Warframe New Player’s Guide

Warframe New Player’s Guide by Ryitus

First off I’d like to clear A bunch of things up, people are welcome to add.

You get 5 random cards from the Battle Deck. This is your ‘hand’. Blue=Common, Red=Uncommon, Purple=Rare. Think of the cards as scraps of information about where the Tenno should attack their enemies. Red and Purple have the best rewards but are hard. Blues are great ‘core’ cards giving you XP and Credit rewards.

In Solo, playing a card is like selecting which mission you want to play from your remaining 5. When you finish your 5, you draw 5 more! Simple as that. To see the whole deck you want to be clearing your hand and hoping to draw new stuff. If you get a rare card, you may want to jump into Coop to get help with it.

In Coop, its not voting, its ‘crafting’. The cards combine and create a hybrid mission with components from the cards everyone played and the rewards stack up! When you finish that new crafted mission the one you played is marked complete (so you’re getting closer to getting 5 more).

Revive , this seems like a issue with a LOT of new players, even the devs ;D . A screen should pop up when you die asking if you want to spend 3 platnium to revive, or x amount of credits, click either one to revive if you have enough. If you stay did and the mission is completed you do not earn the misison card you picked exp, or money.

Secret Acrobatics there were some that werent mention in the tut such as
Run, crouch and jump  which allows you to do a epic front flip.
Run, crouch and slash which allows you to do a very powerful quick slash at the enemies legs.
Run and crouch allows you to slide
Jump and slash allows you to do a downward slash

And a secret technique I made up
Run, Jump , Crouch , slash , slash again. With this combo it allows you to do the slide slash and the fall down slash and ables you to sprint right after it.

Upgrading , Go to aresenal and click the little wrench tool on your warframe, or weapons to put stat points into them and the artifacts you pick up in game.

Artifacts they mainly come out the little green glowing tubes and they appear as a purple block, You use those to boost up stats of your warframe or weapon by going to your weapon and modding it with the artifacts you found.

Selling artifacts, Go to aresenal, then the bottum left there is a button that says invetory, click it and all the mods you have found will be there, click the ones you want to sell and a check should appear over it, then hit sell and you will get credits for them, the higher the level or rarity, the more money.

Changing Controls:

On main menu:

on the top right of the screen click on the gear icon. It will open up the options menu. Click on the “mouse” icon and then you will see mouse options. The first option you see if “Customize Key Bindings” click that and you will see it..

In Game:

in game, press the “Esc” button on your keyboard. The in game settings will popup. You will then see a button named “Options”, click it. It will open up the options menu. Click on the “mouse” icon and then you will see mouse options. The first option you see if “Customize Key Bindings” click that and you will see it..

Chat Commands:
* /w <username> <message> to whisper a player
* /r <message> to reply to the last player to whisper you
* /c <message> for clan chat
* /s <message> for squad chat

Playing with friends / Matchmaking :

By going to your contacts list, you can right click on your friends name and join their session in progress, invite them to your game, or join their lobby.

To join a random game either in progress or in lobby, click “Play” and the matchmaking service will randomly find you a room, It could be changed in the future though so watch out!

You can change your abilities ingame by scrolling with the mousewheel and pressing m3 (the mousewheel button) to activate it.

Good luck everyone, and have fun.

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