War Thunder Fw 190 D-13 vs. F-4U-1d Corsair vs. La-5FN Comparison

War Thunder Fw 190 D-13 vs. F-4U-1d Corsair vs. La-5FN Comparison by Hans_J_Marseille

I wanted to make a comparison of three of the best (for me available) planes at the different branches !!

I know, that the D-13 is a 1944er development, when the Corsair and the La-5FN are more of a 1942er Plane, but this makes the comparison even more interesting:
When we think about of the Fw 190 D-13 as one of the best available german Piston engine Fighter (except the Ta-152). in the other branches are more and probably even better late war models coming like P-51 Mustang or the La-7 which i cant rate at the moment !!

Note: All was taken out of testflight in “Simulator” setting with 20 min Fuel attached.

Fw 190 D-13F-4U-1d CorsairLa-5FN
Low level Speedsuperior (593 km/h)superior (599 km/h)superior (592 km/h)
max. allowed Dive Speed at low alt
(before “Reduce speed” kicks in)
superior (around 920 km/h)superior (around 950 km/h)poor (around 780 km/h)
low level Accelerationvery goodgoodsuperior
Max. sustained Turn Rateaveragegoodsuperior
Max. sustained AoA
(whilst turning, before stalling)
Max. sustained Climb Ratevery goodgoodsuperior
Steepest sustained Climb Angle
(without losing speed)
Roll Rate at low speedvery goodgoodvery good
Roll Rate at high Speedsuperiorgoodpoor
Overall Roughnessvery goodsuperiorpoor
Armamentsuperiorvery goodvery good

Conclusion (not only out of the data, but also following personal impressions when flying with or against those):

1. The La-5FN looks to be a bit overperforming especially comparing to the Fw 190 D-13 in terms of level speed, acceleration and climb rate
2. The Corsair was a fast, very rugged plane, but could she turn really that good ??? Even at lower speeds ???
3. Sadly the Fw 190 D-13 looks to be overall the “worsest” of those three, only superior in roll rate, when it should outperform (in my opinion) both in level speed, acceleration and maybe sustained climb rate
EDIT: but this happens, because both others performs too good… D-13 is fine as she is

Note: i know, i didnt tested one of the biggest advantages of the D-13: the HIGH Altitude performance !!
But we all know, currently those fights are not taking place in WT ! Even when they begin in those alts, they quickly moving downwards against tree top level… so in my opinion, its not worth to compare those planes as long as we dont have high altitude strategic bombing raids to fight

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  1. Lepton54 says:

    Yes, it really did turn well. It was developed as a counter to the very nimble Japanese aircraft, so turn performance was important in the design. The Corsair was known for it’s sustained turn rate, though proper use of its combat flaps was essential. The Corsair was not famous for its manners at low speed though. The tremendous amount of torque from the R-2800 causes some difficult spin behaviors along with making takeoffs challenging. Mistakes by the pilot often had fatal results.

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