275k gold, 250 wood, 400 stone, and 75 tools). Note that once you place your Pier, you will not be able to move it again, so make sure you don’t leave many spaces between your shorefront buildings.

The shore is a total of 50 tiles wide, from the beginning fishing hut to the far end. The Harbormaster and piers are all 8 tiles wide. The Naval Engineer, Shipyard, and Warehouse are all 5 tiles wide. On the NW side of the Harbourmaster you have a 5 tile wide space, for one of the buildings. On the other side, you have 37 tiles. You can eventually place 3 piers, combined with the 2 other buildings, and have 3 tiles left open.

The Merchant Captain will cost 50 bread, 40 cider, 30 linen clothes, 400k gold, and 2 hours 30 minutes to make. Use him like any other captain on a free boat. Merchants can be used as transport vessels if you really need to move supplies, but they move at half the speed of a mate.


Coming later. Click on the Harbourmaster’s Office to trade if you have your Trade Storehouse (remember to buy anything you need a merchant ship.)

Northburgh sales:
Spices (250 merchants) Low:189g/ unit High: 405g/ unit (observed)
Indigo (1000 merchants) Low:135g/ unit High: 156g/ unit (observed)

Advanced Shipbuilding

Coming later

Island Discovery Sailors More information about sailors and Islands can be found in the New Island Info guide.

Tier 1: Sailor (1500 vassals)
Possible Sizes: Small
Possibile Fertilities: Hemp, Apples, Wheat
Possible Resource Nodes: Stone, Iron, Empty
2 hour expedition, 400g 50 fish

Small Islands have 3 to 4 sectors. Small Islands have 4-6 active resource nodes, the rest are empty. Small Islands can have rivers with freshwater.

Tier 2: Capable Sailor (1 merchant)

Possible Sizes: Small, Medium
Possibile Fertilities: Hemp, Apples, Wheat, Herbs
Possible Resource Nodes: Stone, Iron, Brine, Furs, Empty
6 hour expedition, 2k g 50 bread

Small Islands have 3 to 4 sectors. Small Islands have 4-6 active resource nodes, the rest are empty. Small Islands can have rivers with freshwater.
Medium Island have 5-6 sectors. Medium Islands have 10-12 (?) active resource nodes, the rest are empty. Medium Islands can have rivers with freshwater.

Tier 3: Experienced Sailor (1 imperial)

Possible Sizes: Small, Medium, Large
Possibile Fertilities: Apples, Wheat, Herbs, Grapes, Beeswax
Possible Resource Nodes: Brine, Furs, Coal, Copper, Gold, Quartz, Empty
24 hour expedition, 20k(?) g 50 meat (?)

Small Islands have 3 to 4 sectors. Small Islands have 4-6 active resource nodes, the rest are empty. Small Islands can have rivers with freshwater.
Medium Islands have 5-6 sectors. Medium Islands have 10-12 (?) active resource nodes, the rest are empty. Medium Islands can have rivers with freshwater.
Large Islands have 6-8 sectors. Large Islands have ? active resource nodes, the rest are empty. Large Islands can have rivers with freshwater.

Island Probabilities
* Probabilities and numbers are based on observed islands and may not be completely accurate

Island geography is probably determined first. Pictures of island geographies have yet to be compiled.
Next, resource nodes are rolled for their resource, weighted accordingly. Once all the used nodes have been rolled, the rest are left empty.

T2 islands:
Over 65 islands surveyed, there were 293 occupied mine sites and 406 unoccupied mine sites. Chances of each resource were Stone (7.18%) Iron (11.78%) Salt (Brine) (13.51%) Furs (9.63%%). 33 of the 65 islands had fresh water. 6 of the 65 islands were medium islands.

What do I want on my Islands?

This is probably why you skimmed through everything else.

Your first island (t1 sailor) should have Hemp fertility. A good amount of stone will help you to get your buildings and merchants settled in. 4 stone deposits is average/good. If you have iron too, then you can make tools here, but this is not a requirement quite yet. Sectors 4 and 5 on Newport both have iron.

Your second island should be with a (t2 capable sailor). You will want Herbs fertility to make beer. If you find a medium herb island, congratulations you were really lucky! If the first herb island you find doesn’t have horrible resources, you should probably take it as the income boost from beer is substantial. On this island it would be good to have iron as tool production is going to increase. Stone is handy, but not necessary. If your first island has a lot of stone/iron, it is okay to not have as much on this island. If you can find an island with both Furs and a river, you will be able to make Fur Jackets here once you reach 3000 merchants. Salt is useful for Leather Jackets (2500 merchants) and Meat (1 imperial). A river can be used to make paper for books (1000 merchants).

Good luck!

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