War Thunder Bomber Tips and Tricks

War Thunder Bomber Tips and Tricks by Madwolf

This is dedicated to all the heavy and level bombers in War Thunder in an effort to help out our fellow pilots. Here are my tips:

– Don’t “dive bomb,” maintain and gain altitude: The biggest mistake I see bomber pilots make is diving down on targets or hugging the Earth. This is simply a HUGE mistake. Bombers have a huge butt, like The Nutty Professor big, and the last thing you want to do is make yourself an easy target for fighters and anti-aircraft fire. The higher up you are the higher fighters have to climb to get you, and the less accurate AA fire is. I will tell you right now in most missions where I gain altitude, by climbing at about 10 degrees the entire flight I never even get looked at by enemy planes, and I’ve NEVER been shot down by AA from that height.

– Use your bombing view, and zoom in: This can be done by cycling your views or pressing “F7,” on your keyboard. It will give you a crosshair, which you can zoom in using “Z.” This makes your aiming A LOT more accurate. I generally toggle between the regular view and the zoomed view so I can line my targets up. The reason you want to zoom in is because it gives you a more precise bomb drop. Think of it this way. If you put a period in the center of a “O,” and the bomber will land somewhere in that circle, do you wan to use a big “O” or little “o” ?

– Have an entry and egress point: AKA, know where you’re going to start your bombing run at, and where you’re going to exit your run at and head back to safety. One of the biggest problems I initially had as a pilot was to bomb, maintain a course deeper into enemy territory, and then turn around once I was reloaded. This not only takes you farther from friendly air cover and deeper into enemy air cover, but it also keeps you under constant attack from AAA.

– Bomb stationary targets, and those that harass your friendly fighter and attack aircraft: First of all, moving targets are increasingly harder to hit the higher up you are, and harder to kill the smaller the bombs you have. As a bomber your first priority should be to kill all the stationary targets on the ground, including Pillboxes, Artillery, and AAA emplacements. Pillboxes and Artillery are a given, but AAA isn’t so obvious. The reason you need to kill these guys is that they are a major threat to your low flying friendlies. If you take them out it will be much easier for your team to take out the moving units such as Heavy Tanks, Armored Cars, etc. You can take a stab at those as well, but you have to learn how to lead your target based on your altitude, which can be difficult. By sticking with stationary targets you’ll end up with a higher kill count per bomb and the possibility of getting the XP bonus at the end for most ground targets destroyed. Try to avoid bombing ships until last as they’re very tough and hard to hit. When you attack ships attack them by literally flying right over top of them while headed the same direction, this will give you the highest chance to hit them.

– Use WEP: Your big and slow, you’re not going to outrun anything in the game, but you can’t get there a little faster.

– Don’t dive to run away from fighters: Like I said above, you’ve got a huge butt, which means a ton of drag, every fighter plane in this game will catch up to you in a dive. Use your rudder to face more of your guns towards your attacker.

– Man your guns: The AI gunners just blatantly suck, the best thing to do is jump in their seat yourself and defend your plane. Only do this though if you’re not on a bomber run and can maintain safe level flight without crashing.

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