Defiance FAQ

Defiance FAQ by Rokkrwolf

Game Overview:

Q. What is Defiance exactly?
A. Defiance™ is the first multi-platform open world third-person shooter, that in a ground-breaking entertainment experience, interconnects with a global television program on Syfy. The game combines the intense action of a console third-person shooter, with the persistence, scale, and customization of an MMO, while its TV counterpart exudes the scope, story, and drama of a classic sci-fi epic.

Being developed for the PC, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, Defiance unites the MMORPG and Shooter game genres across the most popular platforms.

The game is being developed by Trion Worlds.

Q: How does the game link to the show?
A: There will be a lot of element and key moment’s that will crossover between the game and the show. As to the details they don’t wish to spoil any for us so they are kept secret.

The characters will for example will have tie in’s to the game because they will be travel between the two locations of San Francisco and St. Louis aka “Defiance”.

Q: Can you explain the lore behind the show and game?
A: For the most detail explanation of the game please read this article posted on GameInformer – Defiance interview – Rob Hill

Q. When is the game going to be made available?
A. The game is scheduled for launch on April 2nd, 2013

Q. Is there going to be a subscription fee like your average MMORPG?
A. No. The game is “buy to play”. In other words, you purchase the retail copy of the game, and then enjoy the game without having to pay additional fees per month.

Q. How will the consoles and PC’s work together? Is this a cross platform game?
A. Right now the game is not looking to be able to support all systems in the same environment at the same time (for release). Though the developers have stated that they currently in a closed environment, have the capability of all systems playing together. It is not expected to be cross platform in that regard for release.

Q. How about players from across the globe? Can I in the U.S. play with someone in the UK?
A. According to recent sources/answers they will indeed have regional servers and have full access to play on any of the servers we wish.

Q. How many players can play at a single time?
A. You can have hundreds to thousands playing in the same world at a time.

Q. What are the system requirements for the PC?
A. The following is what is described as the beta minimum specs:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • At least 2 GB System RAM
  • Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz CPU or better
  • 512MB video card (NVIDIA GeForce 8600 class or better)
  • ATI Radeon HD 2900
  • Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics
  • DirectX 9.0c
  • DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
  • Broadband internet connection or better
  • At least 15 GB free hard drive space

Q: Do you know if they have multi-screen support in this game? Or 3d?
A: Defiance will not support multi-screen setups nor will it support 3D tech at this time.

Q: How much hard-drive space is required for Defiance on the consoles?
A: It will be hard drive dependent so you do need to do a installation to a hard drive. It’s will be several gigs as to the exact details they are unconfirmed, however note there will be a patch day one.

Q: Will you be able to use a keyboard/mouse support with the Xbox 360 version and PS3?
A: Short answer, Yes for keyboard, still not sure about mouse. If you are not in a clan/group currently or in a competitive match, you can still communicate with everybody in the world and communicate directly.

Q. What is the background for the map of the game?
A. The map is centered around much of the bay area of San Francisco, California. While the exact dimensions are not yet known, it is EXTREMELY large. So much so that all new players will receive an ATV at the start of the game.

Q: Is there any real difference between what platform you choose to play on?
A: Short answer, no. The only real difference will be the controls. But the experience of the game/missions/side missions ect will all be the same.

Q: Will there be PC gamepad or console controller on the PC versions?
A: Absolutely, yes.

Q: If you played Defiance on the Xbox, can you switch over to PC or PS3 and still have your Stats, Characters, Weapons etc.?
A: No, they will not support cross platform accounts or play. Your character, progression and stats will only be available for the platform your playing on.

Q: Well as we all know there are separate “Shards” on a server to help separate the players for server load etc. So exactly how many shards are there on a server or how do the mechanics work for it? Which brings up another question of is there a possible way to switch “shards” to join your friends/clans?
A: The servers will favor your groups and friends over random people. In all I don’t have a ton of detail to provide around this as the team is working on the many aspects this question covers as they speak.

Q: When the game comes out will the Alpha still be running to test DLC/Patches or does it end with the games release..?
A: I would assume it will go offline at launch, but there is a good chance they will kick it back on for new content testing etc… but most of that is unknown at this time.

Q: Can you explain what the authenticator will be all about?
A: The purpose of the Authenticator (Either as a Key Fob, iOS App, or Android App) is to add a second line of defense to your account. There have been allot of breaches as of late and many of those have leaked passwords. Many many many people do not have good passwords, combined with the use of e-mail as an account name, many mmo’s see hackers using lists of e-mails with known, stolen, passwords with some variation to either get into the account.

An authenticator negates that as even if they have the right password…they will not have the right authentication key. And that in turn protects your account. (The detailed answer was provided by SyberSmoke)

Q: How would the Devs. be active among its fans game wise?.
A: The Devs will be playing the game under their own user handles. They have plans for ‘play with developers’ events etc. all in the works.

Q: How closely do the writers of the show and the writers for the game work together? Does one of the two group of writers get precedence in decision making or do both teams truly work together?
A: Defiance has been a hand in hand operation from day one, during development they’ve had their writers in our studio and they’ve sent some of their developers to theirs as well. They’ve both given up certain things in order to work with the other side, there are somethings that are very easy to do on film but difficult to do in games and of course it goes the other way.

Q. Are there going to be achievements?
A. Yes there are standard achievements for both XBOX 360 and PS3. But additionally Defiance has it’s own achievements to keep the players always progressing towards something. They are called “Pursuits” as you complete more pursuits it will unlock more content.

For a detailed list of the achievement for the Xbox 360 you can find it here – Xbox 360 Achievement

For a detailed list of the trophies for the PS3 you can find it here when they are available.


Q. Where can you pre-order the game from?
A. You can currently pre-order the game directly from Trion Worlds, most retailers to include but not limited to: Amazon, Amazon UK, GameStop, GAME,, Origin, etc.

Q. What are the different types of packages available:
A. There is a full list of digital and retail editions listed here: Pre-order Digital & Physical Editions understand that not all retailers will offer each of these packages.

Account Specific:

Q. What are Arkhunter codes?
A. In total there will be (at this time) 120 codes for players to locate. These codes are hidden on websites, in advertisements for the game, and given during live streams from the developers.
These codes when applied to your “Ego” can grant you special bonuses in the game at launch. To apply those codes, visit the following link: MY EGO

Q. Is there a list somewhere of these codes?
A. A user by the name of “Superbike32” has compiled the working codes: Defiance Arkfall Codes Guide you can get those codes from there.

You can also discuss with other forum members in the following thread to keep up to date on new codes found or where people have been searching here: “Hidden” Code list/discussion

Q. How does someone get involved in the testing of the game?
A. There are two different ways to get access. The first is through what is being called, “Alpha Testing”. This is accomplished by getting a direct invite from the development team through community contributions, stream interactions, etc. This grants you continuous access to the testing of the game in a more private environment.

The second way to gain access is through public “Beta Testing” where codes are given out from the development team on the official site, through streams, or found on various fan websites. These are timed events consisting of a weekend of testing. Thus far there have been three planned events.

Q. How can I increase my chances in becoming an Alpha tester rather than a Beta tester?
A. You’ll want to show the development team through the forums, streams, etc that you deserve it. There are no set conditions for obtaining Alpha status.

Character Specific:

Q. When I create a character, can I have different species, sex, etc?
A. Yes. You can have both male and female characters. You can also have Human or Irathient characters. There may be additional selections post launch.

Q. What is the character background?
A. Each player is an Arkhunter. Which means you hunt down Arkfalls and ArkTech. You are employed by a company called, Von Bach Industries. Your goal is to gather as much of the alien technology as possible.

Q. Is there a level cap or character leveling system?
A. There is, sort of. Characters level, but in the sense that they become more experienced in certain weaponry or actions. You don’t traditionally level up to gain access to skills, but are constantly evolving your character how you see fit.

The level cap is not exact, but estimated to be somewhere near 5,000. This equates to a person having played for hundreds if not thousands of hours (an example given by developers was someone who ranked around 300 with an extensive amount of game play).

Q: Is one bar of health equal to 250?
A: According to Sledgehammer the last time he check, a bar is equal to 250 health

Q. Are there classes?
A. There is an “origin” system. You will pick something that you’re comfortable with that starts off with certain perks towards specific weapons (a back story archetype). But beyond that point, you can venture off into any area of weapons you so desire.

For example, you can start off geared towards Snipers, but then evolve your character around light machine guns without penalty.

There are also things called Ego abilities. There are 4 main abilities/EGO Powers you choose from at the beginning.

  • Blur – Increases the hosts speed for a limited time allowing the host to more effectively dodge enemy attacks. This also increase melee to full damage against shields.
  • Cloak – Renders the host invisible to the enemy. This will also recharge your shields once you cloak. Any damage given or sustained will deactivate it.
  • Decoy – Creates a holographic duplicate of the host, momentarily distracting the enemy. Additionally if you use the power again you will swap places with the decoy.
  • Overcharge – Applies a bionetic bonus to the host’s weapons allowing for greater damage to enemies(10%) and reduces recoil. Additionally it will also instantly reload your current weapon.

There are 48 total abilities/ego powers (possibly more in the future) afterwards to choose from it really depends on your play-style as to what you choose. Essentially in the long run you could possibly obtain all abilities/ego powers.

A good description of how EGO works in the game can be found in the starter video found here: Beginners Guide to Defiance

*Additionally if you want a head-start Kalbuir has posted a thread found here Defiance-Central releases EGO Grid Application! which has a EGO Calculator to help figure out what perks you want to choose ahead of time. For a quick link click here – My EGO Calculator

** A user by the name of loken has also made out a detailed list of all the EGO perks so you can easily build your load-outs which can be found here Perks Break Down for Easy Load-out Building

Q: Why did you guys decide on such short amounts of duration for your abilities?
A: This decision was put into place because it allows us to have perks to increase the frequency of ability use. If you could have used them a ton from the get go, by the time you perk out you’d pretty much have them on 100% of the time.

Q. What exactly is EGO?
A. EGO stands for Environmental Guardian Online. It is the latest innovation from Von Bach Industries. A symbiotic neuro-muscular bionetic implant, EGO alters its host at the genetic level*, providing encyclopedic heads-up intelligence, while simultaneously unlocking and managing corporeal-maximization, or EGO Powers.

Head to: Von Bach Industries – Advanced Solutions For An Ever-Changing World for additional information.

Q: ‘Failsafe’ is only good for one shot, because if you get hit your shields stop recharging. Is this Correct?
A: Short answer, yes.

Q. How does healing work if there is no medic class?
A. There are medical guns in the game that aid in healing other teammates. These can be used by all players and not restricted to certain types of players.

Q: What’s the best winning combo in a game like this?
A: The best winning combo is “Don’t die, shoot first.”

Q: Will the shields have different abilities?
A: Short answer, Yes. The shields be be very varied and contain different attributes just like the weapons.

Q: What is the penalties in dying?
A: Dying will cost scrip to revive which will respawn you at the nearest extraction point. However there is a “Second wind” feature where if you do get down you can self revive which is on a cool down after use. If you cant afford it, you’ll be re-spawned eventually back at your last extraction point. (it’ll just take time)

Q: How much will gear impact your stats?
A: The way your stats are impacted is a lot in shield and weapons will do the most impact to your stats. It’s still a lot about a players skill. Just because a player has say the best gear in the game doesn’t mean he will destroy all the new players. If you are a better player you will win.

Q: Does Crouching count as standing still or do you have to be fully standing? (for abilities such as ‘single minded’ and ‘fortified stance’)
A: “Crouching still” (if that’s a real thing) counts as “standing still”. Our team is rewording the description as we can see how that’s confusing.

Q: Does ‘rear guard’ and ‘combat medic’ stack when you are healing someone? b. And if it does, does that mean that you can get down to 0 damage anytime you are hit from behind while healing? c. If that is the case then does that mean that you would never get interrupted in that situation?
A: Yes, they stack and you won’t take damage. If you take those perks you can be the designated reviver.

Q: Does ‘sensor sweep’ reveal them for good or just for the duration of your decoy? (or until they use the ‘cloak’ ability again)
A: At the moment you activate Decoy, it turns off the cloak of enemies in the area. They have to wait for the power to refresh to use it again.

Q: Does ‘sensor sweep’ reveal based on the distance from yourself or from your decoy?
A: You, but since it happens the moment the power is activated it‘s pretty much the same thing as if it was from the decoy

Q: Does ‘Crash Test Dummy’ reduce damage from vehicle turrets or just from collision damage?
A: Just collision.

Q: In a vehicle with multiple people, does ‘hell on wheels’ bonus stack?
A: Yes

Development/Mechanics Specific:

Q. Aliens? What’s the deal?
A. The game is set in a period following what is called the “Pale Wars”. This was a human and alien war that occurred which changed and shaped the world as we know it. Aliens brought to Earth Arks, which were ultimately destroyed in the wars, and are now fought over by humans and aliens alike.

Q. What are Arkfalls?
A. Arkfalls are events within the game that periodically appear as falling alien technology (Arks) plummets to Earth and become fought over by humans and aliens. The technology (Arktech) gained from these Arkfalls are used in improving human technology.

Basically, think Rift and the events that appeared throughout the game at random times. These are treated in the same way and become co-op battles as you fight alien creatures.(Arkfalls are capable to have up to 90 players at them)

Q: Can a Arkfall occur in a Shadow War zone?
A: Short answer, Yes. Each zone can have a Shadow war and potentially have multiple arkfall points as well as other random events.

Q: What happens if too many people quit right before Shadow War ends?
A: The system will scale up based on the amount of players currently participating within that Shadow War. If a bunch of people leave the amount of capture points will remain the same.

Q. So there are co-op battles, are there missions as well?
A. Yes. The game features an extensive mission questing system as well as group based instances (raids). You can group up with 4 other players in the general questing and complete objectives for NPC’s that will yield rewards for you to use throughout the game.

Q. Ok, is there PvP involved too?
A. Yes. There are a number of modes and means of gaining access to PvP that allows you to combat other players. You can level up through PvP gaining access to advanced armor that you can show other players how involved you are.

Q. Is there a PvP lobby? How does joining a match work?
A. You can queue up for PvP and a countdown timer will appear in the top left corner of the UI that will give you updates on when you’ll be entering the match. Meanwhile, you can run amok on the main map while you wait.

Q. Does player ranking or Ego rating come into play for PvP?
A. For death match and similar modes, you will be joining matches with similar ranking members to even players out. In open world PvP (Shadow War) ranking does not come much into play.

Q. Is there a separate PvP ranking system?
A. There is a “rep” system and means of gaining notoriety that will allow you access to exclusive PvP outfits, and PvP gear vendors.

Q. Are there PvP rewards, are they greater than PvE rewards?
A. There are rewards, but you do not advance any faster through PvP vs PvE.

Q. So there’s PvE and PvP, what specifically can I do in the game?
A. Well there are among several different things you can do in the world.

  • Main story missions – Self-explanatory. (Can be done cooperatively)
  • Side missions – Self-explanatory. (Can be done cooperatively)
  • Hotshot – No info as of yet.
  • Time Trial – No info as of yet.
  • Rampage – No info as of yet.
  • Emergencies – Such as saving farmers, repairing objectives, these will show up randomly while traveling. (Automatically cooperatively for anyone in the area)
  • Competitive Multiplayer – TDM, Cap and Hold, Gather resources and bring them back (16vs16, 32 players)
  • Shadow War – A major pvp objective-based event held in the over world. It is completely a opt-in event. You will see this happening around the world and even able to spectate watching the other players battle it out. Or jump in yourself and cause mass mayhem. (Up to 128 players max)
  • Co-op/Dungeons Instances – Self explanatory, enemies will scale depending on the amount of players. (Currently only 4 players)
  • Arkfalls – Random server event that happens in random locations around the world. There are several types of Arkfalls.Minor – Small amounts of arktech, random enemies.
    • Mutants – Small amounts of arktech, this involves Mutant enemies.
    • Raider Decimation – Small amounts of arktech, this involves Raider enemies.
    • Raider Destruction – Small amounts of arktech, this involves Raider enemies.
    • Scrapper Disruption Small amounts of arktech, this involves Scapper enemies.

    Major – Enormous amounts of arktech rain into the planet, with dark blackening skies, this will attract Hellbugs and the infamous Hellbug Hellion.

    • Hellbug Extermination – Major arkfall, this involves several waves of Hellbug enemies followed by a Hellbug Hellion at the most major crash site.
    • Revolting Hellbugs – Major arkfall where several small Hellbug groups arrive at crash sites followed by a Mature Hellbug Hellion rising at a major crash site.
    • Mother of all Hellbugs – Major arkfall where several smaller Hellbug groups arrive at crash sites followed by a Hellbug Matron rising at a major crash site.

Q. Can you turn on/off the weapon hit damage numbers? We will be able to see the dps?
A. Absolutely.

Q: Is the a cover system?
A: There isn’t a sticky cover mechanic system like you might see in Ghost Recon Online. But of course you can crouch behind things. There is also no proning in the game. Consider this to be more of a fast paced action game.

Q: Is there a day and night cycle? How long in-game time does it take to go from day to night?

A: Short answer, yes. It takes roughly about 2 hours to go through the cycle currently. If it will stay that way is still TBD.

Q: Will there be a storage, similar to “banks” of fantasy mmo’s, where we can store things we want to keep but not carry around?
A: Currently as it stands no, they are looking at one possibly post launch but seeing as their is technically no upper limit to inventory size it may not be needed. TLDR; TBD.

Q: Is there any snow type areas on the map?
A: As much as this seems a silly question it is technically relevant due to the terraforming. But the short answer, No.

Q: Is there a new game+? Once you finish the main story can you restart it with the same character?
A: Short answer, No, There is no current new game+ ability, but the devs have been discussing possible options post launch to add in such a ability it restart the story with the same character.

Q: How many characters can you make or is there just the one?
A: You are allowed to make multiple characters, as to the max still TBD.

Q: Will there be a visual effect when the grenades are ready for those with hearing loss?
A: Short answer, Yes. If you notice in the live-streams once they throw a grenade the bar empty outs and starts to fill.

Q: Is there fall damage?
A: Short answer, No.

Q: Is there going to be an App for defiance kinda like halo waypoint, where you can see your guild mates?
A: They have discussed of such apps like this but as of right now they are not in development, they’ve been extremely pressed on resources and they’ve decided to focus on the game itself.


Q. What types of vehicles are there? Can I have an air vehicle?
A. There are a number of ground vehicles to include but not limited to:

  • A-Tex Growler Pro
  • Cerberus
  • Challenger
  • Duni Shetarru K-Frame
  • Hannibal 800TR Quad
  • Hauler
  • RM Nomad M4
  • RM Nomad V6 Yellow/White
  • Titan combat utility vehicle
  • Transport

They can be geared for different purposes such as mobile spawn locations, transports, weapon platforms, etc. There are currently no air vehicles in the game due to Arkfalls and the dangers of the sky.

Q. Do vehicles respawn, are they instant, etc?
A. In short no, there is a cool down associated with how the vehicle mechanics work.

For instance if a vehicle is destroyed the cool down may take longer, if you just get off the cool down will be much shorter.

Q. Can vehicles be customized?
A. You currently cannot customize the vehicles per-say. But you can however purchase several types of vehicles and different colors variations of the vehicles.

Q. Can you summon the Cerberus in the open world while questing or it only in shadow wars or instance?
A: Currently the Cerberus is only available in Shadow Wars and certain PVP maps. However there is still tons of vehicles we haven’t seen yet.

Q. Is there a racing element to the game?
A. Yes. You can access region races where the top time is displayed on a leaderboard for those involved.

Q: What are lock-boxes?
A: They are caskets or small boxes typically found by vendor machines. They take scrip and keys to open. You can unlock keys in many different fashions. One of which is participating in Ark Falls.

Depending on the level of the lock-box you wish to use. You will get random items out of it. Starting from 2 random items up to 4.

Social Elements:

Q. Can we have guilds and friends in-game?
A. Yes, there is a guild system that is being implemented into the game. You can currently send invites to other players and group with them in-game (up to 4 in a group).

Q: What functions do guild have and what is there an update on the maximum number of members in a guild? What is necessary to start a guild?
A: You will be able to monitor when guild-mates are on, make a guild channel to communicate through voice or chat. Currently Alpha does not have a ‘Guild’ cap, but that doesn’t mean the team will not cap it in the long run. To start a ‘Guild’ you need a EGO rating for 50 and 5,000 scrip.

Q: As a group leader will you have abilities to set primary targets so people can assist in focus fire. Or set primary and secondary targets for party members to focus on?
A: As it currently stands, no. But it is something they are looking into as a way for more and more ways to keep improving upon Defiance.

Q: Are there any rewards for being in a group? XP? Scrip? Loot?
A: Short answer, Yes. The more players in the group or more players in a area, the better the rewards you will earn.

Q: Will voice chat be proximity based?
A: Not exactly, in the over world you won’t just hear random people talking which is a good thing. But essentially clan/groups will have voice and you will have a mute feature which will block not only the voice but the text based chat as well for that player.

Q: How early can players expect to be able to start grouping?
A: Essentially right after the tutorial you can group with other players.

Q. Will there be crafting system?
A. The Salvage Matrix will essentially be the tool you use to modify/customize your weapons and outfit. So short answer yes in it’s own form. But in the form of actual crafting such as finding parts and making a weapon then no, maybe possibly after launch.

Q. How does looting work in the game?
A. What you kill/see on your screen is your loot. If you are solo and you kill something, you do not need to be worried about someone else coming along and taking your rare items.

Q. What kind of loot can you expect?
A: Kills will drop such things as scrip, ammo, shields and weapons. Some of them like the bits and ammo will auto pickup. Where as the shields and weapons you will need to press a button to pick them up or hold to equip.

Q. Is there a hub city or safe zone?
A. There are NPC owned properties aka “Hot Spots” and areas where you can visit and interact with one another and NCP’s. Each region has areas like this that players can interact with each other and socialize.

Q. How many Factions are in the game?
A. There will be many different factions throughout the game. These are the following factions that we currently know of (more TBD):

  • Top-Notch Toolworks
  • Soleptor Enterprises
  • Von Bach Industries
  • Echelon
  • Paradise Territory

Each faction will have their own reputation system, like WoW, the more reputation the better unlocks/rewards you can get from them.

Hostile factions include:

  • Dark Matter
  • Hellbugs (scientific name Scylla Formicida)
  • Earth Military Coalition or Mutants
  • Ninety-Niners
  • Raiders
  • Scrappers
  • Volge

Q:Are there emotes and what emotes can we expect to see?
A: Short answer, Yes. There are several emotes players can use (subject to change as they may add more):

  • Greet
  • Cheer
  • Taunt
  • Dance

Additionally there are commands you can use to talk to other players or call them to help. Here is a list:

  • Help
  • Follow
  • Get In
  • Get Out
  • Go
  • Stay

Q: How does the matching of teams work in pvp? Is it based off your power ranking?
A: We use both power and ELO rating for match making. Shadow War only uses Power Rating. The instanced battlegrounds use both Power Rating and ELO rating in order to match the teams up.

Q: Will there be dynamic PVP events besides the shadow war?
A: We are working on additional Shadow War modes but as of right now any open world PvP will be an extension of the shadow war system.

Weaponry Specific:

Q. What different types of weapons can we use? And will they have different types of ammo/abilities?
A. These are the follow types of weapons listed that we know of:

  • Assault Rifles
  • Bio-Magnetic Guns
  • Bolt-Action Sniper Rifles
  • Charged Sniper Rifles
  • Combat Shotguns
  • Detonators (Grenade Launchers)
  • Grenades
  • Infectors
  • Light Machine Guns
  • Pistols
  • Pump Shotguns
  • Rocket Launchers (Guided)
  • Sawed-Off Shotguns
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifles
  • Sub Machine Guns

Different type’s of ammo/variations will depend on the quest rewards or random drops.
(You can view some of the weapons and detailed descriptions here – Weapon Descriptions)

*Additionally to the character leveling system there will be a weapon type leveling system as well. The more you use a certain type of weapon eventually you will level and it will raise the stats for that weapon type.

**There are a number of damage types to include:

  • Electrical – Stuns targeted enemy and nearby enemies for a short period. The burst of electrical activity will short out the Heads Up Display provided by the ego for this duration.
  • Incendiary – Lights targeted enemy aflame, harming him for a short period of time.
  • Biological – Attaches biological compounds to a target, slowing them down and causing them to do less damage for a short period of time.
  • Radiation – Irradiates the target, weakening their armor and causing them to take more damage from attacks for a short period of time.
  • Syphon – Steals health from the target and transfers it back to the shooter.

***There will be 5 additional load outs, which you will be able to swap out on the fly after you unlock them.

Q: Does each pellet of a shotgun create a chance to have the element go off? Could you in theory hit a bunch of people with an element in one shot?
A: Short answer, Yes. Each pellet has a chance.

Q: Do weapon proficiency carry over to a new weapon of the same type?
A: Short answer, yes.

Q. Will there be certain points on enemies that will do more damage, will hit-boxes be effected?
A. In short yes, but there are different aspects to weapons depending on the damage. For example a sniper rifle will do a lot more damage with a headshot opposed to a body shot. And a shotgun will do more damage to a body shot than a headshot.
There will be weak points on boss etc to aim for to do extra damage.

This is a true pixel perfect shooter “Where you aim is where you shoot”, so using the shotgun as a example it’s true pellet simulation. When fired it has a certain amount of pellets, the amount of damage done to a player, depends on how many of those pellets actually hit.

Hit-boxes for male and female characters is balanced to be the same to not give advantage over using different types of characters.

Q. Is there a melee attack?
A. Absolutely. You can use both a striking attack (similar to a buttstroke) but also equip certain weapons with melee enhancements like bayonets that will increase melee damage. Certain EGO skills also have melee increases.

Q: Will the stats of weapons be fixed or randomized?
A: The weapons are going to be a hand-crafted set combinations of stats.

Q: Can you survive a infector shot?
A: Short answer, Yes.

Q: Will critical hits increase chance of elemental effects?
A: Short answer, No. Critical hits only adds the Critical multiplier for damage.


Q. Will there be expansions/new content for the game?
A. Yes. Definitely new areas, which players will definitely be able to take advantage of who haven’t paid as far as playing them because they don’t wish to separate the player base, however you will not be able to use the things you get/earn from the new content unless you have paid for the content. Not splitting up the player base was a goal they wanted to have not happen. What makes these games important is the social experience. TLDR; There will be both paid and free content in the future.

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