The Secret World Solo Transylvania Build Guide

The Secret World Solo Transylvania Build Guide by Escalith

I know there are many different builds out there; and many different builds used to walk/stomp through Transylvania quests; which by regard are considered most difficult. At least the mobs are. On the hard quests anyway.

Regardless; since I’m too lazy to swap my build every 10 minutes to perfectly adjust to every encounter I meet and I’m sure alot of people are annoyed by it too, I decided to share my build.

Safe one quest this build is (tested twice) – able to clear all of transylvania and several NM Mobs therein.

Unlike most builds however – this isn’t another AR/Leech – Elemental/Blaze build and is actually fun to play, to me anyway. Also this build does not require potion useage to survive fights.

[The Soloist – a Blade/Chaos Build]

[796 Point Cost]


1. Blade Tier 2 – Clearing the Path {F}
2. Blade Tier 2 – Forking Paths {B}
3. Chaos Tier 2 – Run Rampart {B}
4. Chaos Tier 2 – Four Horsemen {F}
5. Sword Tier 2 – The Art of War {E} /// Stunning Swirl {E}
6. Sword Tier 1 – Martial Discipline
7. Chaos Tier 1 – Illusion


1. Fist Tier 2 – Bloodsport /// First Tier 2 – Ferocity
2. Blood Tier 2 – Iron Maiden /// Shotgun Tier 2 – Overpenetration
3. Blade Tier 2 – Flight of Daggers {E} /// Chaos Tier 2 – From the Abyss {E}
4. Shotgun Tier 2 – 12 Gouge
5. Blade Tier 1 – Immortal Spirit
6. Fist Tier 1 – Lick Your Wounds
7. Fist Tier 2 – Healing Sparks

The build on the left hand side is the actual; the skills on the right hand side are switchables.

Stunning Swirl vs The Art of War – Stunning Swirl can work, but the Art of War is hand down the better skill since it gives you at least a double glance chance, mitigating your incoming damage quite a bit on mobs that hit hard.

The other switchables are explained in the quest section.

[How does it Work, where does it excel and where does it fall behind?]

It’s damage and healing are both reliant on penetration and burst attack.

Run Rampart will – HoT you with Healing Sparks. Have a high chance to Penetrate and Trigger Iron Maiden + Immortal Spirit. It will apply Bloodsport and +30 Evasion on yourself, up to 150. Also will it apply 1 stack of Lick your Wounds. On Penetrate it will also weaken the target.

Since there is no AoE Burst attack, Forking Paths will apply Bloodsport on every enemy around and through that heal you based on enemies hit to make up for the lack of Healing Sparks. Clearing the Path is a massive damaging finisher that will always penetrate and trigger Iron Maiden/Immportal Spirit/Weaken on everyone around you.

Illusion and Martial Discipline are nothing but ‘OH GOD’ buttons when a pull went bad. You will barely use them and only when you yourself screwed up. But hey, it’s nice to have a few safety pillows to fall back upon.

Clearly, it excelt at killing monsters that can not overcome your renegeration of 100/hps. It also buffs your evasion chance slightly and is able to counter several nightmare mobs and their ‘counters’ by – Afflicting, Penetrating, Glancing, Evading, Weakening, Critting – and all of that in one build.

It is weak to monsters that run. Because you will have to run after and might be kited into another group. Also monsters that punish you for afflicting them. Monsters that hit for crazy amounts can’t really be outlasted either when both defensive cooldowns are down; but with The Art of War along you can last quite a long time for your small health pool.

[Gear Used]

I’d strongly recommend using a full set of blue dungeon gear. Signets are not required, but should make your fights easier/faster. Your gear should have around 200-300 Crit and around 200-300 Penetration. The rest does not matter as much, but a higher value of both as well as hit is always welcome.

1 Headpiece – +Attack. If with a proc, a Penetration Proc is preferred
2 Major Talisman + Attack
1 Major Talisman + Healing
1 Minor Talisman + Attack
1 Minor Talisman + Healing
1 Minor Talisman +Health (Preferably +Penetration on it. It solely adds a health buffer.)


Requires a build switch:

The Wild Hunt

The mobs will hit you with a strong DoT when you DoT them. This is where you will have to remove Flight of Daggers and Bloodsport. Iron Maiden is useless. This is where you can switch to Ferocity + From the Abyss + Overpenetration to achieve equal damage, making this quest a breeze as well.


Too Deep

Mobs hit hard and place a DoT on you. You can kill them one by one, but move slow. If you aggro two and you don’t have your cooldowns + a potion, you will most likely die.

The Girl Who Kicked The Vampire’s Nest

Do not ever aggro more than 2 vampires. If possible – Impair ‘Lash Out’. If you manage to Impair this skill, or Fade Out at the very start of the fight, this is very easy


Why no Crimson Threatre, it’s such a strong AoE.

Yes, it is – but with it’s impending nerf I wanted to make this build ‘nerf proof’.

Why no Live Wire, it’s such a strong passive.

Yes, it is – but this build focuses on Penetration, not crit. Flight of the Daggers and From the Abyss will both outperform Live Wire, especially in AoE situations and because you are Melee anyway.

[Last Words]

Feel free to test this build yourself and/or give me feedback in case I missed something or you have found a way to improve the build you would like to share.
I know there are several more options in terms of skill and passive choices, I solely threw together and played with what works best for me.

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