World of Tanks Medium Tanks and You Guide

World of Tanks Medium Tanks and You Guide by U.S.S.Iowa

Your main problems:
Outgunned: Your tank, even with the best upgrades (Unless you went with a Leopard) will not even dent most of the Medium, let alone the Heavy Tanks.
Out dressed: Your armor simply cannot compete with most of the Medium/Heavy Tank’s.
Outmaneuvered: Even though your tank is fast, it doesn’t compare with the quickness of a Leopard or an AusIII light tank, so you’re between both worlds… Your acceleration is lacking.

Your Roles:

Artillery Killer: Outflank the enemy Scouts and get behind at their artillery, this can be a battle winner.
Scout: Difficult to do with this tank, but move slowly and be patient.
Anti-Scout: Destroy enemy Light Tanks and Medium* Tanks.
Friendly Artillery Defender: Cover your own arty, its an essential part of the battle, if it dies, the team will most likely lose.

It is very important that you understand these roles, as they will surely save you a huge amount of credits and pain. At first, coming out of Recruit Battles, I thought nothing of other tanks, mainly because I could damage any of them, but then, stand in front of a tank similar to mine in appearance and finding out my shots dinged and bounced off, it was very frustrating. Only later did I learn that, against all gamer instincts, it is not good to shoot anything that moves. You have to use intelligent discrimination to choose your fights in Medium Tanks.

Going About it All:

Artillery Killer: The tactic that has most often worked for me is to determine a path to take, then start out being careful of enemy scouts. You have to WAIT occasionally, hiding behind bushes or generally using your camouflage. Steadily work your way behind enemy lines and pay attention to where your team is taking artillery from, when you are close to their base and most of their scouts have been taken out, put the pedal to the metal and make your way to their artillery as fast as you can. When coming in, make sure you can get past the artillery’s line of fire and fire at it from behind for optimum damage. NOTE: On some maps you cannot effectively sneak up on Artillery, simply because most of the routes to the enemy base will be traveled by their scouts, giving you no option but to wait. On these maps, I find it effective just to hide and let the initial heat of battle pass, occasionally supporting your team’s artillery from light tanks. So on these maps I have found it useful to cover our artillery from flanking moves by enemy light vehicles, after their light tanks are taken out, I assume the role of hunter/killer in a more relaxed way, since they have no scouts to paint me to their artillery.

Scout: Same as in a light tank you either run out with the team and light targets up ahead but I have found that WAITING a little bit before setting off to do circles around the map makes it a lot easier. Medium tanks can be damaged by all other tanks in the battlefield, so having less of them by them being killed by your team is a good thing.

Anti-Scout: This is a fun role if you find that the enemy team has a lot of light tanks/medium PIII’s in it. Just stay close enough to your artillery so that if they pass by you can react quickly and defend it. The only problem with this strategy is luck, you have to stay hidden in a good place, where enemy scouts will pass through, and you have to consider your escape routes carefully. Another luck factor here is some teams have PIV’s as scouts, and those can really put a stop to your fun in no time. Learn to identify targets, and be sure to read the descriptions before your start firing away at em.

Friendly Artillery Defender: Not a bad role, and can be fun if the other team has competent hunter/killers. Basically position yourself between your artillery and any route not covered by the bulk of your forces in their advance run. Make sure you can communicate with your artillery, especially the one you’re not directly defending, so that they can aid in destroying any would-be artillery killers… it is in their best interest too. Not many battles have a lot of communication, but I find it that letting people know what I’m doing is not a bad thing, disregarding the occasional retarded fellow with a smart-ass comment.


Upgrade to the highest penetration gun possible. Depending on the role you want to assume, you can change to a higher damage role, in case you’re only firing at light tanks, for instance.

Ammo: HE or AP:
I usually stick to AP. Penetration is everything for a medium tank, without penetration, nothing happens.

Upgrade Priority:

Engine > Track > Radio > Gun

Additional Tactics:

– Speed is your only friend: When scouting, moving in for the kill on an artillery piece or battling light tanks, speed will be the most important issue, keep moving fast and you’re likely to survive.
– Environmental Awareness: When setting up an ambush, remember your lowly tank is not a Tiger, you may have to escape, or move from incoming artillery fire, watch your surroundings and keep an eye out for trees and other obstacles, as it will make you cry if you almost got away from a bad ambush only to be destroyed because a tree slowed your escape.
– DONT SHOOT: Do not fire at anything that you’re not at least 60% sure you can penetrate. I will include a list of “viable” targets further down.
– Shoot the tracks: If you can, it is always a good idea to immobilize your enemy, either so you can escape or so you can maneuver to his 6 o’clock, shooting the tracks takes practice, but it works. Also, if you find yourself involved in a battle you cant win, at least help your team by disabling the tracks on a heavy or medium tank, plus you’ll get the bonus for damaging them.

List of Viable Targets, with details:

– Light Tanks:
Your gun should be able to penetrate most, if not all light tanks. Shoot the tracks to make them easier to shoot at, also, fire at them with HE shots to see a nice fireworks display.
SPECIAL CASE: LEOPARD: The Leopard is a menace, its very fast and packs a huge punch, a Leopard will give you a run for your money if you are not careful. Disable the tracks and fire at
its back with HE shots.

– Medium Tanks:
– PZIII: It can damage another PZIII, but be careful, if you shoot its front armor while your enemy is hitting your rear armor, he will win.
Also, the best spot to shoot them at is the fuel tank, on the back, close to the tracks.
– PZIV: Only hits on the tracks and hits from the back will damage a PZIV with upgrades.
– T28: You can damage and kill a T28, but he hits harder than you.
– VK3601: You can damage a VK from the back and if you’re lucky from the sides. The KWK37 Gun is wonderful for this role, high damage and enough Penetration.
– Marder II: You can damage a Marder from any side, especially the back and sides, and as any other tank I would suggest hitting from the back.
– T34: You can damage a T34, but they can hit harder than you and have a lot more armor.
– Luchs: You can damage a Luchs, it basically has greater firepower than you, but less armor.
– VK3001: You can damage it, but if it hits you you are dead.

– Tank Destroyers:
– Hetzer: You can damage it from the back, which is exactly where you want to be shooting from. NEVER be in front of one of these or any other tank killer for that matter.
– Stug III: One of the squishier TK’s… kill it from the sides and back.
– Anything higher than a StugIII you cant damage unless you hit the tracks.

– Artillery, you can damage all types of artillery, but some of the higher tier ones you can only damage from the back.

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