Wartune Knight Basic Guide

Wartune Knight Basic Guide by FortitudoDei

K just to start this, my main characters are knights so i thought i’d share some of my knowledge in this guide.Ok, so lets get it sarted:


As a knight, your natural character advantage lies in your defenses and health points. If your goal is to deal high damage, you should choose an archer instead. Because how the game is designed, your defenses and health points will not be significant until later stages when you have both the stats and skills.

You will function as a tank in the majority of the situations placed in the front of the team formation. You will take some of the initial damages to take the pressure off your teammates, while your teammate archer and mages unleash their attacks. Thus, it is essential for you to build both of your defenses, health, while maintaining a healthy physical attack value to have decent damage output. We will go over equipment stats selection, how to socket gems, equip Astrals, and select the skills for your knight.
Natural Equipment Stats

Before we go into details about the equipment, we will make the following comments first. Your primary goal is to obtain the purple gears either through Arena, the Crypt, or the Multiplayer dungeon. Do not even think about using or upgrading gears lower than the purple because that is a waste of your valuable Gold.

Your gears come with default equipment stats and enchanted stats that are random. Your job is to refine the stats into the ones that you want for your knight build. We have ordered the different stats in the order of importance.

Defense is especially important for the added stats because they improve both your PDEF and MDEF. Power comes before PATK because Power also boosts your PDEF a little bit. The rest are pretty interchangeable with the exception of MDEF, MDEF will primarily help you get through the crypt.

Health or Block (I personally like to have higher block)
(Optional) MDEF

Knight Gemming Guidelines

To slot more than 1 gem into the equipment, you will need socketing tools which are mainly obtained through the Cash shop. With the exception that certain equipment come with two gem slots such as purple weapons. If you do not plan on spending real money on socketing tools, you can either gem your knight gears with either PATK or HP. However, if you are buying the socketing tools, gem your knight gears based on these three, you can also purchase gems to help you get higher level gems faster.
PATK > HP > MDEF for Crypt or Block for PvP

How to Best Use Astral for Knights

As a knight, you need to build upon your primary strength which is the ability to heal upon block. Thus, you will equip astrals accordingly to help you take additional damage in battles. These are the four primary astrals that you need to equip on your knight build. Regardless to say, you should aim to get Orange astrals to complete your knight’s astral build, if not you can use lower ranked astrals such as blue and purple.

I will not list out the name of these astrals because you just have to use the strongest highest ranked of these qualities.

Build before level 50+
Potentially critical or damage decrease.

Level 50+ Build
Damage Decrease by % (decrease damage by points pre level 30)
(Recommended) 100% damage dodge (Enigma or Reaper’s Eye)
Health gain per attack by % (use by points until you deal enough damage to gain more than points)
(Optional) MDEF for crypt level 50+

If your level is high enough for additional astral slots, you can consider using other secondary astrals such as critical related, or DEF related depending on the combat situation.

Thoughts on Troops

As a knight in , you can really either go for Angel or Knight for your troops. It depends on your primary focus, if you are heavier in the tanking and defensive aspect, you can go for Knight for the extra damage output or angel to make you an even unpenetrable wall of defense.

However, if you are heavier on the attacking aspect of being a knight build, just go for knights because their higher damage output can boost your DPS higher.

Knight Skill Build

The skill build for knights are pretty straight forward. Because the points are limited with skills required. Just simply go get level 1 of Dephic Destroyer and Enhanced Delphic destroyer. Then put the points into the defensive passive on another tree.

The reason being is that because your skill points for knight is very limited. Going for the damage tree earlier on in your knight build can help you have higher damage output against bosses.

Hope this helps those players that love playing the symbol of warriors The Knight.

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