Wizardry Online Missions List

Wizardry Online Missions List by Jung

Mission LevelMission NameExperienceGoldMonsters to Hunt
Caligrase Sewer
1Beetle Infestation50250Beetle (20)
2Scum of the Underground150450Highwayman (5)
3Head of the Gang200600Lumberjack (5)
4Kobold Hunt4001900Kobold (10)
Kaoka Ruins
4The Walking Plants200650Hydra Plant (15)
5Caution, Insects300850Black Fly (10)
6Kobold Hunt 27002400Kobold (20)
Deltis Keep
5Beetle Infestation 25001400Beetle (20)
6Scum of the Underground 29002300Rogue (10)
Highwayman (10)
6Mad Soldiers11001900Novice Fighter (10)
6Wicked12002600Magician (10)
Golden Dragon Ruins
7Revenge to Demihumans10001900Gargoyle (5)
Gargoyle Archer (5)
7Breaking Dolls16002300Clay Golem (10)
8The DemiHero17002000Zule Warrior (10)
8Ugly Meat18002100Shock Trooper (5)
Chikor Castle
9Screams of the Departed13002300Rotting Corpse (10)
Scavenger (10)
9The Dreaded Moving Statues14002400Living Statue (5)
10Execute the Executioner15003100Butcher (3)
Aria Waterways
10Beetle Infestation 320003500Venom Beetle (20)
10Blow the Fog Away22003200Poison Mist (10)
11The Cold Goblin28004800Killer Coin (15)
11Mad Cow of the Underground48005300Buffalo (8)
Temple of Oblivion
12Demon Paradise58005500Demon Imp (20)
12Flying Statues90006900Gargoyle (8)
12Dance with a Spirit of the Dead70006400Possession (15)
13Phantombuster90007200Phantom (20)
13Demon Hell82007000Flaming Imp (20)
13A gray Ghost65007500Gray Spirit (15)
Old Sewers
15Kobold Hunt 350009700Kobold Soldier (15)
15Screams of the Departed Return700014100Bloody Marble (20)
15Sewer Ways Cleaning500011400Black Widow (15)
15Sewer Ways Cleaning 2500012500Stinger (15)
15Sewer Ways Cleaning 3700010900Eraser (20)
16Mad Soldiers 23500019600Daredevil (50)
16Revenge of the Demihumans 21600016900Zule Fighter (30)
16Demihuman’s Sabatt4000031800Bison Head (10)
Silver Pack (40)
17Sewer Thieves4000022200Barbarian (10)
Bushwacker (40)
17Wicked 260009300Practicus (10)
Dragoon Ruins
19The Dreaded Carnivorous Plants4500033500Mana Plant (30)
19The Heartless Guardian1300021900Guardian Nick (10)
19Ancient Spirit1600020300Spirit (20)
19Ugly Lump of Food6150031800Big Sergeant (35)
19Ruins Defense Soldier3340062000Night Watch (30)
21Twilight Visitors2200051100Lesson Demon (10)

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