Wartune Leveling Tips

Wartune Leveling Tips by creedxx

Some lvling Tips..

Hi I am sure most of you already know these, and do these. Just thought of compiling them. More suggestions are always welcomed.

– when you are sure you are gonna be online, use the 1hr exp seeds, harvest them asap to get max exp.

– Just before u decide to log off plant 4hr/12hr exp seeds.

– When stealing crops aim for exp plants and prefer the 4hr plants to steal.

– Also farm land upgrades are you best friend. It reduces the time for production and increases the out. Who wouldnt love some extra exp.

– Try to run Multi player dungeon with same person every day, so as to raise friendship lvl with them. You get bonus exp based on friendship lvl.

– Do the daily devotion quest and redeem the 50% bonus exp scroll.

– Start the multiplayer dungeon when you are sure you can do all five in a row. Pop the 50% bonus scroll just before your team starts to fight the final boss in the first run. That ways the scroll will last for maximum runs.
Note : Balens users can use the 100% exp scroll

– If you have ample time. Wait and accept bounties only blue or better(orange, purple). And neglect green and white.
Note : the exp gained from bouties is in this order Orange>Purple>Blue>Green>White

– Use all 20 arena duel tries, no matter you loose or win. You gain small exp and goodies which u can use later. Like pots and ruins.

– Another good place for exp is cata. You can AFK a few starting lvling. To maximize exp see till what lvl u can AFK and then go manual. Use your pots ruins gained from arena fights here to finish higher lvls.
Note : Balens users can do the run twice.

– Do the highest level single player dungeon you can. If u have excess of 50% / 100% scroll you can also use them here.
Note : if you loose troops put yourself in front. Also 1 troop lost = 1 daru gained.

Hope these helps. Correct me if i am wrong anywhere. And more suggestions are welcomed.

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