Warframe Advanced Movement and Attacks Guide

Warframe Advanced Movement and Attacks Guide by Tom Servo

Before We Begin

As with any action game on PC, you’re going to be using WASD for movement, and your pinkie is going to be going nuts on the left side hitting shift and ctrl, with your thumb resting on space. As a result, you’ll want a keyboard you’re comfortable with. Since you’re on Steam, I’m assuming you have that covered, but if not, fix that. It sounds silly, but playing games on a keyboard that hurts your hands when you use it isn’t doing you any favors, gameplay wise or health wise.


There are two different situations where you will wallrun in Warframe. Either you are doing it out of your own volition, or the game has thrown something in your path, or maybe even removed your path altogether and replaced it with a giant gaping abyss. In both cases, knowing how to handle yourself will be a critical asset to you and your team.

What’s this white stuff?
In most cases where you will need to wallrun to proceed, the game has the courtesy to paint some streaks on the wall indicating where you need to perform the manuever. This is not always the case, but you can generally rely on it being as such.

Hey, there’s a zipline right here! Why wall-
You shut the hell up right now.

For one, what kind of lameass ninja sees a chance to run on a wall, and then goes “Man, I think I’ll slide down that rope instead”? Do you want to be that ninja?

In all seriousness, ziplines are completely valid as well, and I will cover them later on as well. However, they aren’t always present in a giant chasm scenario, so you still should know how to wallrun.

Performing the Wallrun

Step One: Approach surface you want to run on.
Hold shift. Never let go of shift. You are going to hold shift until you have your feet firmly planted at your desired location. Premature shift-letting-go is a serious problem, don’t do that.You don’t want to come in at much of an angle at all. If anything, just move like you are going towards whatever is on the other end of the chasm/wall, depending on if you are running vertically or horizontally and the scenario you are in.

This isn’t to say you should have no angle when you do hit the surface, but try to keep your focus on moving to your goal, not the wall itself. Otherwise you’ll just climb the wall. Of course, if you are going up a wall, that works just fine.

Hit space to transition to the wall.

Remember what I said about shift? Good.While running, you can move your mouse around to aim and shoot your primary weapon (Yes, primary.) at any jerks who decide to do the same to you.

Step Three: You did it, champ.
Eventually, you’ll reach your destination. Here’s where it’s easy to let go of shift too early, which will cause your character to flip off the surface he is currently standing on. This seems like it’d be useful, but I’ve never had the chance to use this flip in a combat scenario. It’s only ever screwed up a wallrun, in my experience. So, again, until you have your feet firmly planted at your desired location, don’t let go of shift.


Ziplines offer fast travel from one point to another, like your older brother never did when you were in junior high.

To use a zipline, simply approach the starting point, and press X. While riding the line, you can fire your weapon, and drop off the line prematurely by jumping.

Flying Kick -> Slide -> Melee Swing

Now we get to the good stuff.

Say you have a teammate bleeding out, and he’s quite a distance away. You can see a decent size group of enemies around him, as well. Sprinting alone won’t get you there in time, but he’s not so far away that you couldn’t get there if you tried, you think. You might be right.

Using a variety of manuevers involving sprinting, crouching, and your melee attack, you can cross large distances in a shorter amount of time than you would by just sprinting. If you time it just right, you can use this technique to smack up some bad guys as well, which might buy you the time you need to save your buddy in the hypothetical situation above.

Step One: Get a running start.
Start hauling ass. If I’m not being clear enough, this means holding shift. Once again, you’ll be holding shift this whole manuever, so, well, yeah.

Step Two: Jump and Crouch
Jump, and in midair try to crouch. You will perform a flying kick. This in itself is a pretty nice attack, but we aren’t done yet.

Step Three: Pretend you’re Sub-Zero
As you are heading towards the ground, continue holding shift and ctrl. You’ll find that instead of just landing softly, you will hit the ground in the flying kick position, which causes your character to start sliding forward at a pretty good pace. This will start slowing down quickly, though in icy areas you can even “sled” down hills. Still, we are here for speed, so don’t stay in this position long enough for your speed to slow much. Keep holding ctrl, shift is no longer an issue however.

Step Four: Attack!
Hit E while sliding to burst forth with a fast 180 degree melee attack. This covers a good amount of distance and is quite fast.

You can go faster than this if you cut the attack phase out, and trim the cycle down to jump kicks into slides into jump kicks into slides ad nauseum. My record is something like 6 cycles before I fumbled the key presses, I’d love to hear how far someone manages to travel with this before they trip over themselves trying to shoot up some Grineer at the same time.

I’m incredibly busy studying for my Network+ certification, and what little time I have to spend not studying is spent actually playing Warframe rather than writing about it. (I know, how selfish of me.) I have not forgotten about this guide, and I WILL follow through on my promise to bring it up to the level of quality my other guide is at. Just be patient, please.

Final Words

This was written up in about 45 minutes, I wanted to get something out there that covered the fundamentals while I remembered to do it, and now I’m obligated to make it a quality guide. Hopefully what is here now is of use to you, and what will be added over time will be of even more.

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  1. WarmShower says:

    My personal tip is to change your controls for Control and Jump to maybe the scroller up and down, or at least place it on secondary. It really helps you get many cycles of slide jumping.

  2. Tim says:

    helpful, informative, and not to mention witty, this guide is a paragon by which most guides should be judged! very well done! i found this to be a quick and enjoyable read.

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