Wartune Mage Non Cash Guide

Wartune Mage Non Cash Guide by Godfathers

Due to my bad connection I decided to write the guide for people who just started to play as the mage and try to save them from my mistakes.
And the first mistake is …. not choosing the archer (joke) But there is the element of truth in this joke).

Now I am 32 lvl non-cash mage. I am from Ukraine , that’s why my English can be not so good. Sorry

Main problems of non-cash players:
– cash players
– Lack of socketing rods! (You will have just 4 socketing rods!) So don’t use them to socket bad equipment!


– Best AOE Skills (no comments)
– Quick dungeon runs (as non-cash player your best friend is timekeeping)
– High magic damage (Mdef of knights and rangers are not so high)
– The best skill animations / Mage-girls are the most beatiful



– Low HP
– Low Pdef
– Very difficult to pass the catacombs till high levels
– Forget to be the top-damager of arena and worldboss (this place is for archers)

Ok, if you’re still looking the guide after Cons, we should get going with your skill build

Idea is very simple – maxing the damage. So don’t waste skill points on heal – max the damage.

And now about the damage

1. Lvl 3 Lighting bolt
106% of MA + 55 + 6 rage


2. Lvl 3 Rain of fire
104% MA + AOE + QTE: Damage boost 25 %


(not very correct screen cause rain of fire hits two times)

3. Lvl 2 Delphic thunder frenzy – just fun skill (80 rage)
225% MA + 320 + AOE (first row) + QTE: Damage boost 25 %


(hits 3 times ~ >3500 dmg)

4. Lvl 2 Thunderer
235% MA + 155 + + QTE: Damage boost 25 %

Why no heal? Heal:

– takes skillpoints;
– takes rage (35);
– takes a turn of fight.

Rune of hp:

– takes a turn of fight.

The amount of heal is almost the same.


Arena’s battle lasts for 2 minutes and it’s enough to use heal rune just one time and kill the opponent with thunderer thats deal at least 2 k damage. Even with heal you will not kill normal archer. So in my opinion using of heal is wasting of skillpoints.

Let’s continue to maxing the damage


What is astro?


No comments


Maybe here is the mistake and you should take HP or PDef. But i don’t regret of taking critical..)) More damage – quicker kill.

And My Precious


Criticals can take your HP down very quick. And this astral gives the chance to win a battle with your own critacals..)

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  1. flower says:

    especially for non casher mages

  2. flower says:

    can U do a guide about sylph ??, cause it is my first time having a sylph and i am so much confused o-O

  3. master says:

    love it………i am a attack mage myself…..and can outlast other players in mp dungeons

  4. gmmbagas009 says:

    saya mau kes Rp.800.000untuk menbeli senjata
    dan baju dan sayap

  5. Cacuga says:

    If you focus on your damage and forget about heal can you tell me how you plan on beat cata bosses and MP dungeons?

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