Tales of Laputa FAQ

Tales of Laputa FAQ by chibis85

What is the “numen” thingy?

It’s kinda like a pet. It accompanies you into battle. It wont attack but it raises your stats passively.

You can access it by clicking the status button.


Then you can access the numen by clicking on the numen button.


As you can see when you add EXP to your numen you increase its star level. For every star level you increase it also increases the basic passive stats of the numen.

Is it possible to more than 1 pet in combat?

Not that I know of. You can have multiple pets by having multiple party members. If you ever need any help invite someone to your party then try it again.

How do I get star upgrades for my numen?

For every star you have to have a certain amount of EXP. The amount of EXP increases for every star. For easy numen scrolls use the magical cave daily quests. You have 10 chances for numen scrolls. Be careful though. I wouldn’t enter the cave unless you have 3k battle points since it is a PK mode cave.

Do Secret Hoard event daily, you can redeem exp number scroll (200 xp) worth 60 collection each, by this you can lvl you numen according to the collection points you collected per day event. I got my numen to lv2 in 2 day event, you need a total of 5500 exp to level up your numen, then evolve it via upgrade numen where you need 10 green souls to upgrade your numen, after upgrading, your numen will get pdef and mdef stats and hp mp will rise to 5k

What are the NPCs on sky city with the top class title on them? How does the betting work?

Well they are the top of their class. So pretty much the #1 warrior or mage or priest. The bet works on who will complete the most floors on hall of heroes or who reaches the top floor.

Can we distribute our own stat on character?

if im right, the only stats we can tinker on are our pet stats.
that is if you’re asking about raw stats. enhancements and gems aside.

Which is better pet mushroom king or ancient soul?

Ancient, mainly is for pk or solo tough quest.
Mushroom, is good for everything.

How do u know where is the boss in the map?

Well in what map. The dungeon boss or regional boss. The region boss will appear as a blue dot with the bosses name when you mouse over it on your map. The dungeon bosses are right next to the portal on your map.

or another way is to remember all the npc location in a map and when you saw another dot appear in unfamiliar location.100% that’s the boss.

How can you make a captured pet like mandala turn into a green pet?

find a egg or catch a normal 1 then upgrade it

How do i capture good pets?

A heroic sewer would be a good place to get a good pet.

Where can we get green pet subs?

You can get them from synthesizing 10 white pet subs at the pet master in sky city.

How to lvl up a guild?

go to guild base and talk to robinhood and u must have enought guild funds to upgrade it

What is the use of “Bind Ingot”?

It can be used to teleport. Or speeding up digest on your zodiac. It can be used for anything that states it will use bound ingot.

How to get the title dream messager?

You must top-up to get that title

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    How do you get top ups?
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    how do u bind the ingot so u can use it in the game

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