Tales of Laputa Beginner’s Guide

Tales of Laputa Beginner’s Guide by chibis85

So for all those seeking a guide here is the place to look. I will cover most of the aspects of the game so you can get a better grasp on it.


After logging in the game, you can choose from 6 classes, 12 characters to get started.

Char Select.jpg

And don’t forget to give your character a good name. If you can’t think of a name, you can throw the dice and let the system generate beautiful names for you!

Name Select.jpg

Character Stats
HP: Determines your character’s life. Character will die when HP falls to 0.
MP: Determines your character’s magic power. Use skill will cost MP.
MA: Determines damage dealt with magical attacks.
PA: Determines damage dealt with physical attacks.
PD: Determines physical damage taken.
MD: Determines magical damage taken.
MH: Determines your magical hit.
PD: Determines your ability to dodge physical attacks.
MD: Determines your ability to dodge magical attacks.
MC: Determines your magical critical hit rate.
PC: Determines your physical critical hit rate.
SPD: Determines who attacks first.


[Introduction]:Assassins are skillful in daggers. They are good at dealing quick powerful damage on key positions of their enemies. Successful assassin can even attack at a speed which is beyond the extreme.
[Features]:High speed, high critical hit, high dodge rate.
[Weapon] Dagger
[Description]:Master of deadly kill, has extraordinary moving speed.


Assassin: Highest single damage class.
pro: high damage on boss killing and pk duel.
con: dealing of combos require luck.
con: high attack comes with low hp.
con: no AOE skill, solo quest battle, will take times.
pk: As long combo hits, high chance most pk will win.


[Introduction]:Mages use wands turn spirit into destructive power. Though magic cannot be used on large scale due to the high requirement of mental force, mages are still the invincible opponent of human bodies.
[Features]:Magic attack, high explosive power.
[Description]:Master of powerful magic attack.


Mage: High AOE damage class.
pro: Chance to perform twice high damage combo attack.
pro: Leveling is fast with mage. (as far i know)
con: high attack with low hp.
pk: Because of low hp, require high speed to attack first, or high chance will lose.


[Introduction]: Priests are good at supporting and healing skills. It is said that their power is bestowed by the god of Morias. Priests are quite popular and are regarded as the embodiment of benevolence and redemption. Excellent priests can keep a team survive till the last minute.
[Features]:Supporting and healing
[Description]:Master of healing skills, guard their companions.


Priest: Only class with healing and revive skill. (pet not included)
pro: a class that basically wont die alot.
con: low attack damage, require certain choice of pet.
pk: priest + dragon with AOE or mushroom king AOE poison.
healing and revive pet nonstop + AOE, wear your enemy down.

*Note* Dragon with AOE is like a mage, but cost to raise one will be expensive.


[Introduction]:Snipers are masters of firearms and specialized in dealing large amounts of damage from range. However, they need to hide in hard-to-see spots or be covered by companions.
[Features] Powerful multi-player attack.
[Weapon]: Gun
[Description]: Master of long-distance shooting, skillful in sniping and shot fire.


Sniper: Largest AOE class. (up to 7, as far i know)
pro: Large aoe with bleed effect, essential for party.
con: Skill distribution maybe a problem if heavy in pk.
pk: pk build require magic bullet + magic crippling + bleed effect.


[Introduction]:Wizards are experts of psychic power and use totem as their weapon. They bring endless nightmares to enemies as their control over body and soul will be deprived. Wizards are not good at killing, but they will be the most terrible ones if they get the chance.
[Features]:Control of psychic power, can manipulate enemies at will.
[Description]:Master of curses, runes and spells.


Wizard: Master of manipulator.
pro: able cast effect on enemy to gain upperhand in battle.
pro: highest resistences class.
con: low attack damage.
pk: with high speed and some effort, wizard could be the worst enemy to pk.


[Introduction]:Warriors, the respectful class that depends on strength and sword to battle, have experienced numerous tests in the history and master the most effective fighting and survival skills. A good warrior must acquire various tactics, cooperate with different battle companions, and actively take the role of tank in the team.
[Features]:Great physical attack and defense power.
[Description]:Master of sword with excellent physical attack and defense abilities.


Warrior: Highest hp and def class.
pro: roar of courage is a must for party in tough battle. (effect does not stack with more than 1 repeated cast)
pro: with high hp and def, soloing quest arent a problem.
con: damage average.
pk: recharge slay could land a deadly blow to a KO, if survived to 2nd round.


Class Skills

Here are the class skills.

Assassin Skills

Assasin Skill.jpg

Mage Skills

Mage Skills.jpg

Priest Skills

Priest Skills.jpg

Sniper Skills

Sniper Skills.jpg

Warrior Skills

Warrior Skills.jpg

Wizard Skills

Wizard Skills.jpg


There are multiple ways to obtain pets.

The first way to obtain a pet, and is the most basic, is the capture feature. You can use this by clicking the capture button then click on a monster, in an outdoor map, that you are currently battling.


There are multiple Grades or levels of pets. There is white (lowest grade), then green then blue then gold(highest grade).

White Grade Pet.jpg

The next way to obtain pets is from flip cards in instances or dungeons. If you want to check if the map you are on has an instance, or dungeon, then click on the map and it will tell you if there is an instance. The dot for an instance will be red and state the instance level.

Map Function.jpg

Map Instance.jpg

Clear a dungeon to get a chance at an egg of the bosses in that dungeon. Alot of luck is required in this. For the sewer instance there were two bosses so in the flip card there were two boss eggs.  As you can see I was not lucky enough to get a pet egg.

pet egg flip.jpg

Pet eggs can be found in events, sign-in rewards, achievement rewards and other time-limited events.

Ancient Forbidden Path
The last boss of each floor in Ancient Forbidden Path carries a dragon pet egg. Grab it if you can!

To upgrade your pet or to equip new skills you need to click on the boost button in your main toolbar on the lower right hand side of the game.

Tool Bar.jpg

There are multiple functions here so I will explain them in order.

The first function is Pet Synth.

Pet Synth.jpg

Pet Synth allows you to upgrade the quality of your pet, this upgrading the stats of your pet.  You do this by using 4 pet subs that are of the color of your current pet. White pets need white pet subs to upgrade the quality to that of a green pet. You can win pet subs from instances or events. If you gather up 10 pet subs, of a lower quality, you can exchange it for a pet sub of a higher quality form the pet item

Pet Master.jpg

Click on the pet master

Redeem Pet Sub.jpg

Click Redeem pet sub

Then you can choose which sub you need.

Pet Sub.jpg

The next function to be explained is Pet Star

Pet Star.jpg

This function allows you to upgrade the stats of your pet by using star pet stones. There are 3 types and they correspond with the amount of stars it can upgrade to.  Each time you attempt to upgrade a star it will add half a star.

The most common found in instances for killing monsters or in chests is the low star pet stone. This allows you to upgrade your pet star to a maximum of 4. It requires more Pet star stones for each star level you wish to upgrade.

Star Pet Stone.jpg

The next pet star stone is the Moon Pet Stone. This allows you to upgrade a pet from 1 star to 7 stars and is required to level your pet past 4 stars. Like the Star Pet Stone is required more of the item for each star you wish to put on. This is found rarely in chests and is found from the daily quest given by the pet master.

Moon Pet Stone.jpg

The last Pet  Star Stone is the Sun Pet Stone. This stone allows you to upgrade your pet to a maximum of 10 stars which the limit on pet star upgrading. This stone can be obtained by buying it from the pet shop.

Sun pet stone.jpg

The next function is Pet Talent. This also raises the stats of your pet. You can increase the talents with a talent boost potion or unbound ingots.

Pet Talent.jpg

The talent boost potion can be obtained from the instance flip cards, some chests have a certain drop rate for them, or from the Mall using bound ingots or from exorcism.

The exorcism function can be found near the top of the screen right next to the map. You have a chance of receiving the talent boost potion from here.


The next function is Pet Skill Equip. This function allows you to choose and replace your pets skills. Depending on which pet you have will limit its skills range.  There are also general skills for every pet that you can equip.  Any pet skills that states passive on it, will not need to be activated during battle.

Pet Skill Equip.jpg

The pet types are as follows: Plant, Animal, Machine, Doll, Elf and Dragon.

You can obtain pet skills from Chests found on flip cards at the end of instances, from the top 2 escorts, the item mall, and you can get a low pet skill from the online gift claim.

A pet skill chest looks like this. I didn’t have one in my inventory so I got a picture of one from the market.

Pet Skill Box.jpg

You can buy pet skills from your specific type of pet from the mall. You can find it on your toolbar at the bottom of the game screen.

Here is where you can find the pet section in the mall.

Pet Skill.jpg

The pet skills are located on the 2nd and 3rd page. You can also get pet skills for a certain type of pet from heroic instance end flip cards.
You can upgrade a pet skill by getting another pet skill book of one you already have and use it.

The next function is Resistance.

Pet Resistance.jpg

This allows you to reduce the damage from poison or fire or any negative Damage over Time debuff. It also allows you to reduce the chance of your pet getting stunned or petrified or any other negative debuff.  You can get the items for upgrading resistance from the mall.

The next Function is Inheritance. This is useful if you have done alot of work with a pet but then get a new one that you want to use. You put the pet that you want to use as the main pet and the pet that you want to transfer the stats from as the Secondary pet.  This will transfer the quality, resistance, and some of the stats from the secondary pet to the main pet.

Pet Transfer.jpg

When you do use this, it will not be perfect. You will lose some stars and some stats but most of it will be transferred to your new pet that you want to use.

The next function is the Pet Guide function. Any pet you have in your inventory gives you a low pet pill. You press instant to get the pill then press claim to put it in your bag.  This is used for upgrading your bloodline which is the next function covered. It also servers as a guide for the pets in the game, telling you what the pet is good for / excels at.

Pet Guide.jpg

The last function on the pet boost area is the Bloodline function.  This function gives your pet better stats. It works on all pets and has multiple levels.


You can upgrade each one for the first level with one low pet pill.

Low Pet Pill.jpg

It costs one low pet pill for each star. It works on level 0 and 1 bloodlines. For level 2-3 bloodlines you need a medium pet pill. For level 4-5 bloodlines you need an Advanced Pet pill. For level 6-7 bloodlines you need a super pet pill. For level 8-9 bloodlines you need a holy pet pill.
To upgrade or awaken a star you need to press the awaken button located here.


You can synthesize higher grade pet pills by having 5 pet pills of a lower grade. You synthesize a pet pill you need to press the synthesize button above the awaken button. Once pressed it brings to to this screen where it shows you the progression of pill synthesizing.

Pill Synth.jpg

To heal your pet outside of battle you need to press the pet button on the toolbar.

Tool Bar.jpg

It will bring up a screen with the pets you have in your inventory. It should looko like this.

Pet System.jpg

From there press use item. It will bring up a window with all usable items that will work on your pet.

Pet Item.jpg

Select the potion you want to use on your pet, whether healing for MP or HP. This press use. This will make the potion you selected to be used on your pet.

If you want to switch between pets or release a pet you do not want then open up your pet screen. Select a pet. To switch a pet in and out of battle first select the pet you want to use in battle and press battle which is underneath the pet image. IF you do not wish to use a pet in battle select the pet you are currently using in battle and press rest. If you want to discard a pet. Select the pet and press released. These buttons are located under the pet image here.

Pet System2.jpg

The last two things I am going to talk about are royalty and pet home.

Pet home is a guild pet farm located here. It will put your pet in the farm for 8 hours and give is a major amount of EXP. It should level it to the level of your character.

Pet Home.jpg

If you press that button it will bring up this screen.

Pet Home2.jpg

As you can see I am allowed to feed the pets for guild donation points. You can select the pet you want to put in as long as it is not in battle with you by pressing foster. It will bring up a screen like so.


Select the pet you wish to use and press foster. Then go back in 8 hours and collect your pet.

The last thing I wish to talk about is royalty. If your pet drops below, I believe it is, 50 royalty it may not use it skills in battle and if it drops lower it will attack other players in your party. You can check the royalty here.


To increase your royalty you can spend one ingot or use a pet royalty potion. The potions can be bought from the pet master. All you do is click on her then press let me  check your goods and you will be shown the royalty shop.

Royalty Store.jpg

To purchase the royalty potion just click on it and adjust the number to that of how many you wish to buy then press buy.

Toy restore your pet royalty just click where it shows the royalty of the pet and it will use the potion. If you don’t have any it will ask if you would like to restore it using 1 unbound ingot. Remember to keep your royalty up!

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