Ultima Online Archery Training Guide

Ultima Online Archery Training Guide by Adam

The Tools

Bows and crossbows are weapons of choice for those pursuing skill in Archery.
For more information on bows and crossbows, visit the Armory.
Sold by:
Crafted? Yes, using Bowcraft/Fletching skill.

Bolts and arrows are required ammunition for your crossbow and bow, respectively.
A wise archer always keeps a supply of ammunition at hand.
Sold by:
Bowyer, Provisioner
Yes, using Bowcraft/Fletching skill.

Archery butts can be found throughout the land of Britannia and can be used as practice targets to hone your Archery skill.
Sold by:
Unavailable for purchase

Using Archery

Your Archery skill is checked automatically each time you attempt to use a bow or crossbow. As your skill raises, your chance of damaging an opponent with a ranged attack increases. To use your Archery skill, equip a bow or crossbow, enter War mode, and double-click on an opponent.

Training – What to hit and when

00.0 – 30.0 – N/A (buy skill from NPC)

30.1 – 40.0 – bulls, harts, headless, great harts, walruses

40.1 – 50.0 – great harts, horde minions, orcs

50.1 – 60.0 – brigands, corpsers, ghouls, imps, orcs, ratmen, skeletons, spectres, zombies, wraiths

60.1 – 70.0 – dread spiders, ettins, Jhelom fighters (no weapon, leather armor), trolls, water elementals

70.1 – 80.0 – ettins, harpies, Jhelom fighters (no weapon, metal armor), lich lords, ogres, trolls

80.1 – 90.0 – blood elementals, bog beasts, bone/skeletal knights, cyclops, dull copper elementals, earths , elder gazers, harpies, Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield), snow elementals

90.1 – 100.0 – ancient wyrms, balrons, betrayers, Blackthorn juggernauts, blade spirits, centaurs, cyclops, dragons, dull, copper elementals, ethereal warriors, fire gargoyles, gargoyle destroyers, GM crafted golems, harrowers, Jhelom fighers (with weapon, armor, and shield), juka lords, ogre lords , ophidian avengers, ophidian knight errants, orc brutes, phoenixes, plague beasts, rotting corpses, shadow wyrms, silver serpents, skeletal dragons, summoned daemons, tentacles of the harrower, terathan avengers, zealots of khaldun, summoners, Cu Sidhes

100.1 – 110.0 – air elementals, arctic ogre lords, blade spirits, cyclops, daemons, dragons, dull copper elementals, earth elementals, elder gazers, Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield), ogre lords, ophidian avengers, poison elementals, rotting corpses, sand vortexes, terathan avengers, terathan matriarchs, water elementals

110.1 – 120.0 – blade spirits, energy vortexes, Jhelom fighters (with weapon, armor, and shield), rotting corpses, terathan avengers, terathan matriarchs

Additional Information Professional

Title: Archer
Skill Used by:
Automatic when using bow or crossbow
Trainers: Bard, Bard Guildmaster, Bowyer, Mercenary, Ranger, Ranger Guildmaster
Primary Stat:
Secondary Stat:
Secondary Skill
(may improve while using Archery): Anatomy

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