Wartune Mage PvP (Anti Archer/Knight) Guide

Wartune Mage PvP (Anti Archer/Knight) Guide by ProNab

Lightning Bolt: Lv.4 108%+75 Magic Damage To A Single Enemy (Pretty Basic Solid Skill, But Mainly Used To Get Our Next Skill Which is RoF)

Rain of Fire: Lv.4 134% Magic Damage To All Enemies (QTE: 25% Bonus) <– This Will be your main and only saving grace (can be compared to an archer’s Multi-shot though not AS hard hitting, but pretty damn close if your Matk is pretty high compared to the enemy’s Patk, plus…it hits ALL Enemies,works wonders in 1v1 clearing enemy troops with little to no effort at all while at the same time damaging the opponent with some serious “Ouchie~” watch enemies in Arena 3v3 QQ about it) It’s…*sniffles* Wonderful!!!! And The Low Rage Cost…Mwuah~ Superb.

Heart Elemental: Lv.2 +2 Rage Per Attack (Cuz we need Mana Master Duh)

Mana Master: Lv.3 Magic Attack Boost of 15% (Such Wonderful Wonderful Magic)

Restoration: Lv.3 Restore HP equivalent to 65% +200 of magic damage to the teammate with the smallest percentage of hp (QTE: Adds 10% Dmg Reduction for 2 turns, unsure wether this works right or not but the skill is pretty nice and can heal well into the 4k’s…again, just wonderful)

Healing Empowerment: Lv.2 Healing Ability Boost of 8% + 20% Magic Defense Boost (Allows you to focus more on that Pdef <3)

Sunturia: Lv.3 Adds regen buff to all teammates that restores 4% of MAX Hp with every attack, Lasts 5 Turns. (Will Level it to 2 on my next skill point simply because at lv.2 you get QTE which adds 2 more turns of healing and the % raises to 5% If you have over 10k HP that’s already 500+ Hp Per Atk!!!)

Damnation: Lv.3 2500 Fixed Damage (Bypasses Defenses and makes Opponent take 10% more damage for 5 Turns, VERY Useful Againat Other Mages with High Mdef) Focus on this LASTLY

Atm I am Lv.48 (Working On My Way to 50, Planning on Getting Castinator After) Try out this build and supply feedback on how it works for you ^^


P.S. (Troop Count COUNTS For A Mage, I Use Angels With Beefed Up Academy)


Update: The Following will be 2 skill sets for those Lv.50 Cashers 1st will be a PvP Build Exclusively for PvP/Arena Only, 2ndary will be an overall Dungeon Supporter (Including for that dreadful lv.50) to the best of my ability (too lazy to give reasons so i’ll just lay out the skills) and

PvP Build:

Heart Elemental: 2/2

Mana Master: 3/3

Lightning Bolt: 4/5

Rain of Fire: 4/5

Delphic Thunder Frenzy: 1/3 *just for thunderer*

Thunderer: 2/4 *good for BG/Arena if you spend enough time building it/World Boss Use*

Restoration: 2/3 *just for heal empower*

Healing Empowerment: 2/2 *cuz you wanna guard against other possible mages*

Castinator: 2/2 *Fool be the one who doubts this Hidden Gem*

Meteoric Destroyer: 3/4 *helps in 3v3 and incinerates enemies right after a good RoF*

Skill Hotbar: Lightning Bolt – Rain Of Fire – Meteoric Destroyer – Thunderer – (your choice of delphic or Restore use it accordingly, example during BG if ya have enough rage and whatnot or restore in case of 1v1/3v3 or w/e be smart about it -.- don’t have me think of every possible scenario) I Excluded the 3 points that could have gone to Damnation towards Thunderer simply because it serves as a good pvp skill and has world boss purposes

Lv.50 PvP Exclusive

Dungeon Support:

Heart Elemental: 2/2

Mana Master: 3/3 *cuz healings still depend on Matk*

Lightning Bolt: 2/5 (just a rage builder, we need to conserve points)

Restoration: 3/3 *decent heal but mainly for our last heal*

Heal Empowerment: 2/2 *cuz Mdef and xtra hp recovery is always good*

Suntoria: 3/3 *for our last heal skill and not half bad*

Castinator: 2/2 *again i’ts a Hidden Gem, do not underestimate it’s usefulness Specially for that lv.50 MD* (MD= Multi-Dungeon)

Meteoric Destroyer: 3/4 *we’ll max it when possible and takes the place of RoF, again, with Castinator and the lv.50 Ring sets you’ll pull these off with no trouble at all, you’re a casher right? get tons of crypt keys for them tokens*

Purification: 3/3 *Can Be Useful At Times and mainly Gotten just for our Blessed Light*

Blessed Light: Lv.2 (cuz this will be the saving Grace for those in lv.50 dungeon) 110%+400 Magic Damage worth of heals +10 rage to all teammates (including that other mage who’ll pull it off next time boss hits hard, and of course since it’s lv.2 QTE gives 25% xtra hp recovery

Hotbar: Lightning Bolt – Meteoric Destroyer – Suntoria – Blessed Light – (your choice of restore or purification)

Lv.50 All Rounder

Tips: have 2 mages and w/e can deal high dps, have mages stock up rage when possible (shouldn’t be hard since you’ll be proccing rings and castinators hardly wasting anything), keep up suntoria (have 1 mage time the next suntoria soon as it hits 1-2 turns left on it), suntoria may only provide slight healing but when played with Blessed Light you’ll be glad you got that xtra bit of health (we all know what it’s like to win by hair’s length) anyway, both mages will alternate using Blessed Light and suntoria, if you BELIEVE you will have enough rage, cast Meteoric when possible for xtra dps, but might be better to rely more on the other dpser’s

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