Ultima Online Parrying Training Guide

Ultima Online Parrying Training Guide by Belanos

Thought I’d write a quick article on something incredibly easy that not many people seem to understand.

1. go to Jhelom dueling pit Tram – bring lots and lots of shields – as many as you can carry, but aim for little to no DCI. Self Repair properties help.

2. kill all male fighters and disarm all female fighters until you have a lot of unarmed (wrestling) FEMALE fighters. The more the better – go for 15 or so at least. (bring invis pots so the females stop attacking you after they’re disarmed).

3. Once you’ve got enough unarmed female fighters, equip a weapon that you are not proficient with (e.g., if you’re a swordsman, equip a mace) and target all of the unarmed females so they attack you. Make sure you’re wearing NO ARMOR AT ALL except for your training shields.

4. unarmored and with shield and non-proficient weapon in hand, go into war mode while all the females attack you.

5. put on a new shield whenever the current one breaks.

You have to be unarmored because your stuff will break FAST.

They have to be unarmed females because they’re the only ones who cant damage you.

Bring many many many many shields because they go fast.

With enough fighters on you, you can expect 0-120 parry in just an hour or two. If you skip the disarming and killing and just take the available unarmed females, you’ll normally net 3-4 of them and get to 120 in about 5-6 hours

*-* DISCLAIMER: This guide was written before Stygian Abyss was released – it worked then, and as far as I know should work now. But there may have been changes put in place that breaks this guide in some way. Again, it probably still works. But just in case it doesn’t, blame SA. And before you leave a comment saying that it doesn’t work, double check to make sure you’ve followed each step to the very letter. Any part done wrong can potentially break the method. *-

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    In Step 2 – How do you disarm people?

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