Torchlight 2 Enjoying Multiplayer Guide

Torchlight 2 Enjoying Multiplayer Guide by evernewjoy

This post is not a joke I am making, my tone here is entirely one of trying to be helpful.

Others who have helpful tips for new players are welcome to post here as well.

This is a guide for how to enjoy Torchlight 2 multiplayer!

Runic Games Devs have put all the power in the players’ hands as to how to enjoy Torchlight 2 multiplayer:

  • Players already in a game can kick anyone any time who is behaving inappropriately.
  • You can set password protected games.
  • You can set friend-only games.
  • You can set a level limit on your game.
  • You can leave a game any time.

Runic Games cannot be expected to police the entirety of their ever-growing gaming community.

If Runic Games compromised on this point, they would either have to spend lots of money, or vastly limit player freedom, or probably both.

We, as mature players, have the duty to regulate ourselves, and protect ourselves from players who are not as mature or respectful.

Some Torchlight 2 Multiplayer Guidelines

Here are some guidelines you can follow to greatly enjoy Torchlight 2 Multiplayer! (If anyone has points they want added to this main list let me know).

I am not pretending this is a complete list, I am happy to make additions.

1. If you join a public online game, or host one, do not use a character that you are worried about having other players modify in strange and unexpected ways.

The public gaming environment is quite unusual these days in that many people seem to get a kick out of irritating other players. Plan accordingly and don’t use a character in a public multiplayer game whose exact level/gear/stats and everything you care about being absolutely safe.

2. Meet and Identify players you enjoy playing with using a “dummy character.”

This is a character who you do not mind having modified by players whose only interest seems to be irritating other players.

Once you’ve found some friends you can then host a password-protected or friend-only game using the characters whose level-progress and stats and gear you actually care about.

3. If you join a public Torchlight 2 game and you get instantly kicked, do not be sad, start your own game and name it something inviting so others know that you won’t kick them if they try to join your game.

Please do not be emotionally hurt if you get instantly kicked from a game! The host cannot possibly know the slightest thing about you when they kick you instantly, so do not take it personally. Perhaps the host was waiting for someone and you took that person’s spot unknowingly. Perhaps the host was just looking for a different kind of player.

You have the power to start your own game any time and then you can be the one to be nice and friendly to people and not kick people instantly.

4. If you host a game, and a player joins that you don’t want, briefly explain to them why you are kicking them in order to promote a friendly online Torchlight 2 environment.

People do have feelings, and just because you don’t know their real-life name doesn’t mean you can abandon all social etiquette and be mean to people. While not strictly necessary, a brief explanation of why you are kicking someone will go a long way toward making this whole public Torchlight 2 Multiplayer community a very happy and friendly place.

5. Make Lots of Friends

The real solution to having a happy Torchlight 2 experience is to make lots of friends that you can trust and add to your game freely.

We can create our own sort of mini-public games by having large lists of friends and games that are Friends-Only.

There’s really nothing Runic Games can do more than this Friends-Only feature! This is spectacular!

Friends-Only games still allow freedom from the inconvenience of entering passwords, and also allow the sort of open feel and excitement of not knowing who or when someone might join your game.

But thanks to Runic’s friends-only game option, you can always know that whoever joins your game will be someone you can trust and enjoy playing with.

Now please go and make lots of friends, and probably someone should make a Friends List thread(viewtopic.php?f=30&t=40552) where people can meet each other, and we will be able to create a nice large group of friends so that we can truly enjoy Torchlight 2 Multiplayer.

Additionally, making Torchlight 2 guilds is a great way to help us all meet up.

Torchlight 2 Guild Discussion Board

The tools are in your hands, the regulation must be done by you, friends are waiting to be made!

Why is all this necessary?

This guide is not necessary because Runic Games has not done something they should have.

This guide is because of the current state of people these days and the fact that a lot of people are upset in their life and take this frustration out on other players.

Please do not blame Runic Games for unfriendly player behavior.

Please use this guide and your own resources to help develop good strategies for dealing with an abundance of frustrated people in a way that works for you.

With the event of Runic Games producing an online game that is NOT strictly regulated, thus giving people more freedom of expression, we are encountering just how unhappy some people are, and that is what they are choosing to express in Torchlight 2 Multiplayer.

Realize that this is not something Runic Games can fix, but WE, the players can fix, by following good practices and regulating ourselves, and knowing that the issue here is actually the state of humanity at large, and not something Runic Games can ever fix without limiting our own freedoms.

Thank You Runic Games for giving us practically an open-source game (once editor comes out) that is multiplayer, and giving us the power to regulate our multiplayer gaming experience.

Now use this power that Runic Games gave you and you will greatly enjoy Torchlight 2 Multiplayer!

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