Ultima Online Luck Suit Guide

Ultima Online Luck Suit Guide by Lykor

Much debate has raged on thru the years about Luck being broken in UO. While I have seen no proof that it is or isn’t working, I’ve always wanted to try to create a maxed out Luck suit for kicks….

The introduction of imbuing has greatly improved the average joe’s chance of making this suit and unless you are INCREDIBLY lucky with runics, the only way you’ll get close to a “max” luck suit is thru imbuing…

For my purposes, I use this suit on a casting template, i.e. either my tamer/mage OR works well on my necro/mage as well…. SO, it’s adding another wrinkle in that it needs to be 100% LRC and as high LMC as I can get…. (you’ll see using the Armor of Fortune helps a lot!)

Here goes:

There are 8 standard pieces of which you can not really debate:

First off, you may choose either the Jester’s Hat of Chuckles OR the Maritime Glasses from the Library turn-ins… I use the Jester’s Hat for the better resists. Both have 150 Luck.

Secondly, the Armor of Fortune. While it’s resists are shatty to say the least, you can not beat the 40 LRC and the 200 luck that it provides!

Third: Leurocian’s Mempo Of Fortune – Luck 300

Fourth: The Bleue Luck Jewelry Set from the Spring Clean-Up: 3/6 Casting, MR2, and 400 Luck….whew. nice.

Fifth: The Vesper Order Shield from the Vesper Museum turn-in… 80 Luck

Sixth: The Royal Guard Survival Knife [Replica]…. it’s Spell Channeling and 140 Luck….
Know, if you dare to chance it, you CAN try to make a MAX luck wep called the Luckblade. It’s a rare blacksmith recipe and gives +20 luck automatically, so if you were to craft one with regular ingots, AND the RNG were to give you 100 luck on the roll, then you have a blade with 120 luck which then in turn could be enhanced with Golden ingots to add another 40 for a total of 160 LUCK!!!! This is VERY VERY VERY hard to get, I will warn you.

and…. Seventh and Eighth: Conjurer’s Garb, 140 luck and MR2, and the Soles of Providence 80 Luck…. ftw.

Resists so far: 30-26-25-25-31 with no arms, legs, or gloves… which will all be imbued.

Now, first thing we need to account for is LRC and luck.

I made all three of my pieces from regular ingots and crafted with tongs. All exceptional of course.

You must have 20 LRC on each piece to get your suit total to 100 LRC.
Next, I imbued 100 Luck on each piece, followed by LMC 8. 3 mods on each piece so far…
Some people may opt to also add some Mana Regen to one of the pieces if not all 3, but you may not get the resistance up to an acceptable level if you do this. After you’ve imbued all mods, hold a +60 Ancient Hammer in hand with your BEST Blacksmith Talisman and enhance each piece with gold which will obviously boost them by +40 luck…

The last step on each piece will be the resists, which will be up to each person to decide how to pattern should go.

Last, but not least, I added a Totem of the Void for an addition 10 lmc, which gives me 34 total LMC for the suit, not to shabby.

My account is 12 years old, so after I hit the luck statue, for +800 bonus, my total luck on the above described suit is 2710 with 100 LRC, 34 LMC, 7 MR, 2/6 Casting, and fairly decent resists…

There are other ways to increase luck that will stack here. You may “pay” the Sphinx 5000 gold to “tell them their fortune.” If, after giving him the 5000 gold, it responds “Fate smiles upon you this day” your character will receive a 24-hour boost of from 1 to 80 Luck.

Another way, is to toss a few lucky coins in the Fount of Fortune in the Underworld for a boost of 400 LUCK!!!! But this affect is only temporary…..

I hope that this guide is helpful and that your LUCK in UO is better for it!

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