Wartune Classes Beginner’s Guide

Wartune Classes Beginner’s Guide by Mystic2

I have decided to give my opinion on the matter of classes and dps enhancers

this is not detailed but i do hope it helps a few who may read it

Knight/Tanks Commonly take a ton of damage while only attacking a little, Unless you tweak such character for Dps/tank AKA Off tank.

Mage Commonly Known as a CC DPS’r (crowd Control) multiple Target attackers, Unless of course you tweak to have supremely High damage, and crit rate. thus giving ur single target attack which hits harder than ur Aoe attacks to deal a hella load of damage. In every game i have ever played including this one. EVERY class suffers from Magic Def, unless tweaked to have mdef. thus giving the mage an Upper hand even with their AOE skills.

Archer. Commonly known as a single target DPS’r with high crit and high SINGLE target Attack, why does a archer have high crit you say? because commonly they are base off of dexterity in most games but not this one. this one they give you the raw stat to increase Crit, thus giving Every Class in the game to have High Crit chance, therefore they added to +% crit chance to some skills of the archer. so that the archer can have the heredity trait of having high crit as it always does with every game.

now a break down

Knight has Strong skill attacks and High attack, but low crit because he focuses on his defences against pyh/mag attacks. giving him a flat damage while being able to withstand most hits from the three different classes… but do not let a knight crit on you… it is devastating!!

Mage, this one i do not know the skills, but my mage friends whom are PVP build sacrifice some skill points into Healing. thus not giving the mage the full damage potential. mage’s come with HIGH Mdef/ and low pyhdef therefore most stack pdef gems in one of 3 gem slots. and of course they will have Matk in the second and the third they have to juggle most go for More Mdef for the simple purpose of the crypts. As for the mages damage, being the knight is usually low on Mdef, unless tweak on the class the mage is able to do hella damage on knights, and archers have a balanced def, therefore making them choose between mdef/pdef on their gem slots. most go with both, therefore hindering the crit gem they should use increasing their crit. mages hit myself upwards of 3k on crits. that hurts for a pure DPS archer like myself. i choose atk>crit>hp=pdef=mdef for gems.

it all depends on the gems u equip on how u will stand in PvP and PvE.

so it is solely up to you to determine how you want to build ur toon. and obvious if u are short on funds u wont beable to tweak ur toon as needed. giving the other players a upper hand, hands down.

lastly lets focus on Astrals. I will only discuss the ones in which i have crunched numbers for.

To get max dps from your character, Obviously u want to get a matk, or Patk astral of the highest grade and lvl for said character.
time for those funny % damage increasers NO ONE knows about really. get you a Floating damage+% astral of the highest grade, and always have that equipped
so right now u will have a Patk/matk and a Floating. if u are level 40 u wil have two slots left, for lets say WB. in those other two slots u may have both mdef and pdef equipped… get rid of that trash, in it’s place put a Crit astral of highest grade and lvl capable.

Okay… a discovery i made last night while crunching Max crits with arrow strike after 22 dungeon runs. the Crit +% base damage does NOT stack with a Floating % astral. the astral with the Higher grade will over ride the weaker. thus making one useless. with both equipped my max arrow strike under normal buff conditions was 5.1k Now i ran with only the crit %+ base damage. i got the same results. i ran without any my damage decreased to 4.3k. max crit, same buff conditions. I ran with the Floating % astral on and one level weaker than the +% base crit damage and my damage was increased to 5.5k max crit same buff status as previous.

I know most people have a questioning look when they loot a Floating Damage astral and commonly don’t use it.

I know i have gone off topic a bit but i am releasing the discoveries i made so that us OP archers are no longer OP and will balance the playing field a bit giving other classes the capabilities to increases their max output.

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