The Lost Titans Friends System Guide

The Lost Titans Friends System Guide by psmiao

Players can only befriend other players within the same faction/House (either Levidis, Kalgeris, orVendramin), and are unable to add other players to their friends list until they have played enough of the main storyline to choose a faction/House. Once a player chooses a House, they remain loyal to that House and its members,sourcing from their faction for groups, guilds, and friends.

There are 4 groups of friends:

friends 1

Double-click a friend’s name to open a dialogue box, and then you can send messages to each other.


friends 2

to view your recent same-faction contacts, click

friends 3

to view enemies that have attacked you,

and click

friends 4

to view your blacklisted/blocked players.


friends 5

to search for a specific player entering his or her character’s name. You can check if the player is online and add the player to your buddy list if he or she is within the same faction/House as you.

friends 6


friends 7

will add players of the same faction to your friends list. You can also click

friends 8

to enter the message settings interface,if you would like to stop all incoming friend requests, group requests, and private messages.

friends 9

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