Torchlight 2 Berserker Ranged Build Guide

Torchlight 2 Berserker Ranged Build Guide by forr3st

Hello everyone,

I want to show you my berserker build which is focused on ranged combat (yes i’m serious) and works really fine @ elite difficulty NG+.
So let’s start with the skills:

Wolfpack – Our main DPS skills, really amazing thing. These wolves are homing, every single of them are doing separate damage and if u will get tier 1 bonus, they are still looking for another target after hitting something. Tier 2 bonus gives you two more wolves and tier 3 bonus just decreases mana cost. 15/15 inflicts 65% of weapon dps and +bonus physical damage (scales with player level of course) so obviously u have to max it. Wolfpack does work with Shred Armor and does not work with Blood hunter, Cold Steel Mastery, Red Wolfs and Rampage.

Storm Hatchet – Charge generator. Gives a lot of charge, 6-7 hits on single targets for full charge bar and 3-4 hits on group of mobs. Reduces movement speed by 100% and at tier 3 bonus shatter shields. With that awesome skill u can enjoy homing wolves with 100% critical chance!

Battle Standard – Wolfpack eats a lot of mana so Tier 1 bonus with mana recharge (335/4sec! @ 5/15) is must have, u can shoot your wolves as much as u want until standard disappear. Amazing +%38 dodge and 95% knockback resistance at 15/15. Max it. U will love it and your mates too.

Shred Armor – Thousands of armor per second? anyone? 15/15 of course.

Shadow Burst – Mobility, healing and breaks shields. 15/15

Wolf Shade – Autoheal and additional dps, 100% uptime at 15/15. Max it.

Howl – More 43% of suffering for your enemies. 15/15

Equipment… at the moment I am using 1h mace with good damage and shield, just for wolves dps and some defense. Still have to test 2x1wands and Executioner for charging, I have tested 2×1 pistols but they suck compared to storm hatchet.
The most important bonuses what u will be looking for are: +cast speed -> +crit damage -> resistances -> hp.
And what about stats? str/dex/vit 2/2/1 , maybe some focus for mana pool to cast at least 3 Wolfpacks? or more focus for execute with 2 wands? Still need some tests.

Playstyle – Stay in range of Standard and keep releasing your wolves and just look how they are eating everything alive or smash their faces with electric axes.

Im still working at this build, but I can tell you something about cons:
– You don’t feel like you are playing berserker at all, more like Necromancer with more powerful Bone Spirit from Diablo II
– This build is still not finished so skill build and stats can change.

Sorry about bad english

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