Wizardry Online Tips and Advice

Wizardry Online Tips and Advice by Miut and Others

  1. Read all the help files accessed by hitting the H key.
  2. Hold down the Ctrl key to drag icons around the hotbars.
  3. Delete unsellable items by dragging them to the Trash Can at the bottom of NPC Merchant windows or by just pulling them out of your inventory and dropping them on the ground
  4. Health fountains will heal you and also level you up if you have the required XP. Each fountain only allows five drinks, but leaving the dungeon and re-entering will reset the counter.
  5. Always talk to an Adventuring Guild NPC and accept every quest available before going into the dungeons. It is not fun to realize that those 30 beetles you killed (and got nothing for….) had a quest that rewards 1,500g and you didn’t pick it up before you left town. I haven’t seen a limit to the number of quests you can accept so just always get them all.
  6. Block often.
  7. If you’re a fighter, hold Shift the entire fight. Press your abilities while holding shift (fastest way to get back to block in the event you and the mob swing around the same time).
  8. Look for mob attack patterns. So far in the sewers every mob attacks then you have time to swing twice or use one ability, then it attacks.
  9. Let your GP refill. If it runs out, you get knocked back, plus you can’t block for too long of a time.
  10. Do not sell your Kraken Coins you get early on. You’ll need them later.
  11. In Golden Dragon Ruins make sure to take notes.
  12. Identification prices are relevant to the quality of the item. Selling items unidentified will often yield a higher profit than identifying and selling, so if you know the stuff is lower level or unusable just sell it without identifying.
  13. The Scrooge Beetle just past where you find the doll in the Sewers is a pain to kill because he moves around a lot but he drops 500 gold. A good piece of change to get you started. There is another Scrooge Beetle further in, too.
  14. The command section has a collection of hotkeys and macros for use in a party. Drag them onto your hotbar over the emotes you don’t frequently use.
  15. If you like chatting and don’t use textese to do so, in your key binding, unbind the apostrophe NOW. :)
  16. When traveling in foggy or dark areas, tap TAB as you look around to help spot mobs that might not be readily visible.
  17. When affected by chest traps, your character may sometimes be taken out of combat mode. Be sure to reenter combat mode as soon as you can, especially if mobs are around.
  18. A monster corpse that you don’t have permission to loot will become publicly lootable after a certain amount of time has passed.
  19. Every non-hostile NPC in a dungeon exists for a reason.
  20. There is a return to town command with a 12-hour timer. Add it to your hotbar for emergency use.
  21. I’ve found that in the case of certain enemies it’s a good idea to target them to ‘lock on’, however in certain cases (I’ve found especially so with some larger enemies) you’ll find some more success in keeping your freedom of movement, getting behind them and slashing them. When you’re locked, sidesteps and backpedalling is quite a bit slower.
  22. Click every corpse. Just get into the habit of it. Half the time I forgot to notice if the cursor goes red. (For the first half week in beta I didn’t know I could loot corpses)
    Talk to every npc and search everything. just make sure you have full health and a way to heal when you do
  23. Partying is better than soloing.
  24. If you’re going to attempt to disarm a trapped chest, warn other other players in the vicinity. It kind of sucks taking massive AOE damage through no fault of your own.
    Never open a chest without having Full HP, unless you are a thief =P
  25. Say hi to criminals. They might not kill you if you are polite. Kind of a catch 22. Some criminals will say hi and are friendly… But others will attack you when you wasting precious type typing. That time to type hi, might get you paralyzed or slept. Then you are screwed. If anything, criminal should initiate talks if you want for the best outcome. For a player who is not used to PvP or sees a PKer, they automatically assume the worse and either flee, call for help, or attack with their group.
  26. If you plan to do a lot of outdoor grinding, it’s smart to make a thief alt and park it right next to your main to open treasure chests
  27. Keep most of your gold in the bank. You’ll only need a handful to heal when you’re out on adventures, so what you keep in the bank will still be there for you if you die for real.
  28. Sprint to jump further. You’ll need to do this to get around some areas.
  29. As a fighter, try to learn the attack pattern of the monsters. They often make a quick gesture or sound before they strike, and that’s your cue to block. Preserving your health is key to survival!
  30. Don’t waste OD running around. Save it for combat.
  31. Don’t be a criminal if you can’t defend yourself. Everyone and their mothers will want a piece of you.
  32. I just figured out that canceling your last swing into shield blocking (e.g. sword and shield) actually starts up your next attack faster for some races/gender.
  33. You can make a new character to redo some missions for their rewards. For example you can farm Kraken Coins by doing the quest given to you by the NPC in the first dungeon’s dark zone and storing them in the Cloak Room.
  34. You don’t need to worry about attaining high Bonus Points at character creation. When you change classes all your stats will reset to level 1 and you’ll need to redo your roll. Save it for the final job change that’s worth keeping.
  35. Entering a room will grant you invisibility and invincibility from monsters and traps for approximately ten seconds. Use this time to get a headstart on where you need to go. Activating a recovery fountain or bed also loses aggro from any pursuing monsters.
  36. Always Repair Weapon every time you exit a dungeon, it is really bad for your weapon to break while in the middle of a dungeon packed with monsters. If you have no weapon it takes forever to win even a small battle, and a big risk of dying.
  37. Activate every (!) soulstatue in your way through the dungeons
  38. You can crouch to avoid fire trap, the little tower. Since you’re crouching the fire won’t reach you. (Default key to crouch is X, while weapon sheathed)
  39. If you have the items to spare to ensure resurrection after you die dont you might want to *search around* a bit, you could find the extra soul material you need special items and skill resets in the quotapy temple
  40. I know this goes without saying but someone will do it sooner or later always leave what you dont use in your cloak room, even excess gold just in case you get lost. i dont know about anyone else but I’d rather if I have to start over with a pockets over flowing with gold then losing everything thanks to someone who got the best of me. I rarely take more then just a few camps and my gear into a dungeon
  41. You can choose to re-roll your bonus points or to keep them as is. If you choose to keep them as is then they cannot be redistributed to other stats. For example this means that the 20 bonus points you put into STR and VIT cannot be used on INT and PIE instead.
  42. You are still vulnerable to guards and other players while interacting with this NPC (criminals beware!).
  43. You get a bonus stat point and skill point for every 10 levels you have attained as the current class before changing. For example a level 19 thief can allocate 1 additional stat point during class change and 1 additional skill point after changing classes.
  44. You can carry over skills from your current class into your new one. The number of skills you can carry over and the total level of the combined skills you carry over are limited by your Soul Rank. For example at SR6 you can carry over 3 skills and a combined level of 6.
  45. You can only carry over skills of that current level. For example if you have level 7 heal on your priest, it’s not possible to adjust it later on to bring over level 5 instead. This means you’re out of luck if the combined level of the skills you want to inherit is over the allowed combined level limit.
  46. The permit you have is not consumed until after you make the final confirmation to change classes so feel free to play around a bit if interested.
  47. If you have to AFK for a certain period of time, stand by a Guard; people are less reluctant to attack you in town if you happen to be standing next to a Guard.
  48. Chest are great way to remove kill stealing people who screw with your farming…You can kill them and not become a criminal.

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