Wartune VIP Membership System Introduction

Wartune VIP Membership System Introduction by R2CS_Pat

The Wartune VIP membership is a monthly subscription, available for $7.99 a month. The Wartune VIP system is broken into nine different levels, each with separate benefits and bonuses. All VIP members start as VIP 1, with the opportunity to grow to higher VIP levels, ultimately providing more bonuses. VIP growth points are required when upgrading to higher VIP levels. You receive 10 VIP growth points for every day you are a VIP. For every 100 Balens consumed, you will also earn 1 VIP growth point. Below displays the benefits and bonuses of each VIP level:

  • Exclusive Castle Appearance – Stand out from the crowd with a new castle appearance, only available for VIP players!
  • VIP Daily Quests – Receive a variety of daily quests just for VIP players, each offering unique and special rewards.
  • VIP Weekly Gift Packs – Looking for more gifts and prizes? Receive exclusive weekly gift packs, filled with surprises!
  • VIP Tokens – With these tokens, you’ll be able to test your luck with the VIP Wheel, where all sorts of items are up for grabs.
  • Bonus EXP – Receive bonus experience battling monsters and by complete campaigns!
  • Automatic Check-in – Tired of having to manually check-in everyday? With automatic check-in, you don’t have to worry about that.
  • Increased Friend Limit – Is your friend’s list full? Upgrade to VIP 3 or higher and you’ll receive a higher friend’s list capacity.
  • Devotion Bonus – Need that extra devotion boost to help you with the Daily Tasks? Earn devotion bonuses each and every day!
  • Bonus Kyanite from Plunder – Looking for more motivation to plunder your enemy’s cities? Receive additional Kyanite with every plunder!
  • 1-Click Astral Capture – Tired of having to capture all those Astrals? Reach VIP 5 or higher and you’ll be able to capture them all with just one click!
  • More Alchemy Attempts – Running low on Gold? Take advantage of these additional Alchemy attempts and exchange your Balens for Gold.
  • More Mystery Shop Attempts – Looking for more great deals? Make use of the Mystery Shop with additional attempts!
  • Less Honor Loss In-Battle – Lady luck not on your side in-battle? With this benefit, you’ll only lose a fraction of (or any!) Honor when losing in-battle.

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