The Ville Maximizing Game Play And Get Ahead Guide

The Ville Maximizing Game Play And Get Ahead Guide by Smokie

Learning to balance out coins/happiness in The Ville for maximum play.


As you may have noticed, many items have a dual action.
In this pic are a few examples. The guitar, drum set, pool table and gumball machine each can be prompted to perform a social action (Rocking out, showing off, ect) OR an action that you perform alone.

TO gain COINS, perform actions ALONE.
TO gain HAPPINESS, click on a friend that you have called over and perform with them.

Any action that requires help from a friend in the room (social) will bring you happiness.
Also, eating with a friend, (you will know cos you will have to click on their avatar) will gain you more and more happiness.

Action Items=Happiness

COINS: The best way to make coins to start off is to work your

1. Zpad
2. Printer
3. Laptop
4. Art Easel (the cheapest one they have will work)

Now here is the trick and what I do for max coinage with minumum work. It is important to gain your max in happiness AFTER you set your jobs. To set the jobs, costs nothing in happiness, just a few coins.

SET ALL 4 to a ONE HOUR plan. Each of the 4 has a job you can do for ONE HOUR. (I wont go into specifics of the job names, just to say SET THEM ALL FOR ONE HOUR.)

Now is when you start gaining the happiness. Invite friends over Invite the ghost friends (DEVELOPERS) over too. I pick them up from the street, as I feel that way I am not using a call to get them over. I think calls will mess up your ability to collect the posts from the wall, and also uses up too much time with your friends, time that can be spent more wisely. EAT with your friends. SHARE ACTIONS on items in the room.

I am on level 26 and am able to gain 500 happiness in a few minutes MERELY BY EATING the goodies I have made that I have placed in the room. After inviting them, share your food with them. You will be delighted how much happiness you can gain quickly.

LOOK at what the items offer for coin/happiness value before you buy a bunch of stuff that has no value. Most of the high coin items offer a dual HIGH VALUE in both coins and happiness. In a few short days, you will be able to afford some of the higher pay out items and the value will increase for you as time goes on and you see how easy it is to:


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