War Thunder 109 Energy Fighting When Outnumbered Guide

War Thunder 109 Energy Fighting When Outnumbered Guide by Lemsko

Hi guys,

since here is so much misconception was maneuverbility actually means i thought i show you how to outclass your opponents in every aspect like the favourite tv documentaries tell it was.

You will even see that the 109 outturns planes which have a better sustained turn performance.

The whole secret is hidden in the vertical plane and keeping up the speed. If you need to turn sharp you need to slow down, to slow down you never cut the throttle as that would simply lower your energy potential. If you need to slow down convert your speed into altitude.

When fighting multiple planes without any help of course you need to keep track on the energy states of everybody around you. This determines deriection of attacks and also the direction where to get out of the attack.

You cant afford to stay with 1 enemy to finish him off, you need to make fast attacks, re check the situation around you, switch to next target (if there is someone with higher energy state than the guy you just attacked). This also means never slow down to glue yourself onto the 6 of someone.

My enemies you see do common mistakes you see every day from around 90% of all players here.
1.: They only know lead pursuit
2: They will try for nearly impossible angles as a shooting solution.
3.: They will follow you into every maneuver, even if its total futile.
4.: They are target fixated.

As you see in the video there are 2 situations where i totally fucked my attacks up. That happened because i wanted to safe my team mate, but instead of focussing on killing 1 i wanted to get shots on both (greedy much?). 1st time i was lucky since i turned too long with them, 2nd time i tried for the faster one and had to overtake the P40 which of course also pulled up then trying to shoot me. Since i didnt slow down for my attacks i had enough energy to make him stall (right after he got 1 lucky round into my plane) 1st.

Basically that is what you want in a 109, you want them to go vertical with you. If they refuse to do so, well then you need to bait. (you see that with the chandelle reversal in the last part of the video.

At the end of the mission i had killed 2P40, both crashed minutes after leaving the fight, i damaged 6 planes, had a lot of hits and the result screen showed 22min battle time. (3 take offs, both sides disengaged multiple times for repairs, was a blast and the great end of a lousy evening where i was flying like a total dweeb, either doing stupid things or dying trying to help stupid squad members.

This sortie i flew without any squad member (easier to fly when you dont need to take care of troubleshooters all the time )

P.S.: and what did i learn from making the video. Im a extreme lousy shooter

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