Warframe Notifications for Non Smartphones Guide

Warframe Notifications for Non Smartphones Guide by Geomemnon

Welcome fellow Tennos. Not everyone has a smartphone, so I found a way to get notifications about alerts on other phones. I did not find any topics concerning this function.

You need:
-warframe account registered on gmail
-notifications about alert forums  going to the gmail account
-mobile phone supported by google (most of them they support afaik, here is a list: http://support.googl…me&answer=37226 )

What to do:

Step no.1
Go to gmail. Create a new label preferably named SMS. Then go to settings (gear button and then settings) -> filters -> create new filter
In the field form paste “webmaster@digitalextremes.com” (without ” “), go to next page and set “label – SMS” and create the filter.

Step no.2
Go to google calendar, settings and cellphone configuration, just connect your google account with your phone number etc.

Step no.3
go to calendar settings -> calendars -> click “remindings and notifications” in a row in which is your calendar listed, then in new page set default notification by SMS (text msg), 0 minutes before.

Step no.4
go to google drive. Yes, you need google drive.
Now: Create-> Script, then choose Blank project and paste this (SMS is the name of your label)

function Notification()
var threads = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName(‘SMS’).getThreads();
var now = new Date();
if(threads == 0) return; // stops the script i</code>

for(i in threads) // create event
new Date(now.getTime()+60000),
new Date(now.getTime()+60000)).setDescription(‘this-is-sms_notification-mark’);
//this-is-sms_notification-mark – label of new event, helpful while deleting some left-overs

GmailApp.getUserLabelByName(‘SMS’).removeFromThreads(threads); //deleting „SMS” label


var TodaysEvents = CalendarApp.getDefaultCalendar().getEventsForDay(now);

for (i in TodaysEvents) // searching by event and deleting after sending
if (TodaysEvents[i].getDescription()==’this-is-sms_notification-mark’)


Now – save it, I named it “notify”, and go to resources on top of the page where your script is (don’t go anywhere else yet), choose “current project’s triggers and set a trigger (for me it’s enough to have a “notification, time-driven, minutes, every 10 minutes” but you can choose a 5 min or every min, your will. Now save it. Authorize in pop-up window. And click the play button above the script (triangle). Done.
Here you go, everything should work smoothly.

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