Torchlight 2 Socket Enchanter Finding Guide

Torchlight 2 Socket Enchanter Finding Guide by herionz

Hi there,

I don’t know if this was posted somewhere else, think hasn’t been yet though.

A few hours ago my party buddy was desperately in need of finding a socket enchanter in order to get some extra sockets for %DR and to not screw it so easily at the end of act III HCE.

Problem as you all might know is that finding an enchanter is really hard, but finding the right one is even harder. Well after 40 min of putting in practice some strategy, he found the one he was looking for.

It goes like this:

1) Create a game, enter “Esterean enclave” and head to “Crow’s pass”.

2) Crow’s Pass has some map variations, the one you are looking for is this one:

Tip: Notice that the way goes north, has some stone path, and also two torches.

-And why this map? Because this map variation has 4 spawn spots for enchanters, and also a 100% chance of spawning one every time you enter the map (needs confirmation but I’ve found one always on this map), also is a really small map so you won’t have problems when looking in them.

3) In case you don’t find the map, quit and reroll the game, then check again (should take you around 5-15 sec, depending on your loading screen speed).

4) In case you find the right map, just look around it (should take you around 15-30 sec, depending on class -> skills to fast move around, AKA embermage frost phasing.)

5) Run this pattern until you find the enchanter you are looking for, in 40 minutes I’ve found:

+7 Master
+2 Grandmasters
+2-3 Ice/electricity/fire/poison
+3 Attribute boost
+3 Luck
+0 Socket (My buddy found one though)

Most time consuming is to load screens and find the right map (random). Once you are in there though, it’s a 100% chance to find one, though it doesn’t means is going to be the one you are looking for.

Side note: There’s also another map variation which has a spot where an enchanter can appear, but it’s not 100% chance, maybe 10% or less since most of the time the place is empty. So just forget about it.

Good/Bad things

+Really fast to walk around and get access to the map
+100% chance of finding enchanters
-Finding the right variation can take some time, it’s a chance.
-Finding the socketer enchanter can take a while (seems to be the hardest one to spawn), also it’s a chance.

If someone knows a faster way of finding enchanters, let me know it please.

Happy hunting everyone!

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2 Responses

  1. Cato says:

    Thanks for the help man! I was reallly i need of some sockets in my items, and your guide helped me out alot.
    Unlike you i was lucky enough to find the socketer in first try, i spend nearly 100k and have 600-800 armor in all categories now!:P

  2. Marco says:

    Does it work on single game?

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