Panzar Ice Witch Tips

Panzar Ice Witch Tips by Huntress

Here I will try to show you, how to play ice witch (frost witch, frost wizard.)
Guide is useful while you are low lvl) Maybe I will continue it later.

Firstly some simple rules/advice:

– Do not forget about blocking! It is really useful and it can save your life. Despite the fact that Ice Witch has a rather bad block – 70%, it will certainly help.
– You have mana (it is blue, basic – 100), stamina (yellow, basic -500), heal points (basic – 1080). Keep an eye on these things during the battle.
– When you are going to fight with somebody, pay the attention on his back. If you see a flag there, the fighter is an enemy. If there is no flag – it is your ally. There is no friendly fire in the game, so you can`t injure a teammate, but do not waste the time by attacking allies. Flag – enemy. No flag – ally.
– Use bottles! In the game there are three types of them: mana (blue), hp (red), stamina (yellow).When you see that your hp are low, use a bottle and continue fighting.
– You have class points and game points. You earn game points when you kill enemies, damage enemies or support your allies. After the battle you can change them into money or into the experience. Game points are on the left side of panel and blue. Class points are on the right side and yellow.

Now some words exactly about the Frost Witch.

*Your main skill is Winter Cold (freezing). Use it as often as you can =) It gives you class points, and if the enemy whom you froze die, you also gain game points.
*Also, you may take frost balls (Frozen Sphere). I strongly recommend you to do it on 2d lvl. One frost ball costs 15 mana points and gives you 2 class points per one hit. So, you can support in the middle and shoot from some protuberance. You can even fight with you chakarms, but it won`t be much effective. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to fight, because your allies are far away from you. I am sure that you will meet stupid Orcs, attacking
the totem, silly teammate-Inquisitor who will try to beat you by using Power Attack, not attentive Fire Sister, who will damage herself by shooting at the Ice Witch with Fire Resistance…and etc.
*After taking frost balls you can take Fire Resistance. It will protect you from Sisters of Fire. Fire Resistance costs 5 class points and lasts for 1 minute.

Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my native language.
You may ask me some questions, if you have them.
Wish you luck!

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  1. varazi says:


    I’ve 9 skill point and can’t acquire a “siren scream”, can you help me out. It’s written that this skill needs 9 but still doesn’t allow me to obtain it.

    thnx for help

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