Warframe Free 50 Platinum Spending Guide

Warframe Free 50 Platinum Spending Guide by Twixcard

First off, f2p = free to play, plat = platinum, potato = catalyst/reactor & no, this is not a guide for how to get free platinum.

So, A lot of people (f2p) say that the game is too harsh for f2p players, and I could almost agree except that you get 50 platinum, and the only thing you can’t get without platinum is SLOTS. So you can choose, either supercharge your 1st warframe & weapon, or buy slots. I’m going to help you with your decision.

Orokin Reactor & Catalyst – 20 plat each
There aren’t a lot of these in “?” missions, but you can also get them from login screen, so you should think at least 5 times before you actually buy one of these.
Level 30 weapon without a supercharge still does damage with the right mods (ex. gorgon with multi shot, or gram with charge damage, but keep in mind that there are various build so lets not focus on that)
~You might want to buy one of these for you warframe that you’re going to main (don’t be too hasty when you’re doing this, and try to have the warframe at lvl 30 before you do this, so you don’t regret it!), but keep in mind that they’re not really that platinum efficient in the long run.

There’s two kinds of slots, warframe and weapon ones. You have 8 weapon slots, that means 2 of each kind of weapon and 2 extra. You could use these slots the following way;

Weapon slots (8) – 12 plat for 2 slots
Long range main weapon & short range main weapon (most likely a rifle & a shotgun)
Short range secondary & long range secondary (a shotgun or another rifle set & a high damage pistol)
Fast melee weapon & high charge damage melee weapon (dual zorens & gram)
– 2 extra slots, for something like a dagger or -bolt type weapon.
~8 Weapon slots is more then enough for drastic gameplay changes.

Warframe slots (2) – 20 plat each
– Combat type / Spellcaster (Excalibur/Ash or Ember/Frost)
– Manipulator type / Tank or Support (Loki/Nyx, Rhino/Frost or Trinity)
~This is what you might want to use some of your 50 plat, 3 slots its enough to keep the gameplay differend.

Revive – 12 plat for 4(?)
One of the most useless thing to buy as f2p, unless you really need a set of revives to complete a “?” mission with reactor/catalyst. (having a bad connection etc. ,unable to play with other players.)

1 Reactor or Catalyst on your main won’t hurt, but if you’re patient enough, you could just buy 2 extra warframe slots.
You’ll most likely get a free potato within your first 48h of gameplay (unless you’re online for 48h in a row).
Try to keep the changes drastic, from rifle to shotgun and from revolver to dual machine pistols.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps some of the f2p players decide where to invest.

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  1. Fuck.you.republic says:

    Fuck you and your fucking fucker fuck of the highest fucking caliber of fucking fuckery beyond fucking all fucking scales fucking imaginable. In short, nice guide!

  2. lashakan says:

    hey could you tell me how to execute

  3. Demonomicon says:

    Quite a decent guide, unfortunatelly i already spent 20 plat on a warframe reactor, thou now im aiming at getting another warframe slot for later on.

    I dot have to say that this game has given me by now about 6 days of fun, so ill probably spend some cash on things “you cant get other way” like warframe slots, and keep playing and farming to get all my stuff.

    I guess i can spend about $20-40 to support a company that made a decent and fun game.

  4. Tachikoma91 says:

    Pacience is spelled Patience
    Nice guide though gj

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