Wartune Combo System Guide

Wartune Combo System Guide by jenas

How do those ppl could be one of top 10 in the killing world boss, you may think that they are so strong and powerful, or some of them clear CD with Balens. Yep sure, this is one major factor, but never be all of reasons.So here is the way, the combo system of Wartune, which is an feature that enables players to perform consecutive attacks in order to earn more damage at 1 time, and this system is suitable for Forgotten Catacombs, sometimes Dungeon, and especially World boss.

Take Mage in the world boss for an example

  • One way

1. Don’t use any skill, just let your character release a normal attack, while you stands in front of World Boss
2. Here we go now, then repeat step1, meanwhile click Lightning Bolt as soon as the character raise his arm to release the normal attack, here is the point, both skill happen at the same moment.
3. Repeat step 1
4. Repeat step 2, if you control well, you could try Normal attack+ Rain of Fire, or Normal attack+ Meteoric Destroyer as well.
5. only you r strong enough to take more damage from boss, combo attack always there.

  • Another way

1. Click Rain of Fire once you r getting into the scene of World Boss, I meant during the moment the screen is loading.
2. Here we go now, try Normal attack+ Lightning Bolt,
3. Click Meteoric Destroyer,(bcuz at this moment, the skill Rain of Fire is still in CD)
4. Try Normal attack+ Rain of Fire, or Normal attack + Lightning Bolt
5. Then reapeat step3
6. And keep going like this.

Note: Combo attack is just a feeling, and this has much to do with your net connection. You have to practice again and again, once you learn that, although I can not promise you would be there, at least it would help you a lot.

I am so anxious, once you learn how to do, you all are gonna become stronger than me, so confused.

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