Don’t Starve Easy Food and Base Guide

Don’t Starve Easy Food and Base Guide by gnarlytreeman

Have you been having a hard time building bases? Are you burnt out on all the manure collection? Or do you just want life to get easier?

My strategy is sooo simple, it will make your jaws drop. Simply take a look at the picture below.


There are 5 easy steps to making an easy base.

1) collect flint twigs, grass, wood, and mine a few rocks.

2) find a rocky plains or plains biome with a lot of rabbit holes, they are pretty easy to find usually.

3) start making rabbit traps, the material are far easier to come by than any farm plot, and the rabbit holes yield an average of 2 food items a day per hole.

4) set 3, yes 3 traps per hole, a little bit away from the hole so they don’t all trip if a rabbit gets caught.

5) harvest your traps every 2 days.

6) enjoy! in a few days you already have the food production of a day 40 base

for additional smiles on your face, do yourself a favor and build 10 or 20 drying racks, the food supply can then be turned into an easy health supply via jerky.

also, the earmuffs and heatstone are easy to fashion with the material at hand, while these are gear and not really part of the base, they are some of the most basic and needful cold weather gear, and the easiest to get.

Don’t stop there however, if your in the plains there are beefalo, first make a razor, go to the beefalo at night, and not in mating season, with a torch in hand, and shave them thangs, it works best to run around at night and shave as many as you can, and then pick up the wool in the morning. Run back to base and make your beefalo hat, at this point your are completely cold weather geared up, and have no further need of any more cold weather gear.

1) It’s is handy and costs less resources to place one burnable object on the ground and burn that than starting a campfire in the winter when freezing.

2) make a backup campfire, and fire pit, and save them in your research tab by clicking on the fire structure, and then clicking the research tab again. (this will work with any structure, but not with items, or walls/carpeting etc.)

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