Wartune Mage World Boss Build Guide

Wartune Mage World Boss Build Guide by ProNab

Best World Boss Build (If you have double skill tree it works well as a secondary Option, or even as a Main if you don’t mind the lack of heals) so let’s get started:

Heart Elemental: Lv.2 +2 Rage Per Attack (Bonus Rage is always Good+ Leads to Mana Master)

Mana Master: Lv.3 Magic Attack Boost of 15% (You need All the Matk you can Get During WB)

Lightning Bolt: Lv.4 108%+75 Magic Damage To A Single Enemy (Rage Builder During The Fight)

Rain of Fire: Lv.4 134% Magic Damage To All Enemies (QTE: 25% Bonus) This Will Be Side Skill While Our “Main” Skill Is On CD

Delphic Thunder Frenzy: Lv.2 (You’ll Never Use It Except Maybe for a Campaign,Multi or BG, just leads to our “Main” Skill)

Thunderer: Lv.3 This will be The Skill you will Spam As Often As Possible, Deals 275%+180 magic damage to a random enemy, 50% to reduce enemy cast speed (skill cast speed) by 100%, lasts 2 turns.

Castinator: Lv.2 8% chance to reduce rage consumption of next skill by 20 points. (for 8% it procs pretty oftenly and will help save mana everytime you cast Thundereror other rage consuming skills)

Breakdown: Bolt= Main Rage Builder, Build enough to cast Thunderer, if you have lv.40 rings they will be helpful as when they proc they will reduce the rage cost by 40% of total value (that’s almost half) which is a lot on Thunderer, If Castinator procs that works wonderfully as well saving you tons of Rage while spamming these skills, pretty simple, aside from that you just double hit whenever possible, double hitting can be done with ANY skill, when damage appears overhead you or your troops and “JUST AS IT STARTS TO FADE” hit the desired Skill 100% certainty and self-tested unless ya lag TERRIBLY!

Troops: I Use Angels Since I’m not a WB Build, But Troops Preferred for WB Builds would be Knights. As Much A I Despise Them they are the preferred choice simply for their “damage”

Astrals: For a Mage ANYTHING that can possible increase overall damage while Maintaining survivability: Matk/Disable Crit/”X” % Damage Reduction/Evade/Dodge Dmg Astral/Crit Astral/Hp/Mdef/Pdef <– Any Mix Will Do all depends on you, I’d reccomend Matk/Disable/”X” % damage Reduc (it’s a 100% sure, better then relying on % chance to dodge an entire hit)/and last doesn’t rlly matter

What The Skill Tree Should Look Like:

Lv.40 World Boss Build

P.S. If You Have Not Noticed By Now, Most Of My Guides Revolve Around Lv.40

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  1. Miklos says:

    Thanks for this guide! I tested it.
    I can’t use double attack while using Thunderer. Double attack works for me only with Ligthning.
    However, the above setup was still about 20% better dps than my previous setup.
    While the screen was still loading, I used Thunderer for first attack. This is when you can’t use double atk anyway. Then I spammed lightning for double attack for the whole fight, regaining rage. Rinse and repeat. This was the most efficient damage output for me.

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