Don’t Starve Silk Farm Guide

Don’t Starve Silk Farm Guide by l3g3nds


  1. 1 Spider eggs
  2. Tall Bird nests location with 2+ Tall Birds
  3. Portable light source such as a torch, I would suggest a mining hat

I suggest taking a log suit as well but its not required


  1. Wait till night fall
  2. Grab your spider eggs (and log suit if you want)
  3. Go as quickly as you can to the tall birds nest (if its far away you should start your trip at dusk)
  4. Now place your spider eggs as close to as many tall bird nests as possible. They shouldn’t be a threat because they’re sleeping. If you get to close they will wake up.

What now?

  • You know have to wait six days for tier 2 nest before you start yielding a large amount of silk.
  • Sometimes the spiders will kill all the tall birds. If you notice their all dead when collecting the silk take their eggs.
  • Always collect silk during the day and when tall bird are dead or preoccupied, to prevent a wasteful use of your meat effigy
  • Have fun with inf. silk, in 5 days you will have more silk then you know what to do with.

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