Wartune Preventing Plunder Using Gold Guide

Wartune Preventing Plunder Using Gold Guide by R21982395

First of all, in the Wartune Game, Gold is one of the important resources that can be used in many purposes.

Gold used in the ff:

1. Finding Astrals in Astro – to earn more gold and extend finding astrals, try to sell misfortune and green astrals which cost you about 1200-3600 gold per astrals. You can pick only blue, purple and gold astrals to use or to extract for experience. If the gold turns to less than 20k gold, you can’t find astrals anymore.

2. Enchanting weapon – as you can see, the higher level of equipment you upgrade, the more expensive the gold you spend. Maybe about +8 or higher makes a lot of pain to spend gold. Try to use luck stones to prevent enchantment failures.

3. Constructing Buildings – if you are in a higher level, the amount of gold spend is higher and higher too. Try to construct any buildings if you have gold to spend. If you have a lots of gold and you want to construct more buildings, make sure you have many vouchers ready to spend to save time.

Vouchers are usually got from:

a. Tree of Ancients
b. Duel
c. Mystery Box

4. Buying seeds in farm shop – it is important; that’s why you must have remaining gold to reserve for seeds when you farm.

5. Recruiting troops – even in only small amount, make sure that you must recruit troops as early as possible and maximize populations. Populations depends on the level of cottages you have constructed.

6. Recycling and Synthesizing – if you have excess of green or higher items, usually you recycle it for refinement stones, and if you have items to combine for powerful items, that’s for synthesizing. It spends gold also.


Now, let’s proceed in guide on how to save gold from plunderer.

You cannot avoid people who try to plunder your city but there are ways to save your gold against them. Plunder gold rewards 10% of your current gold.
(Example: You have 100k gold and you plundered by some players stronger than you, it will reduced 10k gold which is 10% of 100k gold)

1. If you have golds, spend it one by one using my guides on top, that is in order.

2. Use “City Protection Token” – which is buyable at the shop or try to find it in mystery box.

3. Make your character stronger – that’s why other players has a chance to lose against you. This is one way that some people stops to plunder you.

4. Be aware of transferring world maps – the higher level of maps that you transferred, the more dangerous people you encountered to plunder you when you attacked or being attacked.

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