Wizardry Online Dungeon Riddles Answers Guide

Wizardry Online Dungeon Riddles Answers Guide by GrandTickler

Dragon Ruins info:

Statue First Floor Answers

1st: Left Hand, Twin Fish
2nd: Right Hand, Horn
3rd: Left Arm, Water Bottle

4th: Right Arm, Magic Brush
5th: Left Foot, Fantasy Book
6th: Right Foot, Magic Mirror

7th: Abdominal cavity, Blue Flame Mask
8th: In Breast(chest), Crown
9th: Top of head(crown), Cloak(overcoat), Wings

Final Statue First floor Answers

1. Left Hand + Twin Fish
2. Right Hand + Horn
3. Left Arm + Water Bottle
4. Right Arm + Magic Brush
5. left Foot + Fantasy Book
6. Right Foot + Magic Mirror
7. Abdominal Cavity + Mask
8. Breast(chest) + Crown
9. Top of head(crown) + Cloak(overcoat)

Statue Second Floor Answers

Wind: Merryweather
Water: Gnightkite
Earth: Bareaux Bareaux
Fire: Leadinslaw
Gravity: Qushawf
Cold: Hiareit
Knowledge: Fir Elin
Born From Blood: Dragoons

1. Merryweather + Qushawf
2. Hiareit + Leadinslaw
3. Gnightkite + Bareaux Bareaux

Talk to Ghost Titanis
Talk to final statue
Talk to Ghost Titanis Again.
Go back to floor one and talk to Ghost Overon
Find Black Box in a pile of rubble on second floor near stairs.
Go to final boss

Aria Reservoir Info:

2nd floor First boss room Answers

Black Knight First acted correctly
Moonstone Knight killed for friends glory
Red Knight didnt shed any blood
Shining gem knight gets to be king

oblivion temple Info:

1st floor First boss room Answers

The first elements were Light(LUX) and Dark(LEX)
The next elements were Air(YEA) Ground(ALF) Water(DAL) Fire(FUR) Wind(TER)
The last element was Color Modification(RIN)

2nd floor First boss room Answers

Porkus + Titans = Ground
Dwarves + Mooks = Fire
Gnomes + Felbas = Water
Elfs + Faeries = Wind
Human + Rawulf = Air

2nd floor Second boss room Answers

Mach Issam=Porkul
Miur Cho = Fearie
Organ = Titan
Qoo = Felba
Terja Varaya = Mook

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