Defiance Arkfalls Guide

Defiance Arkfalls Guide by Amber Fae

First off lets cover What kind of arkfalls there are.

Minor Arkfalls
Red Crystals
Blue Crystals

Major Arkfalls

Now lets cover minor arkfalls first and then we’ll get down and dirty with major arkfalls! :3
ok First of all “Red Crystals” and “Blue Crystals” Look very much alike though their objectives are quite the opposite!

Red Crystals

objective is to destroy the Crystal while waves of enemies attack you, though not all the enemies are ment to be killed. the “Skitterlings” (Smallest of all hellbugs) bite the crystal and will cause large Glowing yellow bubbles to form on the surface of the crystal which can be shot to do critical damage to the crystal! (though dont mistake the large bubble with infector Growths)

The following is a list of what NOT to kill in the corresponding Minor Arkfalls.
Hellbug arkfalls – Skitterlings (Smallest hellbugs)
Mutant Arkfalls – demolitionists (the ones that carry a barrel and a bomb to the crystal)

Things to JUST Damage.
Scrapper Arkfalls – Mongrels (small dog-like one which after getting damaged will sit next to the crystal and try to repair themselves then you kill them and will send shock pulses into the crystal)

Specific things TO kill.
99ers Arkfalls – somtimes drop a “pulverizer” which is a fist weapon that you use to hit the crystal.
Raider Arkfalls – Rocket launcher raiders will sometimes drop rocket launchers wich you can pick up and use on the crystal.

What not to do in “Red Crystals

2. Dont drive your cars through the area to try to kill enemies, its annoying and kills the skitterlings! This goes for “Major arkfalls” as well! the mass of vehicles and arkfall going may cause lag and you will get in the way!

2. Try not to use rocket launchers or detonators their damage is usually low and they take too long to reload when shooting, they also splash damage the skitterlings and kill them.

Blue Crystals

Are a lot like “Red Crystals” though instead of you having to destroy the crystals you kill all the enemies that come around. in these arkfalls you can use any weapon and even your car if you want.. though they still get in the way a lot!

Now lets get down into the Fun stuff! “Major ark falls!”

“Major Arkfalls” Are made up of many “Small arkfalls” that have to be beaten before the actual Arkfall appears. when you DO finally get to the Major Arkfall there will be a boss surrounded by “Blue Crystals” though you don’t have to pay attention to them. Depending on the “Boss” you’ll have to shoot different places. On hell bugs bosses (and normal hell bugs) a part will be glowing Orange or Yellowing color, you shoot these spots to do extra damage on them. on scrapper major arkfalls you’ll have to shoot the three yellow dots on each of the giant arms before the “Boss” itself goes out for a “Repair run” to fix each arm, while its repairing them you shoot up at the swirling “S**t Storm” inside it lol.
At these Major arkfalls you can use any weapon you want and even your cars. though some enemies can destroy them just by touching them and also your vehicles could cause lag.

Arkfall Tactics

1. Resuscitate your teammates, and maintain the situational awareness to see them. Every teammate that dies makes the battle take longer, or makes the event that much harder to complete. Players who are down aren’t typically there, because they were stupid. They are typically the damage dealers of the group, and to do the best damage possible they have to take risks by getting close. You can’t win a lot of these events with sniping alone.
Helping them helps you in the long run. So if someone is wallowing at your feet. Do the right thing and get them up off the ground. also dont use your self revives unless no one picks you back up, save them for when you need them.

(On a side note: To tell if your self revive is back you can look in the top left of our screen, shown in the following image: )

2. Balance your load out. Rocket launchers, infection weaponry, and magnetic guns aren’t terribly effective in the larger events. The first two run out pretty fast, and the last doesn’t do too terribly much damage. A couple of players running around healing is usually more then enough. A dozen of them is just silly. Have a shotgun, machine gun, carbine, or even a pistol on hand. So you can do consistent damage throughout the entire event. Especially for the large scrapper events. You want to do the most damage possible when the big bot in the middle is most vulnerable.

3. Figure out how to best serve the team, and you know what that isn’t always about converging on the most dangerous enemy in the area. It isn’t usually the big guy that takes most players out. It is one of the smaller guys that is performing support. Just taking out the Archers at Hell bug events greatly improves the overall effectiveness of the team. They slow other players down, and make them easier to hit, and keeps them out of effective range to attack. The same is true for the mid level scrappers. It is relatively easy to avoid the attacks from the Scorpion. Mob control is pretty vital in big events.

4. Get some grenades with decent damage over time, and actually use them during the event. Every time they come back throw them. There is no friendly fire. Crippling the mid range guys makes it more likely that if one of your teammates gets in a bind with one. They will have a better chance of getting out of it, because you did some of the work for them.

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