The Ville FAQ

The Ville FAQ by Super Ville-an

Game Symbols:

1 ßAmount of Coins you have.

2 ßAmount of Ville Cash you have.

3 ßAmount of Energy/Max Energy

4 ßAmount of Happiness you have

5 ßTotal Experience/Level

6 ßDaily Bonus

7 ßSend Gifts

What is Happiness?
Happiness is what is spent to start a Job. Happiness is acquired doing a variety of social tasks around your Home or a Neighbor’s Home.

What is the Daily Bonus?
Every 24 Hours you can receive a Bonus simply by clicking on the Daily Bonus Icon.  The more days in a row you play, the better the reward.


Basic Game Options:

There are a number of options available to customize The Ville to suit your preferred gaming experience.

Changing Language:

At the top right, you will see an 8 Icon.  Simply click on that and select the Language you want game content to appear in.

Other Customization Options.

Directly above the Neighbor Bar rests the 9 Icon.  By clicking on this you will open a larger options menu:


11 Zoom in/Zoom out

12 Full Screen

13 High Quality Graphics/Low Quality Graphics

14  Turn off Sounds/Music

15 Walls Down/Show Interior Walls

Once you are done editing your game options, click on the 16 button to collapse the menu.

Tools Menu
The majority of the objects in game can be Moved, Sold, and/or Stored to help you customize your Home to your liking.  This is accomplished by using the “Tools” Menu and the options available within.

These options are enabled by clicking on the 17 Button and it will expand a menu with a variety of options:


General Usage of the Tools

When you select an option for the Tools Menu, you will see an indicator to go along with your mouse pointer:


If you match the image visible with your mouse pointer, you will realize the “Move” Tool is enabled.  This same rule applies to the other tools.

When you are looking for an item to use one of the Tools on, you can only move items highlighted in yellow:


If you have a tool selected and the item does not illuminate in yellow, you are unable to perform use that tool on the particular object.

When relocating an object, click on it and select its new location in your Home.  Objects can only be moved to places clearly outlined in Green:


Once the object is outlined in green, click on it and it will be relocated.

Turning off an active Tool:

To turn off an active Tool, click on the 22 icon and it will disable to Tool and you will be return to normal game play.

Inviting your Friends to Play
The Ville is tons of fun, but even more so when you are able to enjoy your Home with your Friends.

To invite your Friends to join The Ville, click on the Invite Friends Tab above the game canvas:


You will then see a prompt to invite your friends:


To quickly receive a large number of Neighbors, press the “Select All” button and then press

You can also select which friends you would like to Invite and send them Requests to be your Neighbor in the same fashion by click on the check boxes next to each of your friend’s names.

Sending your Friends Gifts:
Send Gifts to your friends is extremely important as it helps them progress further in the game while increasing the chances you will receive a Gift in return.

To send Gifts, select the “Gifts” Tab above the game:


After clicking on the Gifts Tab, you will see a prompt to select the Gift you want to send to your friends:


Select the gift of your choosing and you will see a prompt similar to the Invite Friends dialog:


Follow the same steps you did for Inviting Friends and you will have Gifts sent out in no time.

Character Customization:
What good does a spectacular home do for you if you don’t look the part?  Read below on how you can make your Character shine as bright as your Home! 

You can customize your Character at anytime by clicking on your character’s avatar:


For a quick change in overall look, select “Change Clothes” then select from the following:


Upon selecting your choice, your character will instantly change its clothing to match the description of your choice.

For more hands on customization, click on 30 and you will see the following screen:


Here you can dress your character with the clothing you currently have available; select the tabs on the left hand side to customize by clothing type (e.g. shoes, shirts and jackets, etc.).

Facial features can be altered by clicking on the 32 Icon.  Upon doing so, you will see:


Similar to Clothing, you can change your Avatar’s facial features by category by selecting the tabs on the left hand side.

Your Character’s Accessories can be changed by clicking on the 34 tab, which will prompt you with the following:

Screen shot 2012-06-26 at 2.56.42 PM

Here you can change your characters Belts, Eyewear, Tattoos, and Jewelry.

Upon having your character customized to your liking, click on “Save and Exit” and the changes will be reflected on your Character!


Goals are collection of game-play objectives which help you progress through the game.  They often offer significant rewards in terms of Coins, Experience, and more!

To initiate a Goal, look for a Quest Icon on the left side of the game canvas:


By clicking on the Goal Icon, you will be prompted with a Goal:


For a quick hint as for each Goal condition, hover over the 38 icon and you will see special hint text.

To instantly check the status of one of your active Goals; simply hover over the Goal Icon:


Visiting/Calling Neighbors Over

Visiting Neighbors:

You are not limited to what you can accomplish with your residence; you can spend time at other’s as well.  To visit a Neighbor, click on their picture in the Neighbor Bar, and select Visit:


Upon clicking on Visit, you will be taken to your Neighbor’s Home and can perform 5 Actions, including interacting with your Neighbor directly.  Doing so will increase your Relationship and upon increasing your Relationship Level you will receive Happiness, a Favor, and new interactions with your Neighbor.


Once you have used your 5 Neighbor Energy, you will receive a special reward and can return by pressing the 42 button.

Inviting Neighbors Over:

You can invite a Neighbor over at any time in a similar fashion to visiting, except select “Call Over”:


Once they arrive at your home, you have the option of communicating in a handful of ways:


Upon completing an action with your Neighbor, you will see the following Relationship Progress Bar:


The Relationship Progress Bar will let you know what Relationship Level you currently have with this particular Neighbor, and how much farther you have to go to reach the next Level.  Once you have interacted with a particular Neighbor 5 Times, they will automatically return to their home.


How often does Neighbor Energy Reset?

Neighbor Energy resets every 24 Hours for each Neighbor, this applies to you visiting your Neighbors, and you calling your Neighbors over to visit you.

How many of each kind of Neighbor Energy do I get per 24 Hours?

You will receive 5 Neighbor Energy for Visiting, and can perform 5 actions with your Neighbor when you call them over to visit you.

Customizing and Building your Home

You can customize your Home is numerous ways, whether it be the pattern for walls and floors, or the types of windows and doors you use; the world is your oyster!

Changing Walls/Floors

To change the Wall/Floor pattern, first click on the 46 Icon.  Once the Marketplace is open, click on the 47 Icon and you will be prompted with several customization options.  Simply click on “Floors” or “Walls” to see the options for either on in particular.


Click on “Walls” and you will see numerous possible options:


Select your favorite and you will be able to place it on walls.  After selecting your new wall pattern, hover over the area you would like to change for a preview.  Simply click on the wall and the entire wall will instantly update.  Note that the price for a wall pattern is per square, so large walls will cost more to update than small walls.


Upon clicking on “Floors” like Walls, you will be prompted with a variety of options:


Select the Floor of your choice to enable a preview. Like Walls, you complete the purchase by clicking on the Floor after the preview, and the price is per square, so larger floors cost more than smaller floors.

Adding/Moving Windows and Doors:


To add additional Windows to your Home, go to the Marketplace and click on 50.  Once you are on the following Menu click on Windows to view a variety of options:


Select the window you would like to add to your Home.  When placing it, if nearby there is a transparent green square, you can place it there.  If there is a red transparent square, then you cannot place it in that location.


Doors are particularly important because they must be built to be able to navigate in between rooms in your Home.  To add a door to your Home, go to the Build Menu and select “Doors”. You will be prompted with a selection of doors you can add to your Home:


Check out all the possible options then select the Door of your choose.  Upon doing so, similar to other home customization options, you need to place a door in a space that is highlighted completely green.

Adding Rooms:

Adding a Room is similar to the other Home Customization options, but slighly different.  To add a Room, go to the Build Menu and select “Room”:


Hover over the Market Card for each Room to see how many Favors are required for each.

Select the Room size you would like to add, and then you will place it in an incomplete state near your home:


Click on the foundation, and you will be prompted to ask your Neighbors to help you complete the construction of your new room:


Once you have all the Help Slots full, you will see the following:


Simply click on “Finish” or “Finish and Share” and your new Room is ready for construction.  Click on the foundation a few times and your new Room will be ready in no time.


Why can I not enter a new room I just built?

You must place a door leading into a room to be able to enter it.

Why am I not able to build certain room types or add specific Doors/Windows?

Many customization options are gated by Level, as you play more you will unlock more options.


The Crafting System enables you to take items in game and combine them together to create something new and exciting.

How to Craft:

There are several types of Crafting, and they can be activated by clicking on the various Homehold appliances such as the CookStar Range, CookStar Mix Master and more.

To begin Crafting, hover over the appliance (in this case the CookStar Range):


Then click on it and you will see the following dialog:


Each recipe has the items required to be able to begin crafting the new item.  Also make sure to note the amount of time specific to the left of the Recipe’s name.  If you have all the necessary items the dialog will appear as the following:


Click on “Make” and then the process will begin.  A timer will be above indicating how much longer until you are able to collect your newly crafted item:


Once the item is ready, you will see the icon for the new crafted item above:


Simply hover over and click on the appliance and your newly crafted item will drop for you to collect.

Eating Crafted Food

After your food is done, click on your Inventory.


To find the Food you Crafted, go to your Inventory then click on the Productivity Icon followed by the Crafting Tab:


Once you have placed the Blueberry Pancakes, you can click the Pancakes to have the action menu pop up.


If you select the “Eat Together” option, you will notice the Neighbor’s visiting your Home will illuminate in Green:


Hover over to see the green hand and click.  Seconds later you will be enjoying a delicious meal together.


Jobs are an awesome way to earn Coins.  Jobs are initiated by clicking on a variety of objects in your Home such as the Freelance Laptop, Freelance Printer, and more.

To initiate a Job, hover over an item which offers Jobs (in this example the Studio Portrait Easel):


Click on it, then you will see the following dialog:


In this example, the “Quick Cash” job is unlocked and ready to be started.  Before starting a job, it is important to take note of the 68 (1) for each Job.  This indicates the amount of time and payout for a particular job.  For the Quick Cash Job, it will take 0 minutes and you will receive 40 Coins after collecting the Rewards.

Once the Job is started, a Timer in the shape of a coin will appear and will continue to rotate until the Job is complete.  You can see how much time remains until the Job is completed by hovering over the place you started the Job form:


Once the Job is complete, you will see a Coin hover above, simply click on the object from which you began the Job, and your will receive your payment.


Why am I not able to do certain jobs?

Jobs each require a certain amount of Happiness to be initiated.  Also, most Jobs are locked by Level or other conditions.

How do I gather more Happiness?

Happiness is increased when you perform actions indicated by a single or multiple Happiness symbols:


The easiest way to increase Happiness is to eat Crafted Food and to perform social actions with your Neighbors.

Why am I not able to start any jobs with my Freelance Laptop?

Job related items placed on a counter or table require a chair being place in front of it.  Also, the chair must be turned facing the counter or desk.

Why are Casey and my friend’s avatars not leaving my Home after they visit?

Neighbors are dismissed automatically when there are no more social actions that can be taken on a particular visit. You can also manually dismiss them by clicking a Neighbor and selecting “Goodbye”.


Harvesting Crops is a fantastic method for collecting Coins and items needed in Crafting recipes.  To Harvest Crops, you first need to place Garden Plots.  This is done by going to the Marketplace and clicking on “Outdoor”:


Select “Garden Plot” and you will be prompted to place Garden Plots.  Keep in mind they can only be placed where they are highlighted in green.

Once your Garden Plot has been place, you can begin growing Crops.  To start this process hover over a specific Garden Plot:


Click on the Garden Plot once it is highlighted in yellow, and you will see the following menu:


Make sure to make note of the amount of time for maturity and how many Coins each Crop provides when collecting.  Once you have decided on the Crop you are going to plant, click on the Yellow Button and you will be prompted to place the seed on your Garden Plots.

Once a Garden Plot is actively growing a Crop, it will appear like the following:


To see how much longer a Crop needs to finishing growing, hover over an active Garden Plot:


Once the Crop is ready, hover over it and click on it to collect Coins:


There is a lot more to your Home than first meets the eye.  Notice there is an area darkened out outside of where you started the game.  You can expand your home there to make your Home larger and even more awesome.

To locate an area eligible for Expansion, hover over a darkened area outside of your Home:


If you see the 77 symbol upon hovering over a piece of darkened land, you are able to immediately Expand to this area provided you have the necessary Home Value, Lot Expansion Permits, and Coins.

If you see the 78 symbol this means you are not able to Expand to this area and selecting “Click for Details” will let you know why you cannot Expand to this portion of the map just yet.

Completing an Expansion:

Once you click on an area you are able to Expand into, you will see the Expansion dialog:


This will let you know what the requirements are to execute this particular Expansion.  Upon having met all the requirements, click on “Expand” and a new area of land will be opened up.


What is Home Value and how is it calculated?
As you add items to your Home, you will gain additional Home Value.  You are even able to keep the Home Value earned after storing an object; however, anything that is sold will have its Home Value removed.

How do I make Lot Expansion Permits?
Lot Expansion Permits can be Crafted either by clicking on the Craft Button in the Expansion Dialog or by clicking on a Mailbox.

I see Lot Expansion Permits require signatures, how do I get those?
Click on the “Ask” Button that corresponds with Signature to post a Request to Friends to provide the necessary Signatures to Craft a Lot Expansion Permit. 

Assembling Items:
Not everything comes conveniently assembled as there are several items which require parts for completion.

When in the Market, if there is a wrench and hammer symbol, it requires parts for construction:


Upon placing it in your Home, it will look like this:


Notice the percentage indicated above in the guitar pic.  What that means is the percentage of parts you have towards completion of the Buildable.

Clicking on the Buildable will present a menu which will let you know what you must have to finish assembly:


Simply purchase the required items or ask your Neighbors to send some your way, and you will have Furniture built in no time!  Once you have all the parts, return to the menu above and click on “Build” or “Build and Share” and your Furniture is ready to go:


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