Wizardry Online Criminal Tips

Wizardry Online Criminal Tips by Spookimitsu

I spent some time complaining about the inability to get around the hero square as a criminal (which is necessary to Rank up in the temple, as well as access other hub areas for questing purposes) but I may have been hasty in that regards, you can still get around, you just have to be mindful of the guards around you.

There are two types of guards, the roaming guards, and the posted guards. If they see you they WILL give chase and stab you, and its .off to the stripey hole once again. However, if you are careful you can still elude the fuzz.

Firstly, make sure you can dash. If you are thf, and you have stealth it is apparently even easier. If you are too heavy to dash, take off gear until you can.

Posted guards are easier to elude, just wait for them to turn their back to you before you proceed. I still wouldnt get to close, and don’t linger if you can help it. Try to stick to the back alleys (you are a criminal, after all) but keep an eye out for the roaming patrols.

For instance, if you need to get to the Temple from the slums, there is optimally only two guards you need to dash past. The first posted guard south to the auction center is easy to pass by, you dont even need to dash past him. Stick to the western path (your right if you are headed south). At the next intersection, the posted guard WILL stab you if you dont dash past him. keep going until you cant hear him behind you, and if no guards are blocking your path, you can recharge your OD behind the Temple. Should be pretty to get inside from there, just keep your wits about you and mind your environment.

Oh yeah, don’t go in the inn, the innkeeper will call the guards on you.

Of course, if you don’t do ANY crimes, you can just walk around freely. Just sayin’. See you in jail.

Regarding getting to the Ministry:

Its actually easy to get to the ministry, you really only need to sneak past the one guard who is posted near the tavern. Just wait until his back is to the ally way and then dash past, it should be easy to reach the bazaar and the docks from there. Of course, make sure no roaming guards are near you. I was able to go to the docks, the ministry and the weapons shop in the bazaar that way.

Beware, though there are guards IN the ministry as well. It may be best if you go by yourself. Good luck.

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