Wartune Knight Tank Build Guide

Wartune Knight Tank Build Guide by ProNab

Time For ProNoob’s Version Of Tank Knight, I’ll SUm It Up In “MY PERSONAL” Opinion What Would Be The “PERFECT” Version of A Tank Knight (Must Be At Least Lv.40 as this is meant for Lv.40+ so a Total of 20 Skill Points Will be Used):

Slasher: Lv.1 (Just For Rage Build)

Heart Of Rage: Lv.2 (Who Doesn’t Want +10 rage Per Attack?)

Combat Master: Lv.3 (Yes Even As A Tank Max This…Why?…You Just Do What I Say And You Will Like It!…Seriously…Keep Reading)

Intercept: Lv.2 (Deals 1500 Physical Damage and deducts 40 Rage Points To Front Row Of Enemies (QTE: 10 Extra Rage Reduced For Total of 50), Max This (At lv.3 Intercept Deals 3000 Physical Damage, Requires Lv.44)

Agoran Shield: Lv.2 (QTE Bonus Comes In Handy, Max It)

Shadow Thrasher: Lv.3 Deals 175%+260 Physical Damage To A Single Front Row Enemy (QTE: Adds Bleed Effect of 90 can be stacked 5x and increases in effect per level, Max It)

P.S. Thrasher is why you will level up Combat Master and LOVE IT…because even if you have Lowish PAtk…IT WILL HURT!

Tenacity: Lv.1 Damage Received -3% + Crit Receive Rate -1% (Max It)

Divine Blessing: Lv.2 (Duh!) Pdef/Max Hp/Heal Received All +20%

Enhanced Block: Lv.2 100% Chance To Restore 4% of Max Hp Upon Dodge/Block/Evade (whatever it’s called Just Get it and Follow my guide you little Nooblets and be amazed at the results)

Reverse Damage: Lv.2 (Duh Cuz It’s Just THAT Good) Reflects 500 Dmg (QTE: 25% Bonus for total of 625 reflect) Up to 10x so keep count and refresh when need (Max it, reflects 800 @ Lv.3)

And this is where I Stop…this is all 20 points for Lv.40…If You’re Higher…Continue Maxing Out These Skills Along with “Apollo’s Shield” and you will be the Proest Knight Evurr~~..Unless there are multiple of you, whoever has the better stats wins -.-


Block: “MY” Advice would be Slotting Every Piece Of Equipment With 1 Block Gem (Preferably Lv.3 or higher but if got lv.2’s that might do for a while), Your main focus will be block…why block? because it cuts damage you WOULD HAVE received by roughly 25-30% AND you heal back 4% Max Hp (It’s A Lot if you follow this Guide)

Mdef: This would take 2nd Priority Simply Because Mages Will ANNOY You (Like I Troll Knights who are nabs..I hate the knight’s I’ve shared this build with -.-)

Pdef: 3rd Priority…You don’t wanna lose out in a battle against other archers/knights

HP/Patk: 4th Priority This is just preference, feel free to take up Patk or HP, Though My Personal Suggestion would be HP, if you feel you’re not doing enough damage and want more force, go for Patk, but again..I Suggest HP.

Troops: All I Can Say Is…F**k Knights -.- Go Angels, Place yourself Front, and Angels In center, I have found this formation causes Angels or at the very least has a MUCH Higher Chance for Angels To Spam Heal (They Actually Heal “YOU” Quite Frequently with 2k+ Heals which for a Knight following this guide will be a pain to the Enemy) Up their Troop Count/Troop HP mainly, if got left over go for Troop Pdef/Mdef

Academy: Upgrade All Hero Stats Besides Matk -.-

Guild SKills: Defense>Stamina>Power>Int (Int still increases Mdef +40 per level which is quite a bit)

Reason For My Choices: A Good (Pro) Tank Focuses On It’s Foundations, On It’s Basics…With High Defs…They Will Take A LOT Less Damage…With Block…You Constantly Heal It Back Whilst Doing Damage (Thrasher/Intercept), Angels Will Keep You Alive, And Long Story Short..You WIll Love It

P.S. If You Knights Want My Take On World Boss Guide Build…Inbox Me with IGN/Server and Ask “NICELY!~”

P.P.S. Making This Nice And Colorful And Typing It All Down…30-40 Mins..Praise Me Bishes~ -.-

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6 Responses

  1. SERBERUS says:

    I just want to say thanks,You’ve been a big help, i just wish others that are able to help would do so. Thanks again.

  2. A s u n a says:

    agree wih dangly, this is the worst
    the main set of warrior is going as a tank, so people will make it as tank as thy can,
    once you lose on cash, you lost everything,
    try to create a different thing, not as a tank, but as a fast killer, you didnt give us astral info though..

    for lv 50, i prefer legendary set (fast rage) with
    double delphic, (yes i use them both) , whirlwind, ultimate slasher, intercept/agoran

    nobody stand those two delphic combo :p
    (use enhance delphic first for bonus rage )

  3. cucuruchu says:

    yo brother what server u play ?

  4. Arsi says:

    plz tell the knight non cash guide

  5. Lord Dew says:

    tnx man . that was a great help for me

  6. dangly says:

    worst build i’ve ever seen, as an knight remind this if u dont have dual skill, max skills for doing dmg , or fail and take as much skills as possible

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