Wartune Newbie Tips Guide

Wartune Newbie Tips Guide by ejdark

First of all you need to choose your character:
Knight:HP(high) PDEF(high) PATK(high) CRIT(low) MDEF(low) MATK(low) BLOCK(med)
Archer:HP(med) PDEF(med)PATK(high) CRIT(high) MDEF(low) MATK(low) BLOCK(low)
Mage:HP(med) PDEF(low) PATK(low) CRIT(low) MDEF(high) MATK(high) BLOCK(low)

Every class needs to improve this asap:
Knight: HP>PATK>PDEF>MDEF>CRIT HP: you can survive long in world boss
Archer: PATK>CRIT>PDEF>HP>MDEF PDEF: if your opponent using physical attack, and very helpful when doing forgotten catacombs
Mage: MATK>HP>MDEF>PDEF>CRIT MDEF: also very helpful when doing forgotten catacombs you can face monster doing magic attack
PATK: for both knight and archer to take advantage in arena
CRIT: incredible damage
ok for leveling up, just follow the tutorial up to level 25 and its easy to level up to 30. And for every Level you can unlock:
Level 1 = 1st skill
Level 3 = 2nd skill
Level 4 = inventory
Level 5 = City (Town Hall, Barracks, Cottage)
Level 6 = your first enter to Resource Quarry, Friends (make friends asap they will help you doing Farm)
Level 7 = Skill(you can distribute your first skill points for any skill you want)
Level 8 = Troop Upgrade, Plunder other City
Level 9 = Warehouse
Level 10 = Starter Pack 10 w/ 2hrs VIP, Blacksmith, Shop
Level 11 = You can now Transfer in Autaric Plains, Farm, Tree of Ancients, Daily’s
Level 12 = Guild
Level 13 = Arena
Level 15 = Starter Pack 15, Socket, Synthesis
Level 17 = Bounty Hall
Level 18 = Academy
Level 19 = Refine, Recycle
Level 20 = Your 1st multi-player dungeon at Hall of Heroes, World Boss, AFK Mode
Level 21 = Altar of Ennoblement (you can enter here if you’re out of stamina)
Level 22 = PVP Battle
Level 23 = Forgotten Catacombs
Level 24 = Gold Refinery
Level 25 = Astro Gathering, you can claim Saliora will bless thee w/ epic lvl 30 weapon in Event Prizes
Level 27 = Homestead (Not Implemented yet)
Level 30 = you can claim All of Balenor will Rejoice w/ lvl 35 Epic Weapon(set option) also in Event Prizes
Level 35 = Daru Engraving
Level 40 = Best Troops in Wartune now KNIGHT & ANGEL

Buildings need to upgrade asap
Town Hall(Same level of your Character)
Barracks(Same level of your character)
Academy(Same of your level also, it will help you to boosts the stats of your character)
Cottage(for the number of your population
Gold Refiner(it will help you Levied more gold in your Town Hall)

Items Need to Sell and need to save:
VIP Trial Card = save it you dont have money to buy 1 month VIP
Green Name Equipment = its better to recycle this than to sell
Blue Name Equipment = recycle in blacksmith
Epic/Violet Name Equipment = recycle or sell it
Exp scroll x2 = save it, use this if you are level 38+
Crypt Key = use this if you can finish the forgotten catacombs up to floor 35+
Crypt Token = don’t waste this, need this to buy epic equipment with set option in Forgotten Catacomb Shop, buy only level 30+ equips.
Soul Crystal = you can use this once you reached lvl 35, requirements for daru engraving
Socketing Rod = use this for you’re epic items lvl 35+
Insignia = use to buy epic items in arena shop
MATK Gems = sell it if you’re a knight or archer
PATK Gems = sell it if you’re a mage

How can I get Gold?
Gold is needed for Upgrading Buildings, Enhancing Equipment, Astral, Recruiting Troops

First you Need to upgrade your Town Hall and your Gold Refine.
Second in the WILDS you need to get Gold Resources higher than your level if you can.
Third is Farming plant Superior Gold Seed every 4hrs is better than 1hr.
Fourth is Academy there’s a technology in your academy that can increase your gold when you levying.
Fifth is World Boss, damage the boss as you can, the higher damage the more gold you can earn, you can claim more gold once your damage dealth in boss is reached 1% and if your lucky, if you do the last strike you can claim 1m gold.
Sixth is Arena rewards every 3days the better your rank the better gold you can receive.
Seventh Plunder the other City same of your level or higher than your level if you can, there’s a chance you can get more gold if you do that.
Eight is Daily’s or Daily Quests.
Ninth is Bounty Quest, the high rank of your bounty the more gold you can get.
Last is in your Guild Skill the Gold Boost, or in Guild Blessing.
Tips: use your gold in Astro once you already upgrade your buildings and enhance your equipment.

How can I get Daru?
Daru is need to upgrade the level of your troops. The higher level of your troops is the high advantage in battle

First is Farming, plant Superior Daru Seed.
Second once you reached level 28 you can solo the dungeon Duskin Arena. 2 tombs here that can get 7.5k up to 15k daru each.
Third is the Multiplayer Dungeon The Graveyard. There’s a 3 tombs in that dungeon and if you are lucky you can get a total of 45k daru.
Forth is World Boss the higher damage the high daru can receive.
Fifth is Arena Rewards, the better rank the high daru receive.
Sixth is in WILDS attack and defeat all the Managog you can see in your map, you can get lvl. 1 Daru Pearl that contain 1k daru each

How can I get Kyanite?
Kyanite is used to upgrade the technology in your Academy. Both Players and Troops has a chance to boost their stats.

First is your Tree of Ancient harvest it everyday.
Second Plunder the other City same of your level or higher than your level.
Third is Solo dungeon.

How can I level up Fast?
Leveling up is easy up to Level 25 because of the Quest Tutorial.
Use Exp Scroll 50%, you can get this once your Devotion Reached 45.

First is Daily’s.
Second Solo Dungeon.
Third is Multi-Player Dungeon.
Fourth is Arena.
Fifth is Bounty Quest.
Sixth is become a VIP because of the extra 50% exp.
Seventh is Farm Plant Superior’s leveler’s Seed.
Last is Forgotten Catacombs.

How can I Become Strong?
You need to upgrade your Passive Skills
Upgrade your Barracks and your Troops
Upgrade the Technology in your Academy that Fits in your Character
Upgrade your Guild Skill asap don’t waste your contribution Points.
Use Socketing Rod once you have level 30+ Epic Equips
Socket Gem That Fits in your Character.
Refine your Equipment until you satisfy for their stats.(10 star points if possible)
Astral sell all green, save all blue, keep or use all purple, use all orange if you have.
Ex. Knight needed this = PATK(purple/orange), PDEF(purple/orange), HP(purple/orange) or MDEF(purple/orange) switching is good.
need to keep this CRIT(purple/orange), MDEF(purple/orange), AEGIS(purple/orange)
Upgrade your Astral with Blue, Purple(if you don’t need this), Orange(if you don’t need this).

How can I get Insignia and Honor Points?
Like I said Insignia used to purchase epic equipment with set option in Arena Shop
Honor Points: Max Honor you can gain per day is 3000
Level 1 = Commoner Level 6 =Crusader
Level 2 = Private Level 7 = Knight Crusader
Level 3 = Champion Level 8 = Elite Crusader
Level 4 = Warrior Level 9 = High Commander
Level 5 = Elite Warrior Level 10 = Lord Divine

First place you can get both insignia and honor points is by participating the event Battle Ground.
Second is in Multi-Player Arena but you can only get insignia here.

And the most important part here is to ENJOY PLAYING WARTUNE..

I Hope you like and enjoy this guide.
Thanks and Good Luck to All,

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