Ragnarok Online 2 Colosseum Tips

Ragnarok Online 2 Colosseum Tips by Aviticus

I try to help those haven’t familiar to colosseum and keep losing in 1st round.

During or before colosseum, beware some method other ppl using.

– U can keep jumping and hide above the ceiling platform side where npcs is in north or south. U can wait for prey with low hp enter will try to heal up before that come down and ninja ks or ambush.

– Watch for a group of soc hiding near the enterance which one will lure ppl into trap waiting for ambush.

– Don’t try to pretend and hide behind npc. There is an option game setting using tab by check box Non-Pt.

– Mostly they will hv buff during rhm party before enter colosuem, they must be defeat 1st if not next round will be harder to take out.

– Be sure to keep ur strong attk skill after u hunt novice poring gives attk 200% 30 sec. I try once with warrior use rage strike damage max above 14k critical.

– There are wizard will cast themselves ice wall 10 sec means to protect themselves when they are in low hp mostly.

– Tankers like monk or knight are hard to defeat unless u r magic user while melee class can hurt a lot on soft target with LOW def.

– Once enter colosseum, remove all ur armor to save repair cost when u die. It won’t help increase ur stat unless your eq is pvp eq only will increase ur pvp damage when wearing them. If u appear to wear low level armor, they will know u r low level ppl with limited skill.

– When ur target rank 1 is been damage by range attk, it is better to change ur target to range attker cus when player rank 1 defeated, you have already switch and damage on range attker and steal the rank.

– Try your best to beat those range attacker before enter final round. It will be hard to win those can heal fast before u can defeat them.

– Be sure to eat food buff rather than potion buff. When u die, u lose ur potion buff effect only.

– Do not waste time one on one when opponent keeps on recover hp inside north or south where npc are. You won’t earn point rank from damaging rather be focus on defeating monster or ppl to earn point and within the ranking to next round.

– When u are attacking ur opponent, be sure to attk while circling or run behind in order they are unable to attk unless thier target in front or using aoe.

– Is better to join in after 5 min to avoid from guild or friend gang on u?

– Try look out for target sitting duck might be in lag.

– Be sure to get a monster helps u buff, debuff, heal or off attk helps.

– Get offensive pet can help u gain the kill even u have been defeated. Example: I use wildrose can attk ppl 400-1000k damage depends can critical similiar like falcon.

– Use the buff monster you must stay within < 1 meter in order for it cast buff on u cus it can’t follow u.

– Use debuff monster correctly near 1st target. Example: if u use the desert wolf out on prz, soc, wiz, monk will decrease int.

– At east side where column wall pillar have chain hole can hide inside or east center auto walk above into the crowd seat and spam jump. Beware range attacker hiding in the crowd seat.

– There are some lvl 10 above ppl hide in 2nd profesional job costume join in colosseum and get cream by ppl with more skill at lvl 50 to gain point. The point can gain a lot by defeat with top 1-5 rank or lvl50 equip pvp gear and costume stat.
Beside defeating low level ppl eliminate before enter next round will decrease your chance when come to last round where only lvl 50 ppl with pvp eq left. It is better to focus to eliminate those hv equip pvp gear in early round by keep defeat them 3-5 time. When come to last round, it is easy to defeat low lvl ppl with less skill or w/o pvp eq to gain champion.

Rumor, if anyone able to defeat the summon boss have 200k hp can get more point or drop item rarely. Most likely impossible to defeat it.
Is there a reason y they put boss at last minute beside cause damage or kill on any ppl in the field?

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