Ultima Online Melee Training Guide

Ultima Online Melee Training Guide by Rupert Avery

In this guide we will cover the different methods for training the three melee skills, Swordsmanship, Fencing, Mace Fighting and Archery. While training these skills, Tactics and Anatomy will naturally raise if set to do so while training your melee skill.

With many new expansions over the years, different trial and error attempts at perfecting melee training have created a variety of different methods to get from 0 – 120 skill in the melee skills as quickly as possible. We will give you a number of different monsters, Creatures or NPCs you can use for each stage of your training.

Part One

Buy it – Consider this the start of all the different ways to train Melee skills.
In New Haven you can purchase up to 40 skill points for gold typically its 1 gold per .1 of skill from NPCs like the images below.

When you get to the stage where the NPC is telling you the price, drop the amount of gold you wish to use onto him up to the price he/she quoted.

Part Two
40 – 50

The best way to get from 40-50 would be to use the New Haven Skill Quests. Which gives you accelerated skill gain within a specific area of the island.

Part Three

In this part we will use a table to let you know which creatures and monsters are good to use at what level. Everyone has their own preferred way to train, so this is just a guide of some of the options you could use.

Skill LevelMonster/CreaturePlaces to go
50-60Skeletons, Ettins, Solen Workers,LizardmenDespise, Graveyards, Solen Cave, Ilshenar
60-70Ettins, Earth Elementals, Lizardmen, Jhelom fighters, TrollsDespise, Jelhom Pit
70-80Earth Elementals, Harpys, Ogres, TrollsDespise, Covtous
80-90Bone/Skeleton Knights, Cyclopean Warriors, Earth ElementalsDeceit , Despise, Titan Valley T2A
90-100Troglodytes, Cyclopean Warriors, Earth Elementals, Ogre LordsPainted Caves, Titan Valley T2A, Despise
100-120Troglodytes, Ogre Lords, Fan Dancers, Yomatsu Warriors, Rotten CorpsesPainted Caves, Tokuno Islands, Despise, Ilshenar

Part Four

Batter the Golem. This method has been around for a very long time and involves a GM Tinker creating a Golem. you then get a weapon for the skill your training and make sure it has 100% Poisoning on it. Now if the Golem is truly GM the 100% poison weapon will not hurt it.

Please note that with new Golem they only have up to 99% poison resist and so you may need a GM tinker to heal it every now and then.

If your skill is below 70 you would be best to get some skill raising jewels to bring your skill up a bit to optimise gains.

once you have all these things you will need to Join a guild either by spending 25k to create your own or join a friends guild.
you can then go any where you want in game to start the training. to stop your Golem hurting you back, because they can hurt… you must say these word

  1. ‘All guard me’ will make your golem highlight green.
  2. ‘All Follow me’ will make the Golem stay by you
  3. Type out ‘All stop’ but do NOT press enter yet.
  4. Right click on the Golem and click ‘Attack’ then click on yourself
  5. Very quickly hit enter so that you say all stop.
  6. Then say ‘All follow me’ Again

This method is a legal way to train your skills providing you are at the keyboard at all times. Unattended Macroing is Illegal and you will get banned for it.

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