The Settlers Online Dark Priest Adventure Guide

The Settlers Online Dark Priest Adventure Guide by Killste

Adventure Infos:
Player Level: 26+
Difficulty: 3/10
Number of Players: 2
Duration: 2 days
Where to get?: Adventure seek with explorer or ?

Tactical map

Units that are needed for the solo method (R/C/S/LB-Version) : 377 200 8 1 175

Max loses : 330 19 8

Map has Solo and co-operation method (R/C/S/LB-Version) and (R/C/S/A-Version)

You can send General to position G1 and G2 anytime you want. Just select general and select transfer and move to wanted postion.
You can put General to G3 when you destroy bone church.

In worst case scenario in camp 7 after you send 134 Recruits suicidal wave there is litle, unlikely chance, that some of Dark Priest troops survives. If that happens send 30 Recruit and 170 Lonbowman.

Pirates blocking method 1. Tested, works fine.

General A to block camp 1, (blue circle)
After the general A reaches the red circle, send general B to camp block 1.

(A general must be normal general)

Tage’s Veteran garrison setups

Tactical map & garrison settings (R/M/LB Version)
Units need: 500R 194C 8M 170LB
Units lost max: 484R 19C 8M

Note that I’m using a lot more soldiers than previously for this adventure!
Note also that this is based on solo playing.

You need at least 2 generals, one normal and one veteran.
You need to send troops 5 times.

Units needed, average: 373R 230S 249C 73LB (925 units in total)
Units needed, maximum: 386R 230S 249C 73LB (938 units in total)

Units lost, minimum: 332R 4C
Units lost, average: 371R 12C
Units lost, maximum: 386R 5S 18C

Game flow, garrison settings and losses (minimum – average – maximum):

  • VETERAN – Must be a veteran general with 250 units
  • NORMAL – Must be a normal (slow) general
  • ANY – Can be any kind of general.

Note that, whenever a garrison consists of a mixture of recruits and soldiers:

  • adding more recruits might increase casualties
  • adding more soldiers won’t change the outcome

Move to garrison position G1:

The adventure starts with a method 2 blocking:

Camp 5) 20 Thugs, 20 Guard Dogs [NORMAL: 17S (-)] {4 – 9 rounds of fighting, average 6.6}
Camp 6) 20 Thugs, 20 Guard Dogs, 20 Rangers, 1 Skunk [VETERAN: 37R 213S (27R – 32R – 37R 1S)]

  1. First send your normal general from garrison A to camp 5 with 17S.
    This is optimised for maximum number of rounds, so do not change the number of units!
  2. Then send your veteran general from garrison B to camp 6.
    You cannot be too fast, so send this general as soon as you can.

After this, clear the two camps to the east:

Camp 11) 60 Cultists, 20 Dark Priests [VETERAN: 10R 1S 239C (7R – 9R – 10R)]
Camp 12) 25 Cultists, 25 Shadowsneakers, 30 Fanatics, 10 Firedancers [ANY: 54R 71S (45R – 51R – 54R 1S)]

Move to garrison position G2:

Camp 7) 30 Cultists, 40 Dark Priests [VETERAN: 1S 249C (-)]
Camp 8) 30 Dark Priests, 30 Shadowsneakers [ANY: 31R 31S (31R – 31R – 31R 1S)]
Camp 9) 30 Cultists, 20 Shadowsneakers, 10 Firedancers [ANY: 27R 59S (24R – 26R – 27R)]
Camp 10) 40 Cultists, 30 Dark Priests, 20 Shadowsneakers, 1 Witch [VETERAN: 61R 3S 113C 73LB (46R 4C – 58R 12C – 61R 1S 18C)]

Move to garrison position G3:

Camp 13a) 30 Shadowsneakers, 50 Fanatics, 10 Firedancers [ANY: 31R (31R)]
Camp 13b) 50 Fanatics, 10 Firedancers [ANY: 171C (-)]
Camp 15) 40 Cultists, 40 Dark Priests, 40 Shadowsneakers, 1 Dark High Priest [VETERAN: 135R 115S (121R – 133R – 135R 1S)]

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