War Thunder Takeoff Tips

War Thunder Takeoff Tips by ZeusCGP

“i” starts your engine

Your takeoff flaps do not automatically deploy after the game loads.

“f” to lower them will make taking off less jerky.

As you start rolling, if you’re in a single engine plane, add a little right rudder to counteract the torque of the engine which will want to roll you over.

Once your speed is over 50, pull back a little so when you do take off you don’t flip forward. You don’t actually want to lift off now, you just want to keep the tail on/near the ground.

Let the speed increase and let the plane lift off by itself. Don’t try any sharp maneuvers now.

Retract your gear and wait until your speed is over ~140 before retracting the flaps. The nose will want to drop when you retract the flaps so be prepared.

*Every plane reacts differently! Generally this works well for most planes.

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