Ultima Online Power Scrolls Guide

Ultima Online Power Scrolls Guide by Corvak

NOTE: This is intended for new-to-UO players!

I saw someone with over 100.0 in a skill! How do I do that?

You can go over the 100.0 cap by consuming an item called a power scroll. They are obtained via champions that must be fought in Felucca.

Generally, the best way to obtain power scrolls, are to buy them from player vendors. Powerscrolls are a one time investment. Once used, you can never lose their effects. It is for this reason that I say it may simply be easier to buy them, than get them yourself.

When you consume a scroll, the maximum value you can reach in that skill is increased, up to a maximum of 120.0. The amount a scroll increases this cap is based on the name on the scroll. Powerscrolls do not stack, so two 110’s do not make a 120. Powerscrolls are also cursed, which means they cannot be insured.

Tiers of Powerscrolls
Wondrous – 105.0
Exalted – 110.0
Mythical – 115.0
Legendary – 120.0

Powerscrolls are available for most, but not all, skills. Typically, they exist for all combat and magic skills, and three crafting skills, Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Imbuing.

Obtaining Scrolls

Combat and Magic
If you aren’t the type of person who has the cash to simply purchase your own set of scrolls, you will need to fight Champions for them. All scrolls are only available in Felucca, and thus PvP is the primary cause for concern, depending on your shard. Typically, the best strategy for doing champions is to join a guild or group of people who regularly fight champions in Felucca. This is often referred to as ‘spawning’. While fighting near the spawn area, you may recieve Wondrous scrolls in your pack. All other types will show in your pack when the champion dies.

Blacksmithing and Tailoring scrolls are obtained via bulk order deeds. Return completed deeds of the right type to have a chance at getting one as a reward.

These are new in Stygian Abyss, and you must complete quests in Ter Mur to gain scrolls for the Imbuing skill.

Raiding? But I thought raiding was a PvE activity!?

Not so much in UO…Raiding is the act of engaging a group that is spawning in PvP, in an attempt to both kill them, and to ‘steal’ their champion kill. It is typically considered to be an evil act, and often those who do it will become a ‘red’ player very quickly, unless they only raid those of an opposing faction.

I shall not get into cheating, but know that some less honest types tend to use cheats and scripts to improve their ability in PvP. If a GM catches them, they will take action against their account, as the use of third party software is against the terms of service.

Finally, I would mention that champion spawning, powerscrolls, and the like, is probably one of the most controversial parts of Ultima Online. PvP is based very much on your shard, and who you’re playing with, and very prone to lost tempers and drama. Easiest way to survive and have fun, is to grow a thick skin, and remember it’s just a game.

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